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  1. Looking for a platoon on NA to suffer with me through the last 2 stages of the marathon. Prefer 2k rWn8+ but honestly anybody is fine, just need a frienderino. Tier 8/9/10. 

    I won't steal your damage, I promise. 

    IGN is Dark_rerollforhire btw, hit me up in game

  2. T-10: 29
    T-54: 26
    AMX M4 51: 24
    T49: 24
    WZ-111 1-4: 24
    Conqueror: 23
    Type 4 Heavy: 22
    E50: 21
    E75: 22
    AMX 30: 21
    T30: 20
    T95: 21
    M46 Patton: 21+1=22 This tank is so under-appreciated nowadays. A trollish ~250 effective turret with wicked gun handling and classic American gun depression makes this tank amazing on a ridgeline. The near tier 10 levels of DPM and amazing viewrange is just the icing on the cake. The only big issue I see with the tank is the pen, but all that prevents is braindead yolopenning Type 5 fronts. It's just comfortable, and even if the low pen hurts in the current heavy-corridor meta, you can dominate any ridgeline and play effective vision/DPM games even without. 
    B-C 25t AP: 18
    Skoda T50: 21
    Leopard PTA: 20
    Object 704: 20
    Object 263: 20
    WT Auf Pz. IV: 20
    Object 430: 20
    ST-I: 20
    Tortoise: 20
    AMX 13 90: 20
    Mauschen: 20
    STRV 103-0: 20
    50TP: 20
    Standard B: 20
    Centurion 7/1: 19
    T-54 LW: 14
    Object 257: 17
    WZ-132A: 17
    WZ-120: 17
    Object 705: 17
    Jagdtiger: 17
    T54E1: 15-3=12 What if you took a M46 and gave it a 4 shot autoloader?


    And also removed all its redeeming features? No mobility, armor that trolls one in a hundred shots, piss poor gun handling and it doesn't spew out damage the way it used to now that it can't pen shit, work around the low pen or even hit shots in the first place. 
    Conway: 14
    Foch: 14
    WZ-111G FT: 14
    VK 4502 (B): 9
    Type 61: 11.
    Emil II: 8
    AMX 50 120: 8
    M103: 5

  3. DISCLAIMER: Copy pasted from the post on the WoT Asia forums


    We've all heard the complaints about there being bots and idiots in our Random Battle games. But the real question is, if you really wanted to abuse the system, why do it in Random Battles? It's not profitable; you don't get much for just sitting there doing nothing; maybe a hundred XP points if you're lucky. You'll often find yourself destroyed for little gain, giving you a big repair bill, and nothing to pay it off with. It also opens you up to being caught; when people see "bots" or perceived bots, they report them. 


    No, botting in Random Battles is not the way to go. Not when there's a much quicker, under-the-radar way of farming XP and credits. 


    Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, the Team Battle Botting Bonanza!!!!11111111111111111!!!1!1111oneone11!


    Sounds interesting, doesn't it? The smarter ones amongst you may have already inferred from the name that this exploit involves the use of a game mode many of us never venture into: the fabled Team Battle. You see, because nobody plays this mode, one simply has to find enough participants to set up matches, and they're ready to start farming. 


    How does it work? Why, it's simple! All you have to do is fill up two teams with bots! Yes, bots! No, you're not doing the botting. Oh no. What you do is drive your exquisite premium tank in and farm! No strings attached! Simply drive into the enemy spawn, and shoot! Oh, the credits and XP will come rolling in! 


    Don't believe me? Here, let me show you two very satisfied users of this exploit:


    As you can see, we have here 4 bot accounts. What makes me think they're bots, you ask? Well, I'm glad you asked, because they all have hundreds, thousands of battles in this game mode, with almost 0 damage per game! Now, that might seem like an incredibly high number to some of you, but I assure you, they are bots! Take the first chap for example,


    One thousand battles in his Tiger 2 and a damage per game of 72! Stunning! I have trouble doing that in my tier 10 tanks! 


    Now, that's all well and good, but maybe he just has terrible internet. Disconnects a lot. Maybe he wins half his games because all of his battle buddies have the same problem, and they often all disconnect, leaving the game in a dramatic timeout victory for the attackers!


