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  1. Welcome. For all intents and purposes, this forum is dead and there isn't a chat to whore in anymore. Goodbye. P.S.: Have a nova-doge for the time you had to spend to register.
  2. image.png.83b7f68c89fe915c9bd0c224049bcb20.png

    Seems like I still got it lul.

    inb4 dead metric

    1. Tman450
    2. bjshnog


      Whoever had the idea for WN8 is an idiot.

  3. Yo, haven't been around for a while. How's life? :wub: How shit is the game? :serb:

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      CW/Reward/Premium tanks or gtfo 

    2. EndlessAgony


      lul, so not much has changed then. I heard Murazbadzor is not head of balance anymore, but it seems he was not the [only] problem.

  4. By 1938, the firm was focused on producing Wehrmacht uniforms and later also uniforms for the Waffen-SS. - stolen from wikipedia because I'm too lazy, but this is correct. Hugo Boss/his company produced for NSDAP long before SS was around, since late 1920's for Hitler's pets and later on, with the rise to power for mr. Toothbrush-mustache, for the Army itself including working on several of the designs as the demands changed during the war. That being said, I don't own Hugo Boss suit and I don't care how good or crap they are. I support local manufacturers who have always delivered to my
  5. Lmao asshurt shitter, your far right comment was answered with Hugo Boss because they designed and manufactured majority of German infantry (and some other) uniforms during WW2. Your lack of knowledge was the first neg. The second was for dragging politics where they don't belong. Go on and neg this too, ignorant tard.
  6. You are mostly correct. Penetration RNG was reduced to 15%, prem ammo damage is 15-20% less than regular ammo, the MM is only +/- 1, the maps aren't as much of corridorshit. There are still some issues within the game with balancing, but they are not as pronounced - the pinnacle of OP-ness at tier ten is IS-4 for having a buffed UFP that some tanks have problem penning from direct front. Yeah. In general, the balancing is much better overall with less powercreep from new tanks and other garbage like that. As for the Leo 1 which was mentioned - it is actually very popular for
  7. Watching WG fuck up more and more with WoT makes me moist. What can I say? I love watching people suffer. WG had a great product on their hands, one that could have lived for years upon years and they just keep stabbing it with rusty knives and 'heal' the wounds with acid. Fucking retards, man...
  8. Another Win 10 update, another round of BSODs, broken apps, corrupted data, broken drivers, reset settings, etc... - and a new feature! Flickering Calculator Icon - how cool is that?

    This is what happens when the last competent person left the company a good 5 years ago and you outsource the work to third world high school drop-outs.

    Cheaper != Better

    I'm getting sick and tired of this, I guess it might be time to switch to Linux and just run games on a VM.

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    2. EndlessAgony


      Yes there is, or well - there is for some people. Disabling it through services.msc works only for a couple months, at best. You also need registries edited, edited group policy, blocked IPs of the MS servers, etc. And even that only works for some time, or at least for me - I know when the computer just freezes and there is a buzzing noise coming from the speakers that a Windows Update was forced. And sure enough, when I reboot, it starts installing it right away...

      The only way to really keep your PC clean of the crap is to either be lucky enough to set it up just right for your machine/area, or to never connect the PC to internet...

    3. Haswell


      LTSB is also an option. Security updates only, never half assed features that might be broken.

      Then again, M$ had a history of borked security updates...

    4. Medjed


      Did everything, but blocking their server adresses trough hosts file. It literally re-enables itself(Windows update service) pretty much every other day. It just became a habit  of my own to just check if it is enabled before i shut down my PC and if it is i just disable it again and again. If they think they can outstubborn me they are fucking wrong. Funny thing is i had it enabled and updated my W10 regularly, until one fucked update that wouldn't install no matter what. It would just undo all the changes and kept redownloading and rebboting my PC. It gotten to the point where it pissed me off so i turned it off for good. Never gonna let that piece of shit update again. Next point. Finding and installing LTSB version and hopefully enjoy life again.

  9. Recruiter of the year.


  10. I miss telling my enemies where our arty is
  11. It's sad the game ended up dying tho... I will miss the fun I had, the people I met - the always grumpy romanian/hungarian/german, the wine loving southern african living in britain, the trio of germans - one crazier than the other, bullying @breeeze and many more, the scorpion sealclubbing, low tier arty toons, farming baddies in the RDF and later the Cent 120 WOLF, 34.000 spotting damage in Chally 2 in PVP, the way we used RELIC's own TS and forum to plan out our "betrayal"... - even though we may not have parted on the best of terms, in the end [SRY] will always remain my one and only clan
  12. Tried it some time ago, and it was... meh? Lots of broken physics, fuckery with graphics settings, and a really long ass grind. The balance also seemed about as good as WoT, which means really really shit. The only other tonk game that had some potential was AW, but that got fucked by Ruskies as well... There's really no good tonk MMO, there's the bad ones, and the really bad ones.
  13. I apologize upfront to all Romanians and Gypsies, but I simply couldn't resist...


  14. >on YT just chilling after work

    >out of the blue, laptop just completely freezes

    >wtfman, have to hard reset it

    >windows update pops up

    >wtfmanx5, all of that shit should be disabled

    >30 mins later find out all of my services.msc are reset to default as well as some other system stuff

    >half of my shit won't work properly now

    @Assassin7 win10 great OS amirite?



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    2. hazzgar
    3. ZXrage


      >try to roll back their crappy updates
      >damn thing soft-bricks on me
      >had to reinstall the OS

      fucking Windows man

    4. MacusFlash


      Windows Update? No, thanks. I prefer rather healthy OS that I may turn off/on any time. 

  15. I shouldn't be allowed to go shopping alone...

    I went to go buy some packaged carbonated water. However, being me, I also bought some other stuff, namely:

    Couple packages of crisps, couple packages of candy, three bottles of champagne and couple cups of pudding.

    The saddest part? I already ate all the pudding, one package of Haribo Gummy-bears and finished one bottle of the champagne. 

    And I regret none of it.

    pls halp

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