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  1. Trying to do LT-15-4 for 2 weeks, 2 weeks of himmelsderp, corridor maps and shit, 5 times proko spammed with lights and 1 time malinovka also spammed with lights, today I had another shot, but it was spammed with a retard E-100 and SPIC: http://wotreplays.com/site/2733304#fiery_salient-lycanpt-wz-132

    No arty in the game, and a full hp E-100 stands in the cap hugging walls and shit, Why do these people don't just give up on this game? They have no future whatsoever, besides fucking my mission it fucked the whole team's XP gains

    1. clownshoes2


      I've been trying for LT-15-3 for months now. Have the GF set up for scouting not killing and when I do get prok or firey salient, there are 8000000000000000000000 other scouts.

      Fuck MM and Fuck WG.

    2. LycanPT


      It is just RNG RNG RNG everytime, this doesn't take skill, it takes you pressing battle over and over again till someday you get the lotery ticket, Fuck Map Rotations, Fuck MM, Fuck WG and the casual Fuck Arty

    3. clownshoes2


      Map rotation is a fucking lie. I rarely ever see the maps I need in the tanks I take. I take a scout and I rarely get a scouting map. I take a heavy and I get steppes or another open map.

      I'm getting tired of this shit.

  2. STA-1 having bad ratio lmao, I guess it is because not everyone can work without armor, also KV-4 bad rating? It can bounce tier 10's if well angled, so yeah not very accurate for these 2 IMHO
  3. KV-1 KV-1S (derp with HEAT) T67 T-34 That's my take on this matter
  4. Yeah well but if you're working ridge lines and have the gun already poiting in the direction of the enemy you just need to go forward to poke, you can most of the time negate that factor IMO
  5. WZ-111 1-4 (9) : Mobility: Feels almost like a medium Armor: Workable and trollish Gun: Combine the alpha of the E 75 and an actually good ROF, join some quite surprisingly good gun handling (at least it feels from self experience) and you got yourself an A-Class gun Why not rate 10: Prone to ammoracks and bad gun depression Skoda T-50 (10): Mobility: However limited to 50 kph, it gets a whopping 1000 bhp engine that makes this thing shift Armor: Weak overall, but who cares? You don't play mediums for its armor (few exceptions) the gun mantlet can troll and
  6. I loved both, and both are amazing performing their roles I found the T-44 a great brawler and flanker, while the pershing is the king of the hill(s), however the pershing feels so much more flexible (sure it is slower but it can do what the t44 can + it can work ridges) and confortable
  7. I read somewhere the performance is only meant for those who use the improved graphics only
  8. Try to revert the graphics card to the previous controller settings, I had a similar problem after a nVidia update
  9. Only way to improve is practising, don't deprive yourself from playing tier 8 upwards just because of stats, stats will come later when you master those tiers, it is perfectly normal... Every tier you go up there are more challenges and it takes time to adapt, be patient and don't give up.
  10. Who needs camo when they're dead? ammarite? hun?
  11. Logged in to do my x5 dailies, 4 games later I'm logging out

  12. As you can see, there is one enemy that made more xp than 12 more players on my team lol, and this game would rarely be a loss, I was feeling a monster game incoming, specially in that broken spot sorry mate, I am still new to the wotlabs stuff, thanks for the advice
  13. Replay Seriously, why do people do this? They do nothing the whole game just to win cap points
  14. LycanPT

    Grille 15

    I do agree the waffle is broken for all players, the one that gets send to the garage and for the one who drives it because it is a shell magnet with no camo. The grille doesn't seem interesting at all to me, it has many components of the other TD's but lacks a crucial thing: camo or armor. It is just an xp pinata since it will be like a WTF without autoloader and turret
  15. LycanPT

    Grille 15

    No I am not sad at all, what I am sad is that I will have a retard tank replaced with a tank that is useless (no camo, awful gun handling, no armor - not that I was expecting some and no fully traverseable turret)
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