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  1. The intention, once all is said and done, is for the IJN torpedo spread to be more of an 'arrow' shape, with the torpedoes intersecting at a specific point - such that, if you aim well, you'll nail them with all four. Miss, and you miss with all four. Word from a dev in one of the threads, don't have a link handy nor remember which one specifically though.
  2. True, hence why I said 'relatively' normal. No, that wasn't at all because I couldn't remember 101's experiment. ...anyway, compared to the Gary vault, and the 999 women 1 man vault... yeah, closed forever is pretty normal.
  3. Terrachova

    Witcher 3

    I need to find the right swords honestly. Right now, I haven't found anything close to what I have, That said, I really like the scabbards for the Feline swords, as seen on Ultra. So... pretty... so well textured.
  4. Well, since you can name your weapons whatever you want, you can force that...
  5. Terrachova

    Witcher 3

    Yeah, the Relic swords are amusing. I've found a few good ones, but right now, they haven't matched up in damage to the Enhanced Feline set I have. I'll usually be fine with a slight raw damage reduction for stun or bleed chance, but with a 30% reduction, not worth it. You'll find good ones though.
  6. That story seems most interesting to me. In Fallout 3 at least, you were part of a relatively normal vault, and got the chance to explore some of the 'experiment' Vaults in the land. This one seems to me like an experiment one - one dealing with a form of extended aging. Maybe cryostasis or gene mods, who knows. Can't wait to find out though!
  7. I want so bad for this to be the game of my dreams, but it stinks too much of being a Battlefield clone. Don't get me wrong, I like Battlefield well enough... but it isn't Battlefront. No space battles, extremely limited planets... and so on. It doesn't feel like Battlefront at all from what I've seen.
  8. Waiting for Android. RIP.
  9. Its not really a game designed for joysticks. If you can't enjoy it without one, you won't enjoy it with one.
  10. Terrachova

    Witcher 3

    Let me put it this way. Why haven't you bought it yet? True, but if you go with Roche, then... I never played 1, but as far as I know, no decisions are carried over. In 2, there are a few that do, but they're smaller ones. They mainly affect whether you happen to encounter certain recurring characters, that sort of thing.
  11. Terrachova

    Witcher 3

    Or went the route that doesn't really have you dealing with her at all, heh, for the main playthrough.
  12. Terrachova

    Witcher 3

    Well, when half if not more of those who played Witcher 2 probably ended with her killed off... I can see why they wouldn't put the effort in. I do agree though, mmph.
  13. That's my point, heh. It runs the network card, though, so I can't turn it off and keep that working. I just raised the limit higher than I'll ever get.
  14. Tried it. Was fun for a bit. Didn't really make the game worth playing any longer though.
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