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  1. If you get a tier 9 MM with Jagdtiger you can roll with the heavies. Depends on the map ofc, hide your lower plate and enemies will have hard time penning you. Just try to stay close to your team and avoid getting flanked. That gun will shred heavies like butter. Just check the enemy team comp and decide if its better for you to stay and camp or can you get safely in the city with heavies or will you get shot to the sides. Remember arty will love you aswell. In tier 10 mm I used to mostly just support the team and snipe with the awesome gun jagdtiger has. (one of the best guns in the game
  2. Rebought this thing and I agree the armor is garbage, but the gun is absolutely fantastic. 3 marked this thing in 3-4 days and managed to make 1,6 mil credits aswell.
  3. Added all of you guys. if anyone else wants to platoon just write down here and ill add you
  4. Hey guys, im quite new here and im looking for people to platoon with. Currently i only have 1 mate that plays WOT so would be great to have some more I usually play during the evenings and on the weekends im online most of the day, depends ofc. If you are willing to help me become a better player or just want to play for fun, please add me as a friend and we will have some games for sure.
  5. Hi, im a new guy from Finland. Decided to join the forums to get much better at world of tanks and to make some friends to platoon with
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