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  1. I finished LT-15.1 on Airfield (standard) with a combined damage/assisted damage of 4800 by de-tracking as much as possible, using the 90mm on my T49 since I hadn't unlocked the 152mm yet. My crew was still training camo, had no sixth sense, and a bad decision on my part put me at 129hp for pretty much the entire game. I had a lot of good players on my team who were able to put out all the damage on those I de-tracked. I think some of the damage was from spots but most of it was from shooting tracks. I was surprised at finishing the mission as that wasn't my intent going into the game, but foc
  2. Hi! I've been playing WoT for a few years and have about 8k battles under my belt. Last year I was introduced to Wotlabs and have found this site to be amazing for learning how to improve my performance. I hope that by joining the community I can learn even more and possibly contribute some of my own experiences to players even newer than I. I'm looking forward to joining in on the discussions and learning from the best! Thank you!
  3. Hello Wotlabs! I've been playing for a few years now and have just over 8k battles under my belt. After I was introduced to Wotlabs I've been using it to learn more and try to improve, but now I'm taking that extra step to join the community to learn even more and possibly contribute some of my experiences. I'm looking forward to chatting with my fellow tankers!

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      Welcome to the crib broski m9 m80

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