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  1. Once upon a time, quite a few years back - in the faded corner of my personal history - in a time when I was still young and as fucking dumb and ignorant as all kids are, I have vowed to never settle for mundane shit such as socks.

    Today, as a twenty years old, I fucking love the fact I got socks for Christmas, because I am too fucking lazy to go and buy some.

    I have given out phones, expensive liquor, other expensive shit. And it doesn't bother me at all I got socks and some other simple stuff in return. Why? Cause the person who got them for me at least fucking bothered to get me something I could use, instead of stupid shit I would just throw into whatever empty corner.

    Appreciate the thought people put into the shit they get for you, the shit itself is secondary, faggots. Something useful, though cheap, is way better than expensive dust collector.

    Merry Christmas, shitheads.

    Feel free to choke while stuffing your face.

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    2. orzel286


      You can never have enough socks. EVER.

    3. Sabocat


      Especially when they are really nice wool socks that you could never justify getting for yourself.

    4. _Steve


      I want socks too, @Kitten give me some :kappa:

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