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  1. image.png.83b7f68c89fe915c9bd0c224049bcb20.png

    Seems like I still got it lul.

    inb4 dead metric

    1. Tman450


      Ded metric

    2. bjshnog


      Whoever had the idea for WN8 is an idiot.

  2. Yo, haven't been around for a while. How's life? :wub: How shit is the game? :serb:

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      CW/Reward/Premium tanks or gtfo 

    2. EndlessAgony


      lul, so not much has changed then. I heard Murazbadzor is not head of balance anymore, but it seems he was not the [only] problem.

  3. Another Win 10 update, another round of BSODs, broken apps, corrupted data, broken drivers, reset settings, etc... - and a new feature! Flickering Calculator Icon - how cool is that?

    This is what happens when the last competent person left the company a good 5 years ago and you outsource the work to third world high school drop-outs.

    Cheaper != Better

    I'm getting sick and tired of this, I guess it might be time to switch to Linux and just run games on a VM.

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    2. EndlessAgony


      Yes there is, or well - there is for some people. Disabling it through services.msc works only for a couple months, at best. You also need registries edited, edited group policy, blocked IPs of the MS servers, etc. And even that only works for some time, or at least for me - I know when the computer just freezes and there is a buzzing noise coming from the speakers that a Windows Update was forced. And sure enough, when I reboot, it starts installing it right away...

      The only way to really keep your PC clean of the crap is to either be lucky enough to set it up just right for your machine/area, or to never connect the PC to internet...

    3. Haswell


      LTSB is also an option. Security updates only, never half assed features that might be broken.

      Then again, M$ had a history of borked security updates...

    4. Medjed


      Did everything, but blocking their server adresses trough hosts file. It literally re-enables itself(Windows update service) pretty much every other day. It just became a habit  of my own to just check if it is enabled before i shut down my PC and if it is i just disable it again and again. If they think they can outstubborn me they are fucking wrong. Funny thing is i had it enabled and updated my W10 regularly, until one fucked update that wouldn't install no matter what. It would just undo all the changes and kept redownloading and rebboting my PC. It gotten to the point where it pissed me off so i turned it off for good. Never gonna let that piece of shit update again. Next point. Finding and installing LTSB version and hopefully enjoy life again.

  4. Recruiter of the year.


  5. I apologize upfront to all Romanians and Gypsies, but I simply couldn't resist...


  6. >on YT just chilling after work

    >out of the blue, laptop just completely freezes

    >wtfman, have to hard reset it

    >windows update pops up

    >wtfmanx5, all of that shit should be disabled

    >30 mins later find out all of my services.msc are reset to default as well as some other system stuff

    >half of my shit won't work properly now

    @Assassin7 win10 great OS amirite?



    Edited by EndlessAgony
    fuck bill gates
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    2. hazzgar
    3. ZXrage


      >try to roll back their crappy updates
      >damn thing soft-bricks on me
      >had to reinstall the OS

      fucking Windows man

    4. MacusFlash


      Windows Update? No, thanks. I prefer rather healthy OS that I may turn off/on any time. 

  7. I shouldn't be allowed to go shopping alone...

    I went to go buy some packaged carbonated water. However, being me, I also bought some other stuff, namely:

    Couple packages of crisps, couple packages of candy, three bottles of champagne and couple cups of pudding.

    The saddest part? I already ate all the pudding, one package of Haribo Gummy-bears and finished one bottle of the champagne. 

    And I regret none of it.

    pls halp

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    2. Archaic_One
    3. graukatze
    4. Gr1nch_1


      If you need help with the rest of haribos im here for you man :)

  8. I almost posted an embarassing status about my drinking habits, but decided against it. Have some good music instead:


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    2. EndlessAgony


      Hopefully, I'll never see myself being one of them.

    3. Daerlon


      Django rocks.

    4. EndlessAgony


      He's an absolute legend. For a man with only two usable fingers to achieve this level of skill... One of the best guitar players imho.

