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  1. I have been in contact back and forth with support tickets for the past few days, doing pingplotter, WGreport, disabled antivirus, restored vanilla client etc. etc.

    I use a Tmobile unlimited hotspot, but I live on a hill with a tower nearby, 40ms 30-50mbps up 25mbps down.  It isn't fiber but it is very impressive with it's stability, I use a dedicated wifi antenna. (I also have no tower traffic as I live in a cornfield I get all the bandwidth :) )

    Normally I see the occasional lag spike up to 999 and I disconnect, though it is very rare..or a few seconds of lag here and there.

    But the past few weeks my normal 50-60ms latency in game has risen to 80-180 and stutters every second.  I have played on 250ms stable latency in the past(had 1mbps dsl from 2011 to 2016 when I pulled super uni stats with 250ms) I could handle it if packets were consistently being sent and received.  WG is claming the issue is my ISP so I installed a VPN in case I was throttled and the issue was exactly the same only slightly worse because of extra VPN routing...

    What do you guys think?  I know there have been several telia.net posts years ago, but I think the issues are back.  I played fine on this setup for the past year or more, it has slowly degraded the past few weeks during peak hours it is horrible, 3AMt it is playable ish.



    Telia plot.PNG

  2. 15 hours ago, 8at_eNTrOpY said:

    Everything is optional in the Aslain installer.  If you want a barebones installation, choose the "Reset" option on the fourth screen in in the drop down menu. This will uncheck all options and then you can go down the list and choose what you want to install.

    This is what I was missing, didn't realize I was enabling all that by mistake.

    Kudos man

  3. Yea I looked at the Aslains extc...I am trying to get the bare bones XVM..none of the distracting alterations.

    Zoom out mod

    Set Zoom in to X16 max..

    That's it, idk why it's so hard to get the basics, always has been.

    Does anyone have an XVM that doesn't change

    6th sense

    Tank Icons


    I logged in and all my icons were totally jacked up lol


  4. Where do you get your mods now?  I'm looking for Xvm, sniper zoom that I can set X"s manually,  zoom out if it's not banned.

    I can't find anything googlin that looks legit and virus free.



  5. Money isn't a huge issue for this build, the fan I chose is what I use at home and it works just fine so I didn't think I needed a Noctua. I have a Phanteks 14 on my other workstation build.  I see no cooling difference as I will never overclock this computer.

    The power supply being Platinum 760w is overkill, but I know I can put anything my heart desires in trouble free then.

    I am debating upping to 32GB of ram as big parts/toolpaths suck up memory fast.

    I will look at it a bit harder but I will never buy an AMD product, my brother works for Intel lol.

    I have a 770 in my home computer and it runs solidworks perfect with massive assemblies, I would think a 970 or 980 should be good.

  6. So I got a copy of Solidworks to test, all I can say is wow..this software is amazing.


    Taking square to round transitions and projecting them to a flat pattern for the waterjet to cut in one click...can save as dxf and it even color codes the bend lines! :)



    I was able to take a large 3d assembly I made and put it to a factory background and render it in a photo realistic image..pushes the CPU to 100% but renders quickly.

    52C was the hottest I got the CPU with my real world testing.  I'm happy.


    I am running the i7 5960X at the stock clock speeds, this thing's fast!

    I wonder how many FPS this system would get gaming..i'll never know lol it's strictly for work.


    Now all I have to do is learn the ins and outs..then teach my boss everything LOL..

    It's his software but he doesn't have time to learn it all, so I have to teach him. 

  7. I completed the build and it turned out awesome, everything has been running stable so far.  I am not going to do any stress testing because he doesn't want me to.

    The cpu is hovering around 30C idle in a 72 degreeF room with the Phanteks cooler..


    The only thing that raised my eyebrow was the temp of the titan Black during Unigine Valley, 83C

    My GTX 770 runs 60C on valley, but IMO has a lot better cooler with the 3X windforce.


    Valley score was 2900 on ULTRA HD with all setting's to default in the UEFI.  





    I am trying to remember if I need to make any important changes in the UEFI, other than boot priority and getting the ram timings set...?

    I built my pc a year ago a bit fuzzy now..

  8. I discussed the GPU with him and he wanted the Titan.  Honestly if it ends up being the wrong decision changing out a GPU is the easiest thing to do in a PC.