    But no, that is not the case. You see, our two fine friends here, whose names I have scribbled over to appease our mighty forum overlords, are also part of this spiffing group of lads. And they take full advantage of our fine fellow who doesn't seem to want to do much. You can see this here: 


    Simply amazing! Even the fine lads at TE would have trouble pulling those kinds of scores. 


    As you can see, these fine lads are clearly using this amazing exploit to farm up all those juicy credits and XP. Oh, and don't forget the PR! The beautiful, beautiful PR! You can rack up amazing amounts of this clearly very effective metric simply by using this exploit! 


    Absolutely amazing, and you can try it yourself with the very new YETIPack 420.69 HAXX for only $69.69! 

  4. 5 minutes ago, monjardin said:

    Wasn't there just a post on this, or was it a status update?

    Must've been an update I missed, somewhat sure there haven't been any posts about them. 

    I've actually had a bit of luck with light tanks because on favourable maps, you can actually get away with being aggressive. 

  5. The ranked battle meta seems to drastically favour slower play compared to normal Random Battles, which means that typical pubstomping tanks don't work as well as expected. With that being the case, what are your thoughts on tanks which are better suited for Ranked? 

    Personally, I feel that superheavies, especially Type 5s, end up being fairly dominant despite the gold spam simply because they can outlast their opponents in the typical face-punching camp off that ends up happening. 


  6. Do you guys think that Boelcke's Laws and other aerial combat tactics apply in World of Warplanes? I've played 25 games now, mostly in fighters, but also some in heavy fighters and attack aircraft and the general impression I'm getting is that it's a lot less involved than even Warthunder AB. The main things I'm noticing are:

    • Energy advantages are fairly useless. If your opponent has the situational awareness to react quickly, it's really hard to outclimb them or escape because of the boosting mechanics; you can start off at low altitude and low speed and keep up with a diving opponent for a few seconds because your boost literally gives you a temporary jet engine. 
    • There's no point in "keeping the sun behind you." Warthunder models glare pretty strongly. WoWP is a pretty mildly coloured game. 
    • Situational awareness is hard. Like, incredibly hard. I said earlier that good situational awareness lets you negate energy advantages, but it's hard to keep track of opponents when there's more than 2. They made the interface more clean and have less elements to it, but they also pretty much did away with any assistance for awareness. The direction markers are small and inconspicuous, enemy tracers are literally impossible to spot and if there is a hit direction indicator, I'm not noticing it. I've been dived on or caught off-guard many times where I simply couldn't locate the attacker in time to react accordingly and bled a lot of HP for it. 
    • Attack aircraft are frustrating as all hell. Warthunder's IL-2s are literally invincible. WoWP's are flimsy af. The extra health does not go a long way towards protecting you, especially when your tail gunner does so little back and you can't help yourself. 

    Anyway, those are my impressions, but despite that, I've been having a surprising amount of fun playing the game and genuinely hope that the population can go up to a point where I feel that it's worth it to keep playing. 

  7. I've noticed a nasty habit lately where I actively avoid fights with skilled players (I use XVM, and I'm referring to 2k+), and when I do have to engage them, I often find myself losing regardless of who has the bigger epeen. This is made worse by the fact that in Advances, there are 15 of them (fuck you ELO based MM) so I often flounder and throw my tank away. I know that these are a given when fighting good players:

    • Mistakes will be punished hard
    • Any kind of exposure will be punished hard
    • They'll actively be trying to prevent you from damaging them
    • They'll take any advantage presented to them
    • They'll actively try to get rid of you and won't let you dictate the engagement

    The problem is, although I know all of this, I keep overexposing and throwing my tank away because I'm not used to having to work with limited control of the engagement. 

    My question basically is, what does it take to outplay a skilled opponent (not necessarily in an 1v1, but generally in smaller-scale engagements) and what are some tips to prevent being outplayed? I've found that my game sense and ability to farm damage has developed to a point where I can consistently pull high winrates and damage scores, but my consistency is severely limited by the fact that I keep letting myself get outplayed. 


  8. Unless you find that you're having issues with multiple modules/crew being hit at once, small kits are usually fine. On the rare occasion that a second module is destroyed, you can still stall out the recharge, and generally speaking you won't have many issues. 

    I only use a large repair kit on the E5 (drive wheel+ammorack) and a large repair kit on the Object 140 (tracks+ammo+fuel+engine+literally everything else that can be damaged). 

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