  9. Not too bad for 30 days spent by mostly grinding tanks, yes?


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    2. NightmareMk9


      which site is that?

    3. mati_14


      I'm pretty sure that's an app, no idea which one tho.


    4. EndlessAgony


      Not an app, website for WoT:Blitz - https://www.blitzstars.com/

  10. I should stop my habit of consuming illegal substances.


    1. orzel286


      > consuming illegal substances


    2. EndlessAgony


      They are tasty tho ;-;

    3. orzel286
  11. I'm so bored I actually started re-watching @MissNurki 's 3 years old videos...

    1. Hellsfog


      I'm so bored I started trying to fix the win rate on tier 3 tanks. 

    2. MissNurki


      I'm so bored I might fucking do the same :happymary:


  12. So, Intel dun goofed, huh?

  13. 10 minutes and the suffering will be over... At least if the train sticks to the schedule. Bye.

    1. EndlessAgony


      Fuck, I missed the train... Gotta wait for bus, fuck fuck fuck

    2. Private_Miros


      One could say your agony is endless.

  14. Yo, in order to keep up with the cliches and faggy words, happy new year - may it be better than the last one, let your health be great, your wallet fatter than your mother, and the amount of fucking to be greater than your appetite for it. :wub:

  15. mfw I listen to such obscure music even the obscure music-based racing game I play does not have them in library despite coming bundled with fairly obscure music by itself and being played by people who in general listen to obscure music so I now get tons of free IRL worthless coins for finding new songs :nyes:

    1. Raj


      sounds.... interesting somewhat.


  16. shitting after eating a couple super hot peppers is literally the worst thing ever.... :QQ:

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    2. Errants


      Gloves help the second issue... judgement helps the first.

    3. Hellsfog


      IBAH is a real thing.  Didn't your Dad tell you?

    4. Fulvin
  17. SRSQSTN: Should I start playing WoT again?

    I see no pros, this is more like a mix of liking all things tonks related and having an "itch" that can only be "scratched" by like three games, one of which is dead (AW), one went to absolute shit a couple months back in regards to economy mostly and is rushing further down the shit-highway in order to selfdestruct in a huge explosion of feces and russian swearwords (WoTB) and the last is WoT.

    There's a ton of cons that I won't name because beating a dead horse gets a bit boring after you do it a couple hundred times and you all already know what they are.

    I've been trying other stuff. Installed EVE only to unistall it right after logging in. Played a couple hours of Warframe, which is fun, but I play it solo, and will continue playing it solo, because I like it more that way. WoWs is too slow and I don't like ships all that much. WoWp is deader than dead, basically AW with better optimisation and with planes. WT is cancer in all forms...

    Fuck, I'm probably going to relapse.


    pls save me...

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    2. Fulcrous


      nightmare modes in warframe are fun solo. So is anything with high level infested. 

    3. Sovereign_M
    4. EndlessAgony


      @Fulcrous yeah, I watched some of the vids of nightmare missions, looked pretty fun and challenging. Hopefully it won't take me too long to work up to that.

  18. Holy shit the WG forum mods are a bunch of annoying fucktards. They deleted my fucking sig because it contained "offensive message" while it was just some random crap from some fucktard who called me "stuphyd rethard" with his name removed so that I wouldn't get shit on for "shaming". I've had it for like four months now, I've interacted with mods and community managers and community contributors and nobody fucking cared, and here comes a fucking fucktard, who got his position two months ago with a shitty avatar with Vito Scaglietta and with an amazing postcount of five as a fucking member of fucking forum management staff and fucking deletes it without even fucking sending me a message first to ask me what the signature is about... I wanted to rage at him hard, but I don't fancy getting a perma yet, so I just called him an idiot and asked him to put my sig to the way it was...



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    2. EndlessAgony


      Yeah, actually just found out the dumb fuckhead somehow broke the signature system so I can't even make one. My signature is empty, but even if I write in one word, it won't let me save it, telling me I can't have more than two lines of text and only one image at max 468x100 resolution.

      Fuck WG, in the ass, with chainsaw...

