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  1. Long dormant poster contribution: For context, I mostly play heavy tanks, though I've diversified recently into the Brit armored TD line and am working on getting the Obj 430. I've learned to despise Prok in any kind of slow tank because there's almost always one arty and going mid means you will be exposed and be targeted, and will eventually be hit. It's especially cruel to the AT-7 because the sheer number of ridges everywhere makes it impossible to return fire from the 1-2 line without cresting and getting chewed up as the gun is so low on the chassis. Prok is great fun in an ELC
  2. That... Is not good to hear. I've been sinking my time into the wrong lines it seems. Another thing to make a thread about. So I've pretty much ground out a dead end. Well then, time to get cracking with my T67.
  3. For my first formal forum thread on WoTLabs I'm going to pose the question: How do you deploy the S35 CA, especially on CQC oriented corridor maps? In just two days it's become one of my favorite tanks and I'm clearly doing something right somehow (highest WN8 of all of my tanks, lolwat) despite not reading a single guide on how to use the tub of doom, but as I'm trying to use it to complete TD-15 I'm being hampered by the rampant corridor maps and a lack of high hitpoint targets to punish due to a glut of T5 matches. So far I've been using the high alpha 105mm and spamming APC
  4. Hi WoTLabs! As a [insert derogatory term for pubbie], I've only ever known this site as a stats tracker but after browsing the forums I think it's high time I create an account. Over 6.4k battles I've slowly learned more and more about the game and watched my stats begin to climb up from that awful spell from my first to my 4,000th game. Poor playing still cost me winnable matches though and so in the name of having more fun I made a goal: hit a 2k WN8 and a 55% WR (both recent) without padding. I started searching for more resources, first hitting a WoT thread in a forum I frequent
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