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  1. Anyone having an issue when you're running the game fullscreen and you pause music thats playing through Spotify and WoT crashes? Cost me at least 3 games the past 2 days.

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    2. SuperSapien


      really answering the question there guys, thanks /s

    3. Evelyn


      We did answer it. Play borderless windowed.

    4. Siimcy


      I always play games in borderless windowed, makes alt tabbing so much easier and adapts to my color settings/refresh rate.

  2. Thanks for the tips everybody. I ended up taking a break from it for a couple weeks and when I started up again I stopped paying attention to the mark. Couple games later and I got it.
  3. The past couple days I've been going for the M48 Patton 3 mark but every time I get to ~94% I get completely fucked by things like arty and awful teams. Admittedly the past 3 times I got up there I was so tilted I screwed myself over. Any advice on how to be more consistent with bad teams and not rage/tilt would be really appreciated.
  4. wow another pubbie thinks im hax0r what a new change from all the pms i usually get post battle /s

  5. I'm not a purple poaster, but I'll give my 2 cents. There's a couple ways to play the north as a medium, but I prefer playing the middle hills, around E3. There's some bushes/trees that give me early spots on people going to the castle, and if you have good gun depression/position right, you can get free damage as they try to cross. From the middle, you have to be careful not to get shot from the east side. Just keep an eye on where you are relative to their tanks, so you know if you're exposing your tank or if you have shots on theirs. When you play the middle, don't poke too much or you'll g
  6. NA east go down?

  7. Tbh I feel like i was a little too harsh on your aiming, for the most part it was pretty good aside from those couple of shots. In the long run, where you position is far more important than how good of a hot you are. I feel like I was just harsher on it because I've been three marking tanks and I've been focused on dealing as much damage as possible, so don't take it too harshly. That being said, you did say you just got the tank so I'm sure you're still getting accustomed to it. Since you mentioned not being able to aim well until you're zoomed 8x in, I would suggest tweaking the aim sensiti
  8. Hey there, I noticed no one has been paying attention to this thread so I thought I'd give my advice. First Game: Ensk Right at the beginning for the first minute or two, you seemed really unsure of what to do. Ensk is a pretty annoying map, but there's a couple places you can really abuse from that spawn. Right at D4, there's a window where you can spot enemies moving towards the western side of the map. With so few enemy heavies on their team, the position you took in the middle was fine. If there are more top tier heavies on the other team, I usually like to get early spots from
  9. So I'm guessing there isn't an NDA or anything on the Sandbox server? Are we allowed to talk about the changes in it?

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    2. SuperSapien


      awesome, thanks guys

    3. PityFool


      Well... If you managed to sign an NDA without actually knowing it, RIP you IRL m8

    4. bolagnaise


      I read last night in some post in the sandbox forum that WG wants you to mention that the sandy box isn't live and and that all tank stats are subject to change. 

  10. New user here, been lurking for a while until I finally made an account. I'm usually on the NA west server (I'm from California), and I'm currently a college student. Hope I can contribute to the forums here and meet some new people to pub with
  11. Welcome!

    1. SuperSapien


      shhh let me lurk in peace :P

      But thanks haha i figured it was about time i made an account on wotlabs

    2. Wewum
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