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  1. Ikea TDs rarely need gold ammo. Maus is... viable... in the sense that even if you fire nothing but APCR, you are making a profit with a premium account. Going cheap when shooting cardboards let you make money without premium acc. E3/E4/JPE all get away with functional performance without shooting any gold. They also don't really lose money if you don't fire gold ammo into dirt.
  2. I was just shy of 2700 dpg after the tank was elite.. dragged way down by the no free exp/premium stock grind where I averaged just 1100; for a combined of around 2200 something. It'll keep going up if I play it more 0.0
  3. Hally


    It is actually the top 100mm gun on that tank. The 122mm gun is a side option, and not a strict upgrade. (While yes, the only reason to play the WZ-120 is that 122mm, because the 100mm is outclassed by T-54 in most situations due to the worse hull... it still doesn't stop that gun from being a T-54 gun clone.)
  4. Hally


    It use the same ammo.
  5. Hally


    Because the top gun is the t9 med 100mm gun.
  6. At your skill level.. 2400 dpg most likely means you tried to play it as a generic bushwank TD instead of abusing the vehicle's specific quirks (with the non fixed gun on siege mode). Optimal use of UDES is very different compared to the other 3 ikea pancakes in positioning and engagements you take.
  7. Yes, tanks can catch engine fire without suffering module damage. As far as I'm aware of.. if you did enough module damage to the engine, and got the fire rng roll; it'll get set on fire. If the savings throw triggered on the engine, then the engine suffers no module damage, but fire will burn anyways.
  8. Did you deal some ramming damage? Those don't count as hits.
  9. Hally

    AMX M4 mle. 45

    Yep, it still has the +10% alpha on gold ammo.
  10. Hally

    AMX M4 mle. 45

    It could see 10s back when it was introduced; but even then, the 105 was the far better choice; while the 90 was a newbie trap. The 90mm has been buffed since that time, while the 105 remain unchanged. Currently, while the 105 struggles with superheavies; it is a lol broken weapon against everything else with liberal prem ammo usage.
  11. JOAT is especially not good on tanks that usually lose the commander if you lose a crew member at all.
  12. Camo doesn't help you that much, but still helps way more than things like designated target and eagle eye.
  13. But a43 is just amazing if you actually give it a good crew. LT level mobility with gun handling that put vstab e8 to shame.
  14. 64% in udes, 66% in 103b. It's not the playstyle, the 103-0 is just that bad at solopubbing; becuase unlike the other 2, it absolutely sucks at mid range due to lack of armor and inability to limit exposure; and has serious accuracy issues when staying far enough away to fire without being spotted. Tort is not useless regardless of engagement distance, because while unreliable, it still has armor. It is mostly 240 - 250 effective when angled (which you can do thanks to the huge gun arc.) This amount of armor is very annoying for tier 7s, 8s, and some low pen t9s like E50/patton to engage.
  15. 103-0 is way slower than UDES. 103b picks up some of the speed lost. It isn't as fast as udes, and misses out on a number of mountaingoat spots, but is still fast enough to flex around. 103b also bring back the godly accuracy of udes. (103-0 is .08 accuracy worse than UDES and 103B, the difference is pretty huge). Some TDs don't change that much in dpg from stock to elite, like JT or obj 704. Some TDs, like tort or T95, changes a ton when upgrading to top gun.
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