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    SmurfReroll reacted to Hellsfog in Yayyyyyyy   
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    SmurfReroll got a reaction from TheTrojanWarrior in And then it came to trojan's horrifying realization, that he would have to play the 1   
    Stock 110: Slow IS-3 with bad pen and gun handling
    Upgraded 110: Slow IS-3 with bad alpha
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    SmurfReroll reacted to bolagnaise in 140 3 mark done, was triggering   
    @SmurfReroll AFE are for pussies, real men run food and get set on fire every 2nd game

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    SmurfReroll reacted to flare_phoenix in I'd like to get into clans. Where would 3600/63% recents land me on NA?   
    I recommend evaling with zeph, I've only ever got like 3 games with him before he ragequits
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    SmurfReroll reacted to Strigonx in Ok, so which one of you is behind this: And yes, I could just block, but at this poin   
    you could sell him your account and then ask wargaming to delete it in a ticket because you got hacked.
    maximum salt.
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    SmurfReroll reacted to Hellsfog in Ok, so which one of you is behind this: And yes, I could just block, but at this poin   
    Go on his TS, tell him you're done with tanks and ask how much he would give you for your account. 
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    SmurfReroll reacted to SchnitzelTruck in I can't decide between optics, rammer, vents and vertical stabilisers for the T-10 an   
    I run verts, rammer, optics on my T-10.
    My credentials: #1 T-10 NA
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    SmurfReroll got a reaction from Hellvn in Those feels when you get to 94.6% MOE on a tank, and arty goes thou shall NOT get to   
    Not on a Waffentrager 4 by any chance was it?

    #feelsbadman, gl with the mark
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    SmurfReroll reacted to Victrix in Wargaming refuses to address that tier 8s have a problem with matchmaking and are add   
    No see the problem is you havent actually played tanks in 3 months.
    Go try playing tier 8s friend.
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    SmurfReroll reacted to Greatspank in > Almost 2017 > Some people still don't know what the fuck is SA-MP > MFW   
    Soak beans overnight (or cook for at least 2 hours in boiling water). Combine beans with samp, add to a pot and pour over water. Boil (without salt) until tender, about 1½ hours. Stir in salt and continue to boil for another 1½ hours.  
    seems delish
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    SmurfReroll reacted to nemlengyel in Hyped for the M103 It's been a long 80 games thanks to personal reserves, but now I'm   
    First gun is less accurate but it's manageable simply because of 340 HEAT lulz. That's also the only thing you need to freexp, after that go for turret then E5 gun. After that pick up the tracks and then the engine because tracks give a better mobility boost and also a dispersion bonus.
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