    It's just nuts that from everything I have read the only difference between a Quadro and a Titan is the Titan has far better speccs but they lock some features to force you to buy a quadro...


    And the driver support.

    If it is choppy when rotating parts I will know I need to look at it closer..I have read there are settings in SW that can effect performance if they are not enabled.


    I am just finishing up the build now.

  9. Actually, whats the difference between a Workstation card and a gaming card? What is one doing that the other isnt? Why is this useful work gaming/workstation and not the other?

    I had a look between the Titan listed in the op, and amds top Workstation card (which is $6K NZL, compared to the Titans $1700 or so) and they were practically identical. the AMD card has 250GB/s data transfer rate, and couldn't find the Titans transfer rate


    That's basically what I gathered from researching workstation cards..just over priced for no extra gain.

    I am a professional CAD modeler. I dont use Solidworks just dont like it.

    I run Rhino, T splines, Z brush and am trying to get into 3ds max.

    I use flamingo, and V ray for rendering.

    I also use Gaming PCs for my boxes.

    The trick to CAD is that it is processor and memory intensive not so much Video card. Vid card does handle the rendering but the basic cad work is all math processing.

    Like a game its all about speed. The faster the processor the faster the build

    That's why I chose the badass 8 core intel CPU..I could go Xeon but I am not familiar with them.  I chose 32 GB 2666 ram which is the new DDR4 and should be pretty sweet.  I didn't pick dominator's because they are not low profile.


    I chose the Titan black just to have a GPU on par with the CPU.

  10. what are you doing in SW.



    Dont know a huge amount, but is he really totally fine for 5 years with 480 gbs? At that cost I would not think a normal large HDD would add much.


    Just my 2 cents, maybe he is fine with that amount of storage.

    You name it we do it with Cad.


    The SSD is probably plenty, I could add more storage but I doubt he would use it...not hard to add more if he wants it though.

  11. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Fz2qWZ



    Here is the list I threw together, the goal is to have the system run for the next 5 years minimum.  My boss needs to upgrade from his very very outdated PC and doesn't care about spending some extra money for premium components.  The PC needs to last a long time, and be fast because the one thing he will not be happy with is having to upgrade anytime soon.



    He is currently working with Autocad 2000 an knows it's time to go to new software and 64 bit.  So what do you think of this build?  I know it's a bit insane, but insane is what he wants.



    I don't know if a workstation GPU would be better or not, I have read mixed reviews on them.

  12. This ones 8 foot with some fancy knot work and fancy plaiting (braiding) The outermost layer you see is 16 strands,  it also has a custom concho (the shiny stainless steel bit) I made on my CNC lathe.  


    This one handles perfect and cracks like a rifle.  I am finally starting to consider selling a few of them, they are hard to part with though.  All the rest I have made have been gifts.





















  13. Have you considered making other stuff, like rifle slings or pistol lanyards?

    No kidding, that is miles ahead of most of the stuff I've seen offered.  Really fantastic work.


    Yes I can make slings and other stuff..they are child's play compared to a whip..a whip is a very long process with many parts. 



    And no I don't wear a fedora.

  14. I had a guy in 5th group I served with who claimed these were the best mid ranged hand to hand weapons in the world. Is that right?


    He also said he could cut into 1-2 inches of meat. Not sure if he was exaggerating or not.


    Those are amazing and perfect looking, even though I dont know enough about them.


    The whip does 2 thing's really well.  Make loud cracks and look awesome.


    Fighting weapon?  Maybe if you hold still exactly 9 feet from me and let me whip you...or choke you out with it, it is not a weapon.

    A knife is much more dangerous.


    But yes if your very good you can cut soda cans in half, remember though to cut you have to hit exactly at the tip exactly on target.

  15. S&M fan boi confirmed.

    S&M would be flogger's...these are bullwhips, snakewhips, and stockwhips..do a google search on the difference..


    Really cool whips.  What kind of cord are you using on those?  Where did you learn to make the whips?

    550 paracord, I learned from various places but here are 2 places to start.  I combine aspects from each style..but there is no electric tape in my whips..they are waxed lace, paracord, and leather.

    Bernie the guy in the first link is pretty much the best in the world.  Here is his site, amazing what he does.





    I make them custom to whatever people like, I don't sell them unless someone asks me to make them one specifically.

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