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  1. Alright, thanks folks. Maybe I'll just continue on not playing arty haha.
  2. I'm considering starting down the French arty line (from the 12t). Can anybody that has done this grind advise on which tanks are complete trash and should be skipped if possible? I don't particularly enjoy arty, and they certainly aren't money earners, but I'll admit the Tier 10 was fun on the common test so I basically just want that to occasionally blow off steam. Arty flame suit on...
  3. Had a very fitting final game on 9.17.1... Played arty, got 3 kills by taking more than 75% of the tanks hit points away. Still lost. GG WP Wargaming.
  4. Can anybody confirm that the LTs on Common Test now are not as garbage as was looking for a while? They've gone through several iterations and I didn't get to play the 1st build/sandbox that everybody used as a baseline for judging them. Just trying to decide if they are still complete garbage, or if they're actually going to be tolerable/decent now. Everything I'm seeing is that the MTs are still all better than the LTs in everything that counts...
  5. Simple potato here, so I won't even offer suggestions other than the obvious of getting 6th sense ASAP (hello free Swedish ladies). I am seeking input on what skills to select as I keep playing though in order to get the most from these tanks. If necessary, break it out for most effective in the heavies vs mediums, as Tier 5/6 don't sound to be too terrible and the playstyle obviously changes when you move to the heavies.
  6. I left out Fury because you can't get it, just like a few other reward tanks. Basically just an E8 though, which was... OK. It sounds like SP is a lot like T54proto, in the sense of having great front armor and weak sides,and needing gold frequently. Is that a good comparison? Also sounds like both KR and SP are good tanks, so depends more on preferred play style, with a slight edge toward the KR despite facing tier 10s.
  7. I searched and couldn't find a thread for this, but if I'm wrong please take this thread around back and shoot it... I'm curious about opinions (hopefully supported with data) about the best premium US medium, overall relative to their tier. Specifically, I'm thinking of crew training, enjoyable to play, and then credit earning. If you're having fun playing it, you will want to play it more and the credits will just pile up (rather than it being a chore to earn credits). If they all suck, advise me on the best way to train up a US med tank. Thinking of tanks that are somewhat readily
  8. All great info here. I would also suggest to bring gold , work on recognizing when to flank, and read the map to spot holes in the enemy lines. This could give you opportunities to battle with the other tier 8s, lets you fight more on your terms, and pick your targets.
  9. Managed to get the Waffle before removal, having almost 60% WR over 40 battles in it. Pretty darn good for me. I'll miss it, but won't miss being on everybody's shit list and instant focus when spotted. I think I hit the sweet spot of getting to play and enjoy it, while not having to suffer at the hands of them with future T10 grinds. I'm casually grinding the IS7 line now, and thinking about chasing the Czech line before the T9/T10 gets hit with the nerf hammer... Quick update for @lt_lolcat regarding my premium tank regrets...I've played all 4 recently, gotten a little more liberal
  10. I laugh any time somebody gets ammo racked and I witness it. I just love seeing turrets go flying off. Love getting accused of hacking while I bush snipe. Ramming for kills. Doesn't matter what I'm driving or what I'm killing, I giggle every time. The rare occasion where I'm hugging an enemy and his team chews him up trying to get me.
  11. Spent 16 million credits last night - I'm a little sad to see my account now.

    Unlocked and bought my first tier 10, and got a vault full of consumables + equipment for 24 tanks I have in my garage or will have soon, so it will prob be worth it...

  12. I don't think you get any concealment unless you are fully hidden. A bush-kemping OI seems like an oxymoron, unless you can knock down enough trees in just the right place that you are actually hidden. Any exposed piece though will negate all that effort though. Also keep in mind that you may be hidden by a bush from one view point, but exposed from another. So, you might think you are concealed but still get spotted by somebody viewing from a different angle than what you are trying to hide from. That is why you have to be very mindful of your flanks when sniping.
  13. I enjoy my Rudy. The Bromwell is a force to be reckoned with and staple in tier 6 stronks and clam wars. I didn't enjoy mine, but it can be pretty powerful with good crew (especially when tooning). The frantic playstyle just isn't my favorite but I'm not above owning some pubbies with it. And it has made me better at lights as a result...
  14. I'll be done with the Waffle grind in a few days and for the most part I've enjoyed it (Emil took all my free xp to get the top guys though). I've started up the Russian heavy line to do next. I hated the T1 heavy, so I'm not looking forward to the M6, but I sure hope the line improves from there... I may do that next, or the Russian meds.
  15. Sounds like one of my tactics with the Tier 8 & 9 waffles when I had the watermelon gun equipped. Except Im smaller and sneakier than a T30, and more fragile.
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