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  1. People do judge you based off your stats. Many people won't admit it, but that unfortunately is the way it is.
  2. That sounds about right, it's pretty easy to get all of the tier 3's from a few matches in the prem tanks from that dealer. The real grind starts from there. I had the same thing for me, I have all of the tier 3 tanks unlocked in both dealers and I have never played any tier 1 or 2 tanks.
  3. Anyone feel free to add me on AW, my name is the same as it is here. I could use some decent people to tank with.
  4. Sorry Monjardin, I was answeing Crab. Monjardin, there is a link to a guide to AW for WoT players and it kind of explains what is different and similar between the two games. I think it was on this thread and if not then someone linked it in the top 10 reason to why upi should be playing AW I knew nothing about AW until this week and I have learned a lot from these two threads and the links in them,
  5. in PvE mode there is a little tutorial that shows you how to move you tank and sniper mode. You won't learn anything from it that you don't already know from WoT.
  6. I am not sure if this thread is what he is referring to, but there is a lot of decent info about AW here. This post in particular breaks down the roles of the tanks nicely.
  7. The same comparison could be made for all games in the same genre. Everquest > World of Warcraft, Call of Duty > Battlefield, etc. At least there is something to compete against WoT now. I am tired of getting 1 shot by arty.
  8. Agreed, AW is definitely in it's honeymoon phase where everyone is all nice and happy to be doing something other than WoT, but that will change. One thing I liked about AW is when I got frustrated in PvP pubs I found myself just doing a few PvE matches and that really calmed me down.
  9. Are they going to wipe the AO servers after this weekend or will we keep the progress we make?

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      Afaik the final account wipe happens after this stress test. Then its open beta.

  10. I always thought of Celtic Warriors when I saw Celts.
  11. Is there any premium tank that would work for my BC 25t crew?

    1. kolni


      the only french medium that is a prem is the CDC, and it works the same skills, but you'll have to put an extra crew member in and the crewskills shouldn't get too messed up aside from Safe Stowage that's trained on others since the Bat doesn't have a dedicated loader

    2. Tashen


      Wow, I can't believe I didn't think of that.  Thanks!

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