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  1. Anyone having an issue when you're running the game fullscreen and you pause music thats playing through Spotify and WoT crashes? Cost me at least 3 games the past 2 days.

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    2. SuperSapien


      really answering the question there guys, thanks /s

    3. Evelyn


      We did answer it. Play borderless windowed.

    4. Siimcy


      I always play games in borderless windowed, makes alt tabbing so much easier and adapts to my color settings/refresh rate.

  2. Thanks for the tips everybody. I ended up taking a break from it for a couple weeks and when I started up again I stopped paying attention to the mark. Couple games later and I got it.
  3. The past couple days I've been going for the M48 Patton 3 mark but every time I get to ~94% I get completely fucked by things like arty and awful teams. Admittedly the past 3 times I got up there I was so tilted I screwed myself over. Any advice on how to be more consistent with bad teams and not rage/tilt would be really appreciated.
  4. wow another pubbie thinks im hax0r what a new change from all the pms i usually get post battle /s

  5. I'm not a purple poaster, but I'll give my 2 cents. There's a couple ways to play the north as a medium, but I prefer playing the middle hills, around E3. There's some bushes/trees that give me early spots on people going to the castle, and if you have good gun depression/position right, you can get free damage as they try to cross. From the middle, you have to be careful not to get shot from the east side. Just keep an eye on where you are relative to their tanks, so you know if you're exposing your tank or if you have shots on theirs. When you play the middle, don't poke too much or you'll get shot by camping td's further down the middle hills or in the back past the river. Also, hug the hill in front of you and keep moving so you don't get clicked. One very important thing to note is that if you feel they are about to push on you while you're in that little valley, get out. It's very hard to counter a push from the other team if you don't have a couple people with you. Aside from that, to me it seems the main goal of playing the middle is to win it quickly so you can come around to the east flank to mop up, or prepare for their heavies that will be heading into your base. This is just a general overview, remember every game is different so you may have to improvise. As the game goes on, different areas of the map get locked down/open up, just be aware of whats going on. Here's a random game showing how I play mid, in it you can clearly see how I can get early shots on people crossing to castle, how I get shot in the side when I don't pay attention to the minimap and overexpose, and how easy it is to get cleanup damage when you control mid. http://wotreplays.com/site/3092597?secret=7d55570ceed9dbb63a59d112324b71d0
  6. http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/pc-browser/17/20-weird-tanks/

    wp WGNA, nicknaming the Sentinel "Soft Richard."

