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  1. No support at all in pub matches come platoon with me PLEASE!@

    1. Daerlon


      nah ranked is on. It's not fun, but it's on.

  2. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820171741 This SSD is what I am using and it actually works really well, 99$ if your thinking about one get this now!
  3. Titanfall on Origin for 29.99$ worth it?

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    2. EchelonIII
    3. mostlyhybrid


      Yeah, as has been stated, It was a blast for a week or 2, but then you realize that you've essentially done everything the game can offer you.

  4. Playing BF4-add me, belial125

    1. spencer


      priss pray tenks again

  5. WHo wants to platoon? logging in now, I must warn you though I am rusty big time.

    1. oddbare


      Damn. By the time I get home and update you'll be logged. :(

  6. I was on the motorcycle just now pulling into a pub and a big dude in a minivan was pulling into a spot...I darted in and took it...I could see the anger well up but he had his son in the car after little league...MUwhahahaha

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    2. BeLiAL124


      To follow up I am going to tell some children there is no Santa

    3. BeLiAL124


      To be fair I was closer to the spot but I could tell he wanted it lol...

    4. cvshaft
  7. Haven't felt like playing in over a month, who can help me get back into the game?

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    2. PityFool


      I just got back into it yesterday after ~1.5 months

    3. letsgofaster


      Karl hasn't gotten you back into the game already?

    4. MajorStewie


      wait till 9.0?

  8. Out on the motorcycle today I saw a dog pull up next to me driving at a red light and a women laughing hysterically...it was a post office style car lol..I still did a double take.

  9. Just found out my dog has Lyme disease.. :-/

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    2. BeLiAL124


      only good news for him is he takes his pills with peanut butter

    3. oddbare


      Aww pup. Get well pup!

    4. oddbare


      Woof Bark Bark.

  10. 256 GB SSD on sale today for 125$, I put this one in my computer a month ago and it works great, http://www.newegg.com/Special/ShellShocker.aspx?cm_sp=ShellShocker-_-20-171-741-_-03122014_1

  11. Sandisk SSD 128GB shell shocker today. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820171646 65$ free shipping

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    2. tefftorbes


      Eh, it'd be a nice bump for an older laptop.

    3. Folterknecht


      @tefftorbes: yeah put your data on shitty SSD -> hf ... for ~90$ u can get a Samasung EVO 128GB

    4. Folterknecht


      didnt you guys learn anything from that OCZ-desaster?

  12. Was playing in the Asus Bios and set the EZmode to optimal messing around..CPU shot up to 1.28 volts but wasn't that hot..maybe I should try an OC hmmm

    1. BeLiAL124


      I should add normally it was at 1.05V @3.8ghz i7 4770k, if it can run 1.280V without overheating I should try a 4.8 OC heh

  13. Running tier 7 and 9, need a 3rd preferably 60 day blue+..on wotlabs ts

    1. deetz


      Is a mic required?

    2. oddbare


      blurg @ work :/

  14. Check out this SSD on newegg..256 GB sandisk for 130$ free shipping..is it any good? http://www.newegg.com/Special/ShellShocker.aspx?cm_sp=ShellShocker-_-20-171-741-_-02042014_4

    1. #Lunaughty


      Very good, SanDisk makes their own NAND stuff, and dat sweet 19nm is pretty good.

      You can read about it here b4 deciding.


    2. BeLiAL124


      Went ahead and picked one up..if it sucks oh well but hopefully it works good for the price like the reviews I have read.

    3. graukatze


      Picked up one as well, just in time (its $40 up in price again). That was a great deal, thanks for sharing!

  15. Ok I have 9 videos done on my deployments ...now what to do with 9 files over 2 GB..

    1. oddbare


      Send to me for learnings! :D

    2. ViktorKitov


      Use movie maker (Free) and convert them to "HD Display 1080p". Upload to youtube, profit.

    3. BeLiAL124


      Wow it takes forever for my computer to do it using movie maker..is a reduction of 1.5GB to 700MB good or do I need to go more?

  16. Anyone want to join a training room with me, we will take screenshots on every map of initial deployments.

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    2. BeLiAL124


      I also just remembered I have shadowplay on my gtx 770, I think it would save commentary.

    3. BeLiAL124


      If I save them off someone could make them into youtube videos..

    4. BeLiAL124


      Ok I have shadow play working doing a test video now

  17. Woo Gassey Snipers is up to 5 people lol

    1. Double_D2012


      I haven't seen anybody yet lol

    2. EchelonIII


      in fact, it's a gas

  18. My first ever 11,000 WN8 day...50% WR go figure...

    1. VonCurry


      plz nerf Belial

  19. Looking for platoonmates this new years day morning, must be 60 day purple atleast...

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    2. BeLiAL124


      LOL@diatomix, play better

    3. Diatomix


      lol you essentially force me to go to areas i dont normaly go since you and homieslice go where i normally go lol

  20. Chat bans over but I nearly sliced the end of my finger off...so no tanks tonight :-(

    1. orangyvv


      What a coincidence, I bit through my lip today.

    2. Burdenedfungus


      I've done that a few times. It's so annoying

  21. Chat Banned until Sunday night :-(

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    2. Eagle_Peak


      Did it involve vguertyl or one of his butt-buddies?

    3. BeastMode707


      Same here man. And I was trying to be nice and all.

    4. deetz


      @Eagle I believe it has to do with the Failowe codes trolling.

  22. Get off the fackin cap noob

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