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  1. Why not just mount the derp on your sheridan whenever you're feeling frisky?
  2. When you pushed up to the rock with the SU-100Y was I felt like your game was basically over. You were being permalit and you could not leave the rock without getting rekt so you were stuck hoping the T-43 was an idiot and would poke you and feed you damage. Also you spotted that ISU-152 and then poked hard on another tank and got spanked for it. Basically, nice aggression moving up when you spotted and saw noone coming, but you put yourself in a position with no escape. Maybe you could have backed up using the rock for cover to drop spot? Just my 2 cents. Also lol at people calling Type
  3. wtf I haet the FCM 50T nao....

  4. but the AMX 30 Premier looks so sexy compared to the Leopard PTA, sucks.
  5. So why did WG stop running skirmishes? Those were so my jam!

    1. CenturionofRome72


      they felt there was too much gold being won on NA

    2. SchnitzelTruck


      Not like gold has much use anymore anyway 

  6. Buy M46, Leopard PTA, Jagdtiger, E 100, ST-I or Conqueror lads???

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      A quick breakdown.

      M46. Shit gun with good gun handling, potential DPM, and gun dep on a garbage platform

      Leopard PTA. Fairly quick but also a massive rolling crew and module deathbox. Great gun aside from iffy gun handling at times

      JT. lol APCR through everyone with your huge HP pool. That gun is just MMMMMMM. If you wiggle around while hulldown you'll get a few bounces with the mantlet, but don't expect much else. Mobility is trash.

      E100. So so so easy to play. Just out trade everything you come across then go back to sidescraping or whatever the hell. Enjoy your cheese turret tho.

      ST-I. Everything about it sucks apart from sidescrape and hulldown ability, which are extremely good. Gun is serviceable but the handling can be painful.

      Conq. Everything apart from the gun/turret is pure garbage. Gun is amazing, but that platform is so incredibly bad in every scenario,

    2. Fulcrous


      Conq and M46 are dank

    3. robosapieo


      TL;DR of what Schnitzel said: They're all trash :minidoge:

      The M46 is the only tank out of those that I've played, and I have to say I really enjoyed it. This was also back when I was a cheap pleb who was afraid to fire premium. It's pretty much just a faster M48 at T9 if you load APCR (it has a weak ammorack though). RIP WN8 if you play it though *cough* @Kitten *cough *


  7. Should I get LTG if I have type 62? I really like her because she's got, er, a lot of "character" but premium tonks bring home the bacon.
  8. Oi vey it's anudda wafflehouse! P.S. these tanks look fuckin' rad.
  9. hello friend I didn't know you joined the wotlabs cabal

    1. Graf-Eisen


      Yes, I feel that if I make many posts that sound like I actually know what I'm talking about it will somehow translate into in-game skill and I can finally reach the 70% recent win-rate I rightfully deserve.

    2. Whole_Nutmeg


      ur im pzmo just play the t67

  10. I'm not a PP obviously, but your problem is probably this >trying to hold flanks as long as possible if the team lemming trains It's a romantic idea to be the only person on your flank doing a heroic defense, but you should be conducting your lemming train if you want to win. There's only so much just you, or a handful of your team mates can do if the enemy overmatches you. If your team is lemming one way that's an ADVANTAGE and you should capitalize on it by getting them to PUSH as FAST AS POSSIBLE. PUSH that ADVANTAGE. Try predicting how the battle will play out by looking at te
  11. Prok = play the middle ridge, take quick shots and go dark and move around to throw off the aim of the campers/opposite ridge or just farm hill. Mali = play windmill, take quick shots on their tonks as they climb to deny, GTFO if you sense overmatch Redshire = lul snipe from middle hills on camping TDs and heavies crossing into the brawl area if you have competent scout. 1 line if you've got decent armour and noone else is spotting that, getting flanked from their sucks. I dunno in general you just want to 1. Get easy, free initial damage on people moving into position 2. Watch
  12. So the gud get gud-er? Sounds like Wargaming logic all right.
  13. I'd say if all the *good* scouting positions are already taken, there's no need to have all of you sitting mostly inactive, spotting. At that point I guess you'd start focusing on using your gun to actually take advantage of the spotting that's hopefully going on. Other than that you can focus instead on tracking opponents instead of just spotting (idk can 90mm's really effectively track anything?). Also try hard to live into the late game. That's where light tonks really shine and you can provide some crucial end of game clutch assists. I mean getting your lights killed is pretty easy, r
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