    +1 for subtlety

  7. NA east go down?

  8. Tbh I feel like i was a little too harsh on your aiming, for the most part it was pretty good aside from those couple of shots. In the long run, where you position is far more important than how good of a hot you are. I feel like I was just harsher on it because I've been three marking tanks and I've been focused on dealing as much damage as possible, so don't take it too harshly. That being said, you did say you just got the tank so I'm sure you're still getting accustomed to it. Since you mentioned not being able to aim well until you're zoomed 8x in, I would suggest tweaking the aim sensitivity in sniper mode to see if that helps. As for "practicing" your aim, just play the game more, a good amount of the skill in this game comes from experience. I'm glad you got something out of my review though, I was happy to help!
  9. Hey there, I noticed no one has been paying attention to this thread so I thought I'd give my advice. First Game: Ensk Right at the beginning for the first minute or two, you seemed really unsure of what to do. Ensk is a pretty annoying map, but there's a couple places you can really abuse from that spawn. Right at D4, there's a window where you can spot enemies moving towards the western side of the map. With so few enemy heavies on their team, the position you took in the middle was fine. If there are more top tier heavies on the other team, I usually like to get early spots from either D4 or the 6 line railway before flexing to whichever side needs me/is less fucked. Around the 13:00 mark you should have went back to base. The majority of your team was pushing west, and they really didn't need your help, while the majority of the enemy team was pushing your base. If you had gotten there before the rest of your team, you could easily have gotten another 800 damage or so, and if for some reason your team died pushing the Waffle, you'd be fast enough to farm whatever health he has left. Pretty well played game aside from that. Second game: Pilsen Considering their team comp, field was the better choice to go at the start (usually I'd recommend getting early shots at G3, then flanking and supporting your team on that side). Make sure you don't waste too much time trying to hit sketchy shots, like those on the T49. I know you're still getting used to the tank, but you really need to lead those long range shots better, you missed out on at least 800 damage from missing shots. Don't autoaim moving targets, unless they're right up next to you or you need to shoot while driving away. Even if you have the side of a slow moving tank like a Tiger, it's better to aim your shot since you can go for tracks, ammo rack, engine, etc. Third game: Swamp Going north is fine, but you probably could have done much better shifting to C8 to get early spots and early damage on anyone on their team going north. There is a very convenient bush you can abuse to spot and damage crossing enemies without being seen. If you do get spotted from there, it's easy to fall back or help your team push north. Right at around 13:30, you drive out into the open while still spotted. You were extremely lucky not to be punished by their E5, JP2, or unspotted JT. It would have been better to get underneath the E5's gun and put shots into his lower plate. If he were to push you, you would have had plenty of support from the Cent 7/1, T54, TVP, and T49. As such, your choice there got your Centurion killed, since there wasn't really any need to chase after their Leo PTA. You should have went after the E5 and the M60 from a different angle. From the way you went, you easily could have been artilleried or killed by their base campers. Also, don't bother shooting at the E5's hatch. He was going to come after you failry hard anyway, so it would have been better to either save your shot, put it into the M60, or just gtfo. Fourth game: Steppes Where you went at the beginning is fine, but you decided to take shots on the Bulldog. I really don't think that was worth it, since the most harm he could do from that position is spot your base campers (who are unlikely to be of much influence in your game). A better approach is to go to the hill in front of you to spot enemy tanks moving across and maybe get a shot or two off. Make sure you're not sitting still fro too long, especially on that side. Arty loves to aim in the location you're at, so keep that in mind. At 12:20ish make sure you poke over at an angle so you don't get shot like that again. Overall, you just took too much damage in the early game and some pretty bad trades with the WZ. Keep in mind it's okay to push into those tanks like that, but don't push them too hard. Once you get under their guns, let them push over the hill since you have a large portion of your team behind you. You saw how quickly they managed to get the Bulldog out, let them keep doing that work for you. Fifth game: Himmelsdorf You poked a little too far on the hill at the beginning. It almost got you shot by the Ferdi, especially with that T54E1 blocking you from behind. I don't think you should have poked the E75, but since you did anyway, you should have aimed it better. I know its a snapshot, but you're playing at 80-90 FPS, you can make those shots happen. Once the E75 pushed up to the rubble, it would have been better to support your team's push around the other side of the castle. Looking at the map, only their JP2 and maybe artillery were in a position to put shots into you from below, so there was no need to fight the E75 and T32 alone frontally. Pretty good luck those two heavies had absolutely no idea how to aim, however. 12:05 Don't miss easy shots. 11:43 Be patient when you side scrape. If you let him move onto you, then his bloom will be larger while yours will be fully aimed. You out-DPM him anyway, but it's extra damage you might not have taken there. 10:23 Again with the autoaim, try not to rely on it too much. 9:50 Don't hesitate. You were deciding whether to go for cap or to kill him. You probably would have died if you went to cap; if you managed to get your tracking shot on him then you might have had a chance. GG anyway. Sixth Game: Fisherman's Bay 14:00 Be careful pushing that far up, people like to camp base in WoT. I generally go to a particular bush in E6/7 that gives me early spots for myself and my team on heavies and TD's going for city. You're spending too much time in the middle when the opportunities to deal damage are on the flanks. I would have gone 1/2 line to dig out their tanks there, then gone back to help city through mid. You went all the way to their cap without clearing the other side first, and you got shot because of it. The position you forced yourself into is REALLY awkward if they decide to push you. Make sure you're aiming well. It's bizarre, you're hitting some more challenging shots but missing the easy ones. Seventh: Overlord Pretty aggressive position at the beginning, I personally prefer a bush on the ridge at G6/7 (basically, a mirror of what their 121 did). From there, you can get early spots on mediums cresting the ridge and free shots on light tanks that like to surf the hill where you are at. The middle isn't safe