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  1. Thanks, everyone for your feedback. I'll fire off an application to MIT now. Fingers crossed.
  2. Howdy folks, So I recently got back into tanks and I decided that I really want to get active on a Clan Front, but alas, I am no purple player. I have my IS7, T54, a whole load of Tier 8 premiums and varying lower tiered tanks that I'd love to take into Strongholds, infact that's my main reason for wanting a clan. I'd ideally have a clan that operates Strongholds on a frequent basis, at varying times during the day due to my TZ (GMT) and working a 9-5 (again, GMT) job I can't generally make it to some events that other clans I've seen host due to TZ differences. I'd like a mature environment and a place where I'm surrounded by people who are laid back and willing to let me learn from them. I wouldn't say that I'm completely terrible, and I certainly (but very rarely) have good games. TL:DR - Bad player, wanting to get better, frequent Strongholds and Mature playerbase.
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