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  1. I approve of this troll, excellent job, keep up the great work!
  2. bhuECz2.png

    "What are we doing on the Tier VIII map?" :feelsbad:

    1. Raj


      being relic :^)

  3. Thanks for the nice reply, how about inter-clan activity? Has there been a decrease in wars since 2.0?
  4. 80% of my time spent on Wotlabs involves giving Never upvotes. What a hoar.

  5. I am wondering if the other servers are as many high level deaths caused by Clan Wars 2.0 as the North American server. So far the North American Server has lost: PBKAC ESPRT REL_O REL-A There are other mid-level clans that have died as well however since I do not bother to check tier VIII or tier VI clans I do not have specific names to add to the list. The CHAI community seems to have taken a hit as well as CHAII has been completely disbanded and CHAI seems to be undergoing a major overhaul via cannibalizing it's various sub-clans*. *Just happened today
  6. Are there any war videos from EU / SEA / RU?


    Such as; Anfield, Endo or Antfield.

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    2. Folterknecht
    3. PityFool


      oh my bad, it was the only one I had seen so figured i'd throw it in anyway.. pretty cool vid nonetheless :surprisefish:

    4. Banish


      Thanks! If you have anymore, especially content that hasn't been posted on WoTLabs please let me know!

  7. Not adult enough for 'The Sane Asylum'. Fiddlesticks.

  8. From my time in RELIC never had a problem with this great bunch of guys. Good luck in your recruitment!
  9. Is anyone playing GTAV? I just picked up the game and would like to play with someone.

    1. RutgerS


      I already uninstalled

    2. Private_Miros


      I only play with mods, so no multiplayer for me.

  10. Does the Japanese heavy line still have ammo-rack problems like they did in the test?

    1. Nelson2011


      The module HP got buffed in one of the last test servers

    2. IanSanJR


      what tier?

      tier X is problem, no safe stowage on crew. You will be screw it.

    3. Banish


      I damaged my ammo rack quite often on the tier IX and X, but I only bothered to play in the first test to laugh at the stupid things.

  11. The person(s) must just be picking people who post on the forum, along with high profile clans / players. Just want to point out that LZ is not on the list yet Armorghost is. Get fucking rekt mate.
  12. My favorite is when I load a HEAT shell for a German Heavy then a medium tank pulls out...Most of the time they never consider that it was loaded for the heavy that is side-scraping right next to them.
  13. I wish my STB-1 had a good turret...:brokenheart:

  14. If the rankings could incorporate battles into them then sure, For example: Less than 1,000 battles, 45% win rate and 600 wn8 can be called a Beginner.Less than 1,000 battles, 74% win rate and 3,500 wn8 can be called Another BULBA Re-Roll. :^)More than 10,000 battles, 45% win rate and 600 wn8 however must never be called a Beginner, it's an insult to all new players.
  15. This is what happens when Blackzaru tries to do something nice.
  16. Got yelled at for firing "premium" APCR shells out of my IS-5 in Strongholds by a R0YAL player. :potato:

    1. Bludsuager


      You should've shot him with standard HEAT then:P wonder if his mind would've been blown if he saw HEAT and APCR next to each other:facepalm:

  17. My girlfriend notifies me about any relevant FB status' from my family...I haven't gone on the thing in over seven years.
  18. Will previous Clan War battles be excluded from Overall / Recent battles? Will it only be from the point of separation? Or will WN8 continue on the same way?

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    2. Banish
    3. CenturionofRome72


      You can see your overall counting only pub matches at clan tools if you want. Here are yours. https://clantools.us/servers/na/players?id=1001244418&stats=pubs

    4. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      if they remove it from the API after a certain point, that means it's that way for all statistics

  19. I have no idea why they keep changing it in abysmal ways. If they want to make it unique give it decent accuracy bad bloom (like it already has) and a terrific aim time. The tank is straight up not fun to play and they keep making it not fun to play against...almost like their goal is to make this the most annoying tank in World of Tanks. Anyone remember when they just kept buffing the Tiger lines engines (while nerfing their terrain resistances) to insane proportions until they finally realized that they were retarded for having a 1,200hp engine on the E-75.
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