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  1. I'm incredibly disappointed that no one mentioned any sound mods or HP Pool mods at all. I used the default Aslain's 6th sense sound (forgot what it was called) because it's a lot louder but these days my headset is good enough that I don't have that problem. I also use the Team HP Pool Observer because knowing how far ahead/behind you are score wise is well and good, but a 5-1 lead where your tanks are all low health isn't a good time to be aggressive. Finally, I use Zorgane's Gnomefther Recreation because it's sexy af.
  2. One thing super unicum platoons do on the enemy team that I'm glad of is they make you think. I think I learned more about helping a team win in 3 battles than I ever have from watching YouTube. 

  3. Superheavy armor. Highlights are: Type 5 now heat-resistant, Maus cheeks are now able to bounce while unangled. Added the VK/Pz 7 and a pair of new super heavies. As far as I'm concerned, the small buffs and nerfs they're making to the German mediums, British mediums and the E5 are just comfort changes.
  4. The E5 is such a comfortable tank to play. I thought the gun handling and armor on the M103 were comfortable, I had no idea what was in store with the E5. And now it's fast as all heck too. I think I'll like the thing, and I'm probably one of the select few who don't mind the nerf

    1. Tman450


      the E5 was always a good tank, even back when it was slower and the cupola was bad. It'll be fine.

    2. nabucodonsor


      Since when it got faster?

  5. Dark267 on SEA, come play tier 8 light tanks or sealclub with me. (I logged on one day to find all my tanks *deleted*... Maybe hacked, otherwise one of my friends pranked me pretty fucking badly. That's why my garage is so bare. Probably too late to do anything with Support, and I'm frankly not overly concerned because my NA account is steadily becoming my main. I still play casually on SEA to unwind if you want to platoon.)
  6. Hit me up if you play REALLY late at night or REALLY early in the morning.
  7. Idk whether I'll be a good or bad teacher but if you need someone I guess I can do it..?
  8. Lemming trains are basically my favourite team deployment because they're what is helping me break my habit of camping. If your team lemmings, lead the charge. If they start camping, you need to go first to literally inspire them to follow and crush the enemy.
  9. Lol, thanks for the input, but it's a bit late... Already set up my computer and enjoying it immensely I went with a Seasonic S12 II 620.
  10. Hmm....... Those stats make me feel insignificant and shrivelled up on the inside... But if you're willing to help me pad my WR, shoot me an invite. I'm grinding the Skoda T25 and I could always use more credits, so why not.
  11. I'm not quite sure what you're asking for specifically (SH/CW or Randoms), but I'll give a brief rundown on how I see them played. In Random Battles, I find that the fights are isolated into 3 flanks; the 1/2 line, which favours alpha TDs and tanks with good camo, the middle, which tends to be favoured by skilled players in flexible vehicles and the city, which tends to be a good environment for sidescraping heavies. Early game, the action generally begins in the middle, where active scouts tend to make runs along the road for early spots. Medium tanks generally can take a few pots
  12. The thing wit the E100 cheeks, Maus cheeks and E5 cupola is that they tend to be just as strong or slightly weaker than the penetration of most guns, so they are generally a 50/50 if unangled. A cheap, uneducated (for lack of a better word) or desperate player might try a standard round into those spots, but they are not guaranteed pens, and in such an unforgiving environment at tier 10, you really need those shots to pen. No tank is invincible at tier 10 (althougn tier 9 has some serious horse shit like the VKB) so you can get away with full standard but generally the occasional prem round is
  13. Got a 9 to grind and some 10s to run so add me if you want.
  14. Any idea when you can get the survey results/analysis out? I realise you do this as a hobby and not as a job, but I'm interested as to what kind of responses are given. 

  15. If you're interested in shitty team battle teams and tier 7-8 platoons, add me. Not sure about actual stronks though because afaik we tend to not need/take legionnaires.
  16. I've been having atrocious luck with the teams in the past few days and have basically been playing in a perpetually tilted state, but I really want to speed grind to the E5, so if anyone could platoon with me to serve as a bit of reliable pushing power and as an anchor for me psychologically, I'd appreciate that. I've been throwing games like crazy and I'd like to pull those (solopub) recents up a bit so I'm going to cheat by platooning I'll be popping XP boosters intermittently for the next 12 hours. I can use TS or voice comms but I'd prefer not to atm.
  17. No more steamroll teams until next year... Hurrah! 

  18. Was considering grinding down that line instead of the TVP which will be on discount soon... Any thoughts on that?
  19. Yay, broke 60% recent WR!!! Quite a milestone since moving away from a chai-snipey playstyle was incredibly difficult for me. 

  20. Gimme a few days and we can share in the pain of playing a stock M103.
  21. So I've recently been watching a bit of Uberdice and some SU streamers like Anfield and I've been trying to win more games and get my WR more proportional to my WN rating. One thing that I find is always said in their various streams and videos in regards to winning more is to always support the flank on your team which is more likely to win and aggressively push and dominate it. I find that this normally works when we have a definite overmatch as it allows me to just lead pushes and roll the flank over. However, when the team deploys evenly or when the team comps are relatively similar, I ten
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