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      I received a 30 day forum ban for making a post titled "merica" right after t57 recieved its bs HD turret. In the post I had a screen shot of me blocking 5k from tier10 tds and "maximum patriotism"

      WG mods are fun. Probably was some ex military grunt who takes his country too seriously.

    4. hall0


      They removed my signature with the awesome Makarove quote “ARTILLERY IS A GOOD CLASS FOR AUTISTIC PEOPLE” I even linked it to a thread with the same title. The thread is still there but my sig is gone :cri:

  19. famerino made all three episodes, recommend watching all of 'em, first one is best tbh but best scene out of all of them is in second at 4:30 :doge:

  20. I dunno why it is so, but literally every tank MMO atm is pure cancer. WT:GF is AIDS in russian at higher tiers, with lower tiers being barely playable. WoT is still shit after six-seven years of development with all of the old shit still in the game and with new shit added periodically. AW is WoT's retarded stepbrother taht does everything the same way, but somehow manages to make it even worse. WoT:Blitz in last two patches revealed itself as an incestuous child of some abominations (probably CEOs of wargaming nad my.com). That unity clone of WoT for browsers is fucking terrible in every way - in fact, I don't even know if it still exists. Tanki Online is retarded game for retards and that new chinese WoT knock-off replaces arty with helicopters of all things - which is as awesomely retarded and cancerous as it sounds, and it also has prem ammo for gold only.

    Tanks are fucking cursed, famerinos... :cri:

  21. If you like arcade-ish spaceship/spacefighter shooters, or just want to play a decent game no matter the genre, check out Strapoint Gemini 2, it's for free on Steam right now, along with the Origins DLC, and will be until tomorrow (24th 10PM pacific IIRC).

  22. Soo, I see alot of people running around screaming about WoT being kill soon, mind telling me what the hell is going on? Simple words and short sentences only, retarded4today (2tired2think). Are they fucking the PC version in the ass with timers and P2W bullshit like they did with Blitz in the last update, or what?

    1. robosapieo


      They censored people who were calling them out on their horseshit map design and broken P2W prem tanks, which cause a massive media shitstorm, getting people like Jim Sterling involved.

  23. Also, I wrote a long ass post, took me better part o three hours to get it to the state it is in, read it if you have nothing better to do: http://forum.wotblitz.eu/index.php?/topic/40698-update-38/page__pid__585007__st__360#entry585007

  24. This match was frustrating as fuck, stuff dying left and right and me desperately trying to kill everything at once, thank god the enemy Borsig and IS-3 were retarded. Idk how our VK got that much damage because he was textbook useless the whole match, fucking WN8 padding shitter :doge:



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    2. EndlessAgony



      >playing tank game with satellite strikes

      Joke's on you, fam.

    3. datboi


      You have no idea how confused I was looking at this results screen. 

      On a scale of 1 to potato, how trash are average blitz players?

    4. EndlessAgony


      Same as regular WoT, with the added bonus of some mobile/tablet players being unable to turn turret and hull at the same time. On the other hand, the game is really well optimized, so there's pretty much no one playing with sub 30-ish FPS, unlike regular WoT where some retards are happily playing with single digit FPS so it kinda evens out.

      It's hard to compare tho, since Blitz is quite different. The matches are quite fast, and despite the smaller teams, it's harder to carry alone against multiple tanks due to the DPM to HP ratio meaning faster TTK and more open maps which make forcing 1v1/one direction fights much much harder. As a result, the players often behave differently as well.

      Where in WoT pub matches lemming trains almost always ended up in loss, in Blitz they are actualy legit winning strategy, used often to great effect. The game also has only +/- 1 tier MM which means less shitters sitting back and camping, leading to overall more agressive and mobile playstyle.

      So really, it's kinda hard to compare the two playerbases, since the games are quite different, but I definitely like Blitz playerbase more - it's just as retarded as regular WoT one, but your general tard in Blitz is actually at least gonna move out of cap, since there is no arty to defend. :doge:

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