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  1. I am wondering if the other servers are as many high level deaths caused by Clan Wars 2.0 as the North American server.

    So far the North American Server has lost:

    There are other mid-level clans that have died as well however since I do not bother to check tier VIII or tier VI clans I do not have specific names to add to the list. The CHAI community seems to have taken a hit as well as CHAII has been completely disbanded and CHAI seems to be undergoing a major overhaul via cannibalizing it's various sub-clans*.

    *Just happened today so this information is not confirmed.

    Not looking to start a debate on CW2.0, just wondering about the health of the CW communities on the other servers.

  2. If the rankings could incorporate battles into them then sure, For example: 

    • Less than 1,000 battles, 45% win rate and 600 wn8 can be called a Beginner.
    • Less than 1,000 battles, 74% win rate and 3,500 wn8 can be called Another BULBA Re-Roll. :^)
    • More than 10,000 battles, 45% win rate and 600 wn8 however must never be called a Beginner, it's an insult to all new players.
  3. I have no idea why they keep changing it in abysmal ways. If they want to make it unique give it decent accuracy bad bloom (like it already has) and a terrific aim time. The tank is straight up not fun to play and they keep making it not fun to play against...almost like their goal is to make this the most annoying tank in World of Tanks.


    Anyone remember when they just kept buffing the Tiger lines engines (while nerfing their terrain resistances) to insane proportions until they finally realized that they were retarded for having a 1,200hp engine on the E-75.

  4. Seems pretty shitty, but why would a clan sit on so much gold and not distribute it to its clan members?


    All top clans have a stock-pile of gold in-case they are attacked. If a clan is planning on attacking another clan they will usually stock-pile a lot of gold depending on how long the war is planned on going for.


    RELIC, VILIN and OTTER have all planned this war to go on for a very long time, as such all of the main clans have excessive amounts of gold to pay their members. Income is the last thing a clans should worry about during a war, since you want to attack on maps that you have a lot of experience on regardless of the provinces value. VILIN right now has around the same amount of gold that OTTER just lost and because of this we can fight for months before needed to go back to farming.

  5. There was one poor word choice in my statement, which I admitted too. My post on the matter was me expressing my disdain for what was going on.


    I was very happy to have VILIN jump in and help BT, I was indifferent with RELIC going after BULLS, I was not very happy with the BT thing / Holly's posting turned into a server war. I do not think I was incorrect about what I stated RELIC's or OTTER's reasons for joining the fight, I merely went into more depth about the VILIN wardec because I was one of the earliest Officers suggesting VILIN helps BT. The grammar is uncharacteristically poor in my earlier statement, and I apologize for this.


    As I stated before VILIN was going to wardec CHAI to help BT since VILIN thought it was going to make it an even fight. Too bad the stupid wardec turned into a server war so BT didn't get the help I was hoping for.

  6. I was merely stating that those clans are pretty active for being "dead". A clan having high pub activity usually has more players to draw upon during clan wars. Also having teams on a night doesn't mean anything if you do not have the skill to get on the map in the first place.


    If you wish to continue our banter in a PM I would be happy to do so as I do not want to bring Cr/D drama into the WoTLabs forum.



    Here is another question. Why are certain provinces worth more in gold income than others? Are these the landing zones people talk about? 


    Also what is chipping? I hear that term bandied about a bit and have no idea what it means.


    There are three different types of provinces:

    • Landing Zones
    • Normal Provinces
    • Gold Pots


    Landing Zones are provinces that you have to apply for to make it onto the Global Map. The only other way to get onto the global map is through a rioted province.

    Normal Provinces are generally not worth a lot of gold 120~720 gold per day, and almost every top clan will ignore provinces below 480 gold per day.

    Gold Pots are the provinces that the top clans will go for, and most of them give over 2,000 gold per day. Every top clan has at-least two gold pots while farming.


    The reason why provinces vary in their income is because some areas are not very prosperous. For example: The middle of a desert is not going to have much going for it, as apposed to a built up city.


    A Chip is used to attack or defend areas of the map, and each member of a clan represents a chip (You can have a maximum number of 100 chips). The most chips you put in an area (for a maximum of 15), represents the number of players you can field in a battle. A "chip stack" or "stack" is a group of 15 chips, which represents a full team of a clan.


    Sorry, my gaming laptop died about ten minutes ago so I am typing on my work laptop.

  7. According to the World of Tanks website on games played:


    CHAI - 851

    CHAII - 1200

    BULBA - 1452

    YO_OY - 1051 (On the map and fighting for you)

    ROXY - 1160

    PINGU - 824

    HOHO - 1621 (High activity for an inactive clan, also highest activity pub out of the CHAI community)

    CH4I - 453

    CMS - 638

    SONG - 1183 (Higher activity than CHAI Main)

    ZZZZ - 368


    I do not know how the CHAI community works, as such, I can only use the information given to me.


    At the height, it was CHAI, ROXY (with YO_OY and HOHO clearing your riots and landing zone) against BT and HAVOK. YO_OY later took a rioted province off of BT, and BULLS stated that they would cover stack ROXY to prevent them from being mapped. This combined with our itchy trigger finger is the reason why we were going to help BT.


    I should have re-stated as "dogpile" was a poor word to use, however it was a pretty underhanded way to fight.

  8. 1. Dogpile = CHAI main + ROXY vs BT/HAVOK. RUS was acting on its own interests and YO_OY wasn't even chipping in. The "dogpile" was an excuse quickly debunked.

    2. Have you ever been to CHAI teamspeak? Or are you going by that based on what people tell you? The last time I counted 6 clans with (3 of which barely active) doesn't constitute as 12.


    I have been on the CHAI teamspeak as I was the one that posted the image in Cr/D. One of them is a retirement clan, which I learned after the fact but still it is a teamspeak for (at the time of the screenshot) 11 clans. I have not bothered to check if PLSGO has actually joined the teamspeak, which is why I mentioned them separately.


    VILIN was the first one to drop a wardec and was going to happen regardless if RELIC or OTTER were going to jump in. We liked that a clan that BT had barely 60~70 members in their clan and still pushed back _W_W_ and ACES and ROXY with the help of HAVOK. We were pretty much guaranteed to get involved the moment BULLS stated that they would cover-stack ROXY.

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