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  1. So I bought a laptop.

    It came with Win 10, from the start, I was planning on switching out the hdd with ssd and installing Win7, but since the Win 10 was already installed on it and I don't have the ssd yet, I decided to run with it for a while.

    I was raging 30 seconds after I started it. What the fucking shit is this retarded setup? The amount of retarded shit makes the first run more complicated than registering on Russian scam sites when you win four iPads as the millionth visitor. Absolutely unneeded and retarded shit.

    The settings are retarded, half of the options I want (and were present in previous versions) are missing, I can't disable updates without having to fuck around, can't setup the disc partitions the way I want them because Win10 decided it needs 211 gigs of space for no fucking reason other than to fuck me over.

    The amount of shit set up automatically is retarded, 99% of it is useless and/or should never be allowed to be auto-managed because Microsoft is shit.

    The system is crap, it has shitton of useless crap stickied to it, which can't be disabled other than fucking around in registries and forcing system parts to be disabled all the time.

    It eats a ton of resources, both hardware and network. Either the optimization department was too busy getting fucked up on meth, or it was done on purpose to force people to buy more expensive stuff.

    Or Microsoft is just plain incompetent, which is far more likely.

    Microsoft Edge isn't better than IE. It's worse. It's utter shit. It's fucking terrible and needs to die.

    Win7, here I come...

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    2. AkulaV


      I never said Windows ME and Vista were good. I used Win98SE until Windows 2000. I did use Vista, the biggest issue was it being a resource/memory hog (needed 4GB RAM minimum) and drivers. Windows 7 was just a better tuned Vista with stable drivers. Like I said, Vista (6.0) was basically a beta for Windows 7 (6.1).

      How many gamers complained about upgrading from Win98SE to XP, then eventually loved XP. Then complained going from XP to Vista/Windows 7, now love Windows 7... and don't want to upgrade to Windows 8 or 10?

    3. ADeadMan1


      @EndlessAgony I am not saying that I liked it on my stuff, it pisses my off everytime I try and get things running how I like them on my personal computer, but for some of my clients who are so computer illiterate that me remote controlling their system causes them to sometime break out crosses and holy water, this is a wonderful upgrade for me.

    4. MAJEST1C


      @AkulaV I doubt it would be hardware issues but I wouldnt be surprise if it's the mechanical drive. 

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