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  1. T18 will still eat them for breakfast. most OP t2 T3 pak40 is a beast.
  2. I tried to get KV220 back and twice i did not get the email. So I do not have the KV220 I also sold every tier 8 premium drunk and raging, don't really regret it either. Best prems are SU122 44 and E25 IMHO. ;-)
  3. I would like to join a clan that can help me improve, i would like to win in CWs. I am Australian, active and have tier 10s. Please message me if you are interested in giving me a chance.
  4. I moved this account out of Taxes, I really want to be a studant instead of a teacher with my main account, so I am going to look for a bigger clan that would like to take me on and refine my game/skills, I have a re roll in it though, the_jamo, we are still recruiting.
  5. Hey guys We have about 5 Aussies that play most days and the rest are Americans, clan is slowly growing now, so the only way is up, all are welcome on our TS server for a chat or use it to platoon. I work nights atm but weekends and teh odd midnight fling still occurs LOL. The more members we get the more chance to toon up too. Please ignore my X3 weekend stats, it literally wasn't my fault LOL.
  6. No problem mate, I will friend you and keep an eye out.
  7. Hey MudDucks, there is normally someone on most of the time, especially weekends. cheers
  8. Welcome to TAXES Appetite4Destruction, it is fanatastic to have a player of your standard with us, hopefully we can attract more players of all skill levels, I feel we almost have the foundation to make a competetive team in the future. To the public, anyone keen to help us, or improve with us, don't hesitate to contact me, or jump on to our TS server . TS server as follows, no password samarium.typefrag.com:5085
  9. Yes, we certainly got some good wins against quality players, anytime mate, you bring out the best in me.
  10. Anyone who is keen to help start a new clan, is welcome. TS server as follows, no password samarium.typefrag.com:5085 see you online
  11. Hey bud I will add you to friends list when I log on, Then we can hook up in TS for a platoon. cheers
  12. Hi We only have 6 members, but we are only 1 week old , we have TS, I will post the server address. All are welcome to pop in and say Hi. There is nearly always someone on, as I am Australian and the other guys are American. We are active and want to get enough members to start a strong company and CW base group ASAP. It could all fall in a heap, but it could also lead to a strong group of keen tankers that want to be good at tanks. Thanks for your consideration.
  13. Hi Everyone TAXES is new clan on NA server, started by a a small group of players that want to improve. I know my stats have improved a hell of a lot lately and I am mangaing to turn my WR around, I am happy to help others, but also would love to learn more. if you are interested in learning and teaching don't hesitate to give us a chance, we want to get into CW once we have enough players. We do expect peoples 60 day stats to be green if possible, or atleast headed in the right direction. All ages welcome, just expect that you are respectful, and serious about improvement. Thanks for your consideration. Jamo
  14. I too do not have good stats, however I have improved a hell of a lot compared to how I was at 10k battles. Biggest lesson I have learned of late, if it isn't working, move. get a better position and punish the enemy for not killing me, though i still have brain fades, but getting better. I think I may stop playing X3 weekends, very hard to do well.
  15. If they nerf the gun, they need to buff the armour.
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