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  1. http://imgur.com/a/PPwyb I don't know how to fix i have tried reinstalling restarting launching directly but nothing works. All help will be welcomed.
  2. Any one else getting unusually high ping on the asia server mine going from 200 to 400. ask a few of my clanmates and they were all getting this to 

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    2. bolagnaise


      No hate, but your clan mates sound like typical Aussie shitters with zero clue and a vendetta against WG when they should be blaming the Libs for there shitty internet service. That's a whole another topic to delve into though

    3. westybig
    4. HardYards203


      yeah its's ADA what do u expect some of the best Aussie blocks out 

  3. 9.15 is so unstable crashing left right centre.:cri:

    1. BlackAdder


      Yep i notice that (if we mean same) when i click in middle (around login) game crashes. 

    2. Enroh


      Was absolutely constant crashing. Gave up and watched Dodgers baseball.

    3. HardYards203


      @BlackAdderyeah and if alt tab to much.

  4. your wn8 is double mine when i first started you. you will not have a hard time reaching higher wn8s because you have a a really go start
  5. Repairs orange tracks instead of ammorack:feelsbad: 

    1. FreddBoy


      You shitter



    2. SaintLaurentius


      That's why you carry big repair kit:doit:

    3. Medjed


      that's why you don't carry repair kit at all, no rep kit no problemo

  6. so close to pools medel


    last kill was taken by a borseg

  7. 3-5:30 7-8 pm weekdays weekends any time after 12pm Platooning would be preferable i have ts I would like them to call out my mistakes and tell me what i should have done, teach me where to go in what map/tank, and in general just help me get better. Edit:or someone to plat with that tells me their decision making
  8. Hello I was just wondering if there is anybody out there who could coach me(SEA) on some more of the advanced stuff of wot your help would be really appreciated. Thx Hardyards203 Btw im not complete shit at wot.
  9. Not uni but im starting my Maritime warfare officer training for subs in a year
  10. You are a machine to post content

    1. nemlengyel


      I have to admit I'm not entirely sure if this is the crappiest insult that I've seen here, but it definitely was uncalled for.

    2. LudwigvonMises


      It was not an insult. As I see it every day creating a post, I think it's funny.

    3. nemlengyel
  11. T67 is going hd in 9.15 now i can raise my crappy stats even higher while looking at some sexy pixels   

  12. there is a surprise inside the last one.
  13. I was a scrub and fired all my ammo just so i could get my first fadins medal

    i will put screen shot when i figure out how 

    1. kolni


      upload it to imgur, direct link, press enter

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