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  1. Holy shit the WG forum mods are a bunch of annoying fucktards. They deleted my fucking sig because it contained "offensive message" while it was just some random crap from some fucktard who called me "stuphyd rethard" with his name removed so that I wouldn't get shit on for "shaming". I've had it for like four months now, I've interacted with mods and community managers and community contributors and nobody fucking cared, and here comes a fucking fucktard, who got his position two months ago with a shitty avatar with Vito Scaglietta and with an amazing postcount of five as a fucking member of fucking forum management staff and fucking deletes it without even fucking sending me a message first to ask me what the signature is about... I wanted to rage at him hard, but I don't fancy getting a perma yet, so I just called him an idiot and asked him to put my sig to the way it was...



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    2. EndlessAgony


      Yeah, actually just found out the dumb fuckhead somehow broke the signature system so I can't even make one. My signature is empty, but even if I write in one word, it won't let me save it, telling me I can't have more than two lines of text and only one image at max 468x100 resolution.

      Fuck WG, in the ass, with chainsaw...

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      I received a 30 day forum ban for making a post titled "merica" right after t57 recieved its bs HD turret. In the post I had a screen shot of me blocking 5k from tier10 tds and "maximum patriotism"

      WG mods are fun. Probably was some ex military grunt who takes his country too seriously.

    4. hall0


      They removed my signature with the awesome Makarove quote “ARTILLERY IS A GOOD CLASS FOR AUTISTIC PEOPLE” I even linked it to a thread with the same title. The thread is still there but my sig is gone :cri:

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