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  1. Seems rammer and optic are mandatory for E25

    LRM or LNES for the third slot?

    1. FavreFan4ever


      I'd go LNES because the gun is already pretty comfortable. Not getting spotted is your lifeline in an E25.

    2. wes


      Can't mount CVS killed the tank. Still a nice kill stealer though.

  2. which tank is good for a returning noob?

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    2. Rexxie


      Just play a blappy heavium. Easy to play and you get to see different parts of the maps as you relearn things because they often can play on either the HT or MT flank. Any of the IS-1 clones, the 111, 53TP, 111 1-4, T-10, 277, 111 5a, E5, etc. They aren't all amazing, but you'll relearn the game pretty quickly without too much frustration.

    3. lavawing


      The only thing I learnt from the 53TP is > 250 pen or GTFO

    4. echo9835


      Yes. It's so much fun.

  3. wes

    Leo, tier 7 medium

    I am lucky/bad luck to have a 3 won top 10 exp +6000 exp mission in SEA... bad luck for the swedish medium brought my rusty hands back into this shxt game. I actually find 105mm works better even in the face of those french wheeled flies. All I have to do is stay with the crowd before they show up. Hit them with the 105mm in 100-150m is not too hard, and they will die quickly afterward.
  4. +1/-1 MM in SEA makes the game more bearable. Might see it fill up the times without beer during xmas ...

    1. Politx_Killer


      Only amatuers don't stock up on beer for Chrissy.

    2. wes


      oh yea, that's why I'm stocking up beer and wine lol

  5. The problem is really no one is having fun. Well. Not always but most of time. I think many people are with me on this, we don't mind lose, but we hate we did *nothing*. I lost count on how many games I felt helpless. WG are clearly sadistic in nature. They define "fun" as players slaughter others without skill, when they insist 3 tiers spread is "fun". In return they must have their turn to be slaughtered. I had quit for more than a year, came back last week to see what's on. I'm convinced the game will be dead in a year.
  6. How about doing a controlled suicide run? Try to keep every game under 2 minutes. Do your best to spot and land 1 or 2 hit. After that roll another tank and repeat. Let's say you only get crappy 200 base exp for every 3 minutes overhead included. In an hour you will get 4000. That's 5.5 hours per day to finish the run. The downside (maybe upside depends how you see it) your XVM camo will go up and ruined a lot of other people's play LOL. I think unless you are good and having a thick skin TX, that is the only way to get it done without pull all your hair out. However 5.5 hours a day in WOT. One must have no life in order to do so.
  7. I can't really understand how bush behave in the damn 1.0. Seriously considering replace all optic with bino

    1. TAdoo87


      As far as I can tell every bush now is a strong bush.

  8. T71 makes B-C 12 t such a fxxking bad joke. The "balance" between tiers and nations is simply totally broken. I won't surprise if WG will never drop 3-5-7 because this mode actually makes tank balance appears not as worst.

    1. hazzgar


      I actually really enjoy the bc12t

  9. The jumpy lag in SEA made me miss over half the shot. Oz server is good but the extremely low population have made all tiers normal MM like shit. However Type 64 seems got great benefit esp where only seeing t7, t7 tanks hold all brain dead yoloer at bay for me to farm with. Close to 70% solo W/R in this thing over past week is so unreal.

  10. I'm bad and rusty, but M4A1 is overhype to me. It sits mostly bottom tiers, and it is not good even when top. Any T6s can murder it by yolo and out DPM it. I'm fine for can't do much if bottom. But being top and die like crap, hell no.
  11. The game balance needs many helps but real world situation is not a good reference. Why the world moved to MBT is exactly like gold spam domination. In 50s tank designers concluded that armor improvement had no way to outpace ammo penetration increase, the logical move is thus use no armor. Moreover in real world there's nuke and the rise of air force. What kind of armor can save you from a tactical nuke and bombs from sky?
  12. After an year absent from the game, I found SEA player base has downed to half. T8 is really toxic. ANZ server is flooded by sub 45%er. Damn it the short ping actually makes the game somewhat enjoyable. SG is still shit.

