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  1. BatChat 12t is pretty fun, I can see exactly why it's the WGL 8 of choice and it probably won't be a bad CW tank. 

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    2. Fulcrous


      no, its pretty good.

      Highest camo value at tier (barring the udes), moderately-high acceleration, doesn't suffer from flip syndrome, and good gunhandling.

    3. SmurfReroll


      It originally was considered crap because the Bulldog kept the 10 shot auto and has slightly better hard stats in basically everything. Now that they got rid of the Bulldog's gun, the Batchat has a niche passive scouting role which is pretty fun to play. 

    4. sohojacques


      Decent tank. But a bit of a comedown after the AMX 12t or 13 75 I think. Gun handling is noticeably shitter than the 13 75 as is the clip reload. And while the low base view range is fine against lower tiers, it really hurts this tank when up against a pile of tier 9s and 10s. 

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