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  1. This. I need more people to carry me! (Also, Thanks CandyVanMan and Never for sorting out the mess I made)
  2. Not so sure about that. Plenty of museums got new life thanks to World of Tanks, and it got a lot of people interested in tanks as well. I registered a Wargaming account to play in the beta of WoWp, then tried out WoT while I was waiting and... I liked it. That got me interested in tanks, and now I know much more than before I started playing. I'm sure that there are a lot of players in the same situation, and I think it can happen for WoWs too. The main issue with WoWp in my opinion was that a lot of people weren't used to reasoning in three dimensions. Ships move only on two planes like on
  3. Yup, completely inevitable. There were websites like the one I posted the link of which gave out the keys just by pasting them on a webpage... and people can't read. Still, in my case there was no eula/nda to tick, either installing/launching the client or via email. No problem though, I know of the NDA... and wouldn't post anything anyway, since there's watermarks with my email address all over the place as you might have already seen from leaked screenshots/videos. On youtube there's a party going on, with people commenting stuff like "reported" on every single one. Anyway, the game is real
  4. we might see a fix in 10.0 you mean... Jokes aside, this is pretty bad... especially since replays can still be uploaded on replay sharing websites. Hope they fix it fast.
  5. That's more or less always the case with games which aren't out yet... but with something like a public weekend and websites like this one publishing keys like this... I guess that we'll see plenty of wows videos on youtube. Edit: seriously, take a look at that website. That's a fresh way to present readers beta test keys... much wow.
  6. NA server only. Still, I managed to get an EU key from a website. Risky, if you're reading this... prepare to platoon As for the NDA: no problem. It didn't bother me with wowp, it won't bother me with wows. I just hope this one turns out better than Wowp... So far I haven't seen anything anyway... I guess it'll popup when I'll install the client. Always remember to find arty cover. An island or two should work
  7. seriously.. I didn't check forums-ftr for three hours and I missed all the giveaways. Hope that some invite keys will pop up, but I'm not holding my breath... :|
  8. By the way, it was fun to play strongholds be carried by you guys two weeks ago. I *almost* thought to start playing again. Tier 8 battles were fun, but tier 6 were the best. All those lt's...
  9. Live

    World of Codes

    Added in the first post a new giveaway on Mmorpg.com: Tetrarch, 500 gold, 3 days premium. 9300+ keys left, new accounts only, NA server.
  10. I'm Live, but I'm definitely not Valachio. Title is broken, pls fix. : )
  11. Bummer. I'll have to park my Panther one kilometer behind bushes
  12. the real question is: does that mean that when I'll come back from my forced 7+ months wot leave I can blame the meta for my potato performances 'neechan? jokes aside (ehmmm..) from what I'm reading around things don't look too good for my paper tanks.
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