to stay in for more than a few seconds, as you found out. Just keep it in mind. You should have disengaged and helped your mediums push the east flank, that way your team will gain some map control to work their heavies down from. Your base campers would have had shots on those heavies eventually anyway, so there isn't much reason to spot for them anyway. Eighth: Fiery Salient It's way better to go F5/6 at the start of the game. You can get spots and free shots on tanks crossing the tracks a couple on those moving towards the middle. After you get those early spots, just stay down for a bit so you don't get artied, and then you have free shots onto people poking you and side shots onto tanks on the hill. The position you were in only really counters light tanks trying to go to The Bush, which doesn't really matter as none of your team went 1/2 line aside from you. Aim your shots better. Usually aiming isn't one of the more important skills (as positioning>everything else) but when you're missing 800+ damage or so a game because of it, it adds up. Granted, some of them were RNG, but enough of them are your fault that I have to bring it up. Good awareness of when you need to back off the ridge, however. 11:25 Don't waste shots like that. If you're going to fire, at least aim for the weakspot. 8:39 Don't autoaim that. 8:19ish Use the minimap to your advantage. There is another ridge you can crest behind you, and if you look at the map, you'll see it would be outside the max view range circle, which means the Grille wouldn't be able to spot you unless the arty lights you (though with his 350m view range he might not even be able to). Instead, you keep popping up within his view range, which costs you some extra damage you could have dealt. 7:40ish Great awareness of knowing when you need to gtfo. Good lights through the railway, although they're weren't of much use since you're arty died. If you light targets, make sure people are in position to shoot at them. You go back to the position you abandoned for some reason? A much better play would be to go all the way to the west flank (at least the second ridge from the railway) and spot them from there/get side shots. 5:50 You really should not have stopped to take another shot, and you got extremely lucky he didn't hit you with his second shot. Don't want to sound rude, but that was very lucky you survived at all. Ninth: Winter Himmelsdorf Be wary of going that side of the castle at the start. you can get early spots there, but they can spot you back and hit you. You also isolate yourself, which means if they push you, you have no help. 13:45 After taking two hits like that you really should just bug out. There's no reason to try to fight against that, and you quickly get killed because of that. Tenth: Sacred Valley 14:06 There wasn't really any reason to repair your track there, you were safe behind the rock from the Cent and there was only 1 arty (who just hit you). Don't poke on the VK, think about it as risk vs reward. How many times are you going to reliably pen that from the front? Just wait for your team to hit him from the side, then when he turns you can put your DPM to use. You should have went back to base after killing the Ferdi. Remember, your own base is more important than trying to farm their top tier heavies (you can always farm them after you defend base). Eleventh: Fiery Salient Right at the start of the game you missed out on free damage because you were fucking around, I have no idea what you were doing. There was the RU in front of you and a M41 90 to your left you could have easily hit if you were paying more attention. 13:40 For future reference, if you see a hull down Centurion, aim for either just outside the mantlet to the left or right(~160mm) or the center of the mantlet to the left or right of the gun(~152mm). You spend a lot of time staying still/staying in the same area. With 3 artillery on Fiery Salient you cannot afford to do that. Also, be aware that where you are (around 13:20ish) at F3, you can easily be hit by their TD's on the 1/2 line. Even though you hit your shot at the end, I'm still going to say don't autoaim. Twelfth: Mountain Pass Generally, playing the middle on Mountain Pass is super risky. It's much less risky and just as rewarding to position at J2/3 and get free shots onto heavies moving in and any tanks that have made it up to H3/4. 10:50 Smart of you to back off there, since your team should have that under control. However, I don't like that at 9:50 you go for the AMX 50 100. There were 2 TD's behind you that could easily have taken care of him for you, while to the north there were 3 lower tier heavies you could easily farm and prevent from reaching your base. 9:25 Don't really know why you went that way, if you went back the way you came you'd have easily gotten more damage on those heavies (there are 3 of them tot eh north and only 1 tank to your east). Around 8:00ish going after their heavy tanks through the middle would have been a much better play, the arty isn't going to go anywhere and there is more HP to take from their surviving heavy tanks. So as a general summary, make sure you're making full use of your view range. Early spots/damage can influence a game more than you might expect. Make sure you're hitting more of your shots as well. A well placed shot on a tank earlier in the battle might help you even the odds on him later on in the game. Also, try not to use autoaim so much. It's a great tool in the right situation, but a lot of the time its necessary and adds more risk than necessary to hit a shot. The last few things I want to point out is to remember that the Patton is a support tank. You don't have to be the center of the push, and you definitely don't have to create your own pushes. Learn when to be more passive and more aggressive. Your overall positioning is fine, though there are a couple of spots that are much better and more effective than the ones you were going to before. Hope my input helps, if anyone wants to correct me or voice their own opinion on some of the things I said, feel free! My stats in the Patton, not super amazing but not shit either.
  10. So I'm guessing there isn't an NDA or anything on the Sandbox server? Are we allowed to talk about the changes in it?

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      awesome, thanks guys

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      Well... If you managed to sign an NDA without actually knowing it, RIP you IRL m8

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      I read last night in some post in the sandbox forum that WG wants you to mention that the sandy box isn't live and and that all tank stats are subject to change. 

  11. New user here, been lurking for a while until I finally made an account. I'm usually on the NA west server (I'm from California), and I'm currently a college student. Hope I can contribute to the forums here and meet some new people to pub with
  12. Welcome!

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      shhh let me lurk in peace :P

      But thanks haha i figured it was about time i made an account on wotlabs

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