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  1. My game is with lag. My ping is ok and it is impairing my performance.

  2. My tech three is bugged

    1. leggasiini


      do you have XVM? afaik thats a problem for many, uninstall and reinstall it

    2. LudwigvonMises
  3. LudwigvonMises

    Seeking a Coach to help my game

    play with me
  4. Someone plays wot on linux?

  5. LudwigvonMises

    Statpad Tanks

  6. LudwigvonMises

    Statpad Tanks

    Which is the bests statpad tanks per tier?
  7. >join in battle after 2 min of its start
    >go to help t-10 with t-34-2
    >receive several shot for invisible tanks
    >suddenly have 4 tanks on my face

    Welcome to world of bugs

    1. Strigonx


      That's a memory bug, eitheer you have insuficient RAM or there's a memory leak going on

  8. LudwigvonMises

    looking for toon mate tier 9 and under (on tracks)

    I have an t-54. If u want, i can play with u.
  9. Hey guys. What's up? I wanna watch some goods players to improve my stats and i'm look for guys that explain their in-game actions. Feel free to recommend.
  10. Type 59: 18: WZ-111: 19 112: 22 T-34-3: 12 59-Patton: 8 FCM 50 t: 24-3 = 21 I hate this tank, huge and paper. Arty always farm damage on it. M4A1 Rev.: 24 AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 21 leKpz M41 90mm: 21 Skorpion G: 23 Panther 88: 20 Löwe: 30: Pz. 58 Mutz (Black): 20+1 = 21 Troll turrent, good gun and excellent depression. It is a best tank in my opinion. STA-2: 25 FV4202 (P): 2 M46 KR: 21 T26E5 (Patriot): 25 IS-6 (Black): 13 KV-5: 20 T-44-100: 22 T34: 17
  11. LudwigvonMises

    Panzer 58 Mutz: Bear With Me

    This tank is so good. It is the best premium tank i have.
  12. LudwigvonMises

    I need a new clan

    No, trying to join in a clan