  13. I did steering and let my 6 years old on my lap to handle firing with ships, surprisingly not too bad, he can't do torpedo though LOL

  14. I watched many climbing game play video, it is so obvious that they were handpicked to showcase how well it works when it works. In all of them the guy were facing brain dead enemies. When you face brain dead people all positions would work anyway.
  15. I find this BB is so hard to play, no matter which side I committed there was always no return. I were foolishly soloing a flank at first, however when I went with DD and CAs, they were all disengaging freely at will to leave me alone facing the horde. Try to disengage ended up even worse. She has no speed to leave battle. Could it be just wyoming? Even classified a BB but I felt she has no armor at all.
  16. What is the best way to play wyoming? I got owned badly with her.
  17. Hadn't played much past week. Played again today and just one game is enough to remind me how shit this game is. I *really* think I am done this time. Picked WOWS again as well and found it is much better. No plan to give WG money anytime soon however.

  18. I just picked up Darkest Dungeon and the child expansion for This War of Mine. Actually I had bought DD a year ago but refunded due to crash bug. I hope this time the issue was sorted. It was a shame I really enjoyed the first 2 hours last time.
  19. Weren't expected 3/5/7 matches would became such pure toxic

  20. Seeing how in general RU players play the game I started to see the thought process behind the "balancing" and why WG comments on tank performance like from an alternative reality. RU players 90% time are zerglings. Most match were determined by which side lost a tank first. From that point the other 14 zergs would immediate go into suicide mode.
  21. I can't remember had seen something like this before even once. Lost 15-0. Being at bottom in games with braindead top teammates is the biggest driving force to get me uninstall.



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    2. wes


      You beat me mate XD. I wonder was it most of the guys had network problem at the same time. SEA has some strange packet loss/ network instable issue all the time. Cause me rage quit every other day.

    3. sohojacques


      Playing SEA from Oz is certainly rage inducing. The connection to the server is feral. Been platooning with a guy based in Singapore. Gets average 20ms... 

    4. wes


      Right. I too often lose knife edge close quarter fight but sniping were badly affected by ghost shot either. Probably I should really call a quit. sigh.

  22. Was doing shit with Churchill VII grind, but wait. Just made 65 games only of 600+ DPG is enough for first mark? What a joke.

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    2. lordawesome7


      on a side note, black prince is worse at tier 7


      it has the worst gun and worst mobility of all the tier 7 heavies, coupled with numerous soft spots on the sides, it is a mediocre tank with less redeeming value then the churchill 7, only reason i haven't gotten through the line

    3. wes


      I gave up the line as well. I'm trying to finish the T6 only for the sake of completeness, had bought it anyway. Once it's done I will sell it for good and no interest to go further.

    4. lordawesome7


      honestly tier 9 is a beast (basically a better M103 in virtually every way) and tier 10 has monster DPM on a shit rear mounted chasis, great if you can figure out how to work it, though with maus being OP, no point to getting it


      but conqueror is really fucking good, just free XPing to it would be worthwhile if tier 9 comp/CW was a thing (or if tier 9 heavies are your sweet spot)

  23. Had never did SPG personal missions but wanna to do it at last. Are French SPGs good for that?
  24. If I'm the one in charge, I will get rid of tech tree, no tiers what so ever. There will be free to play tanks, players need only grind credits to buy them. Let's say all free to play tanks are rated from 1 to 5 in power. Real money tanks will all be 3 to 6 in power. Power 1 will face power 6 tanks, that's the trick to get people pay2win. No need to worry about do tanks have enough different in how they fight or drive. As long as tanks look different, sound different ( There are people like high pitch anime female voice ), people will buy them. See how many SEA folks had already paid shit load of real dollar to buy the anime tanks at day 1 says a lot.
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