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  1. S&M would be flogger's...these are bullwhips, snakewhips, and stockwhips..do a google search on the difference.. 550 paracord, I learned from various places but here are 2 places to start. I combine aspects from each style..but there is no electric tape in my whips..they are waxed lace, paracord, and leather. Bernie the guy in the first link is pretty much the best in the world. Here is his site, amazing what he does. http://bullwhips.info/ https://www.youtube.com/user/bernie46/videos I make them custom to whatever people like, I don't sell them unless someone asks me to make them one specifically.
  2. I know I have been gone a long time, so what's new guy's? Any new additions worth checking out? I have just been making these for fun, it eats up all my time after work but I love making them
  3. They are just fun to make..if you actually hit someone with one of these whips they would be scarred for life. They are not toys.
  4. This is my 4th whip, it is made of nylon paracord. It cracks like a gun. I am working on a matched set now of stockwhips. another I have made
  5. Build your own, come on your a creative guy. Lexan plastic, standoffs, nuts n bolts, drill..possibilities are endless. Or you could build it into your desk and put some uber fans on to draw air.
  6. Some of my drawings, these were my first attempts after about 10 years..all drawn within the span of a few days. As you can see they get better with each one. Drawing is practice practice PRACTICE Mechanical pencil with no eraser.. Mechanical pencil WITH eraser lol.. Good paper and real pencil & eraser The only part of this drawing I actually finished was the barrel..but I was off to a good start before I got bored.
  7. I believe you are right, the whips are fun to make and are excellent presents IMO What else can you get someone that's handmade and cooler then a whip!
  8. This is not a truly authentic replica obviously because it is not leather but..David Morgan made the whips for the Indiana Jones movies. About 2 dozen were supplied for the films but certain characteristics were the same on each. An 8 inch handle, a 6 strand flat braid wrist loop, and the plaiting and knots as you see. In any case this one is a blast to use.
  9. I finished whip #2 10 foot 16 plait Indiana Jones style. This ones being shipped to Tf15pin
  10. You are almost exactly where I was at when I started. I'm 5,9 158lbs now and pretty ripped. I started losing weight right about the time I created this thread. I dropped from 214 to 158 and it was 100% diet. You can exercise all you want, it does not make you lose weight if you still eat bad. Exercise along with the diet so you are all muscle when done not just skinny. List of some of the things I ate. Baked Chicken, salad with a DRIZZLE of light ranch , steamed vegetables, fruit, skim milk, oatmeal or cereal, some mixed nuts for a small amount of fat. Meals sizes should not be larger then your fist. If your starving eat more vegetables, they have so little fat and sugar that you will be full before you would gain any weight from them. If it helps pre-plan your meals on Sunday bake a sheet of chicken and steam a bunch of veggies, pack it up into dinners for the week and just microwave it then. Eat that for dinner and salad for lunch...breakfast can be whatever you like as long as the fiber/protein/calories outweigh the fat/sugar/carbs. I lost 20 lbs in 3 weeks on this diet and have lost 56 total now.
  11. I showed my sister samples and she liked it better without one. I like them better with though, and my current project will have one.
  12. It takes more then a E50 or T62 to break 4k WN...I guarantee Garbad couldn't hold 5k WN8 even if he gave up on winning and only went for WN in a T62.. He simply isn't consistent enough.
  13. I like the looks of the Kangaroo, when coiled they look like a snake and understanding the craftsmanship that goes into making one. One of the fancy 64 plait whips like Bernie makes take upwards of 200 hours to complete, you have to realize the largest Kangaroo hide is only about a 3 foot circle. So you have to cut these strands out in a circular pattern from about 3/8" thick down to 1/16" x64 times! They then get beveled on the edges so they fit together uniformly and the underside of the strand gets planed to a uniform thickness through a roller with a long blade. As far as cracking them goes, I enjoy making them more. But I can do about 5 different cracks ATM. Here are the ones I know It's incredible that Bernie is willing to share all these secrets but I am glad he does. Oh yea and another neat trick is to crack the whip in a rainstorm, with nylon it doesn't matter if they get wet..but when it cracks it splits the water droplets and makes a big cloud of vaporized water haha! DO NOT GET A LEATHER WHIP WET lol
  14. Yea if making a whip looks too complicated you can always buy one, a good nylon 16 plat is around 230$ and a good Kangaroo 16 plait one is around 550$, if you want one of Bernie's 64 plait masterpieces though it's going to be 3,500+$ lol Most people's first whip turn out pretty bad, so Bernie praising my first try really made me feel good. On of the best Nylon whip makers where you can just buy one, he does all kinds and customization. http://www.cowwhips.com/
  15. So I have always thought whips were cool and I came across this guys videos on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/user/bernie46 His name is Bernie He's been making leather whips for 40+years and is EXTREMELY good at it..check out some of the photos he has, some whips are incredibly intricate with 64 strands making patterns. http://www.bullwhips.info/ http://www.bullwhips.info/bullpics/2661-bullwhip.jpg I exchanged some emails with him and he is willing to help you get going, he wants to keep the art form alive in the next generation. I would like to do a kangaroo whip but it would be a waste of a good hide at this point, I want to get good with para cord first as it is cheaper (about 30$ in materials for a 6 footer) Kangaroo whips are even more involved then para cord because you have to cut your own strands! I showed by younger sister what I was planning to do and she said she wanted me to try to make her one, she chose black and neon purple.. So I ordered the supplies and got to work. This whip is a 6 foot 16 plait (16 strands) with double diamond patterning on the handle transitioning into single diamonds, then finally into herringbone(whipmakers plait) The whip is constructed around a core, an 8 plait belly, a 12 plait belly, and finally a 16 plait overlay (the outermost layer you see below). If your interested in trying to make one for yourself shoot me a pm and I can help you out. This is only my first one, each whip will surely be better then the last. As Bernie from EMbrandswhips says it takes Practice, Patience, Perseverance, and Practice, Practice, Practice. The Heel knot AKA Turks head. The handle pattern and transition with the 2 smaller turks heads. The fall hitch, this area is VERY tight. The completed whip, a whip is measured from the heel knot to the end of the braided portion, which is 6' the overall length is about 9 feet though. Total time to make I would estimate at about 36 hours..an expert whipmaker can do this in about 8-10..
  16. I have achieved super unicum using the razer deathadder.. But honetly any mouse will work well for WOT>
  17. http://www.travelocity.com/Flight-SearchResults?inpPackageType=FLIGHT_ONLY&inpInfants=2&inpArrivalLocationCodes=SDF&inpArrivalLocationCodes=PDX&inpArrivalLocationCodes=MDT&inpFlightClass=3&inpDepartureDates=07%2F20%2F2014&inpDepartureDates=07%2F23%2F2014&inpDepartureDates=07%2F27%2F2014&inpDepartureTimes=362&inpDepartureTimes=362&inpDepartureTimes=362&inpFlightRouteType=3&inpDepartureLocationCodes=MDT&inpDepartureLocationCodes=SDF&inpDepartureLocationCodes=PDX&inpHotelRoomCount=1&inpFlightAirlinePreference=&inpAdultCounts=1&inpIsNonstopOnly=N&inpChildCounts=0&inpSeniorCounts=0&action=FlightSearchResults%40searchFlights&inpRefundableFlightsOnly=OFF&inpSortType=0&inpDepartureLocations=MDT&inpDepartureLocations=SDF&inpDepartureLocations=PDX&inpArrivalLocations=SDF&inpArrivalLocations=PDX&inpArrivalLocations=MDT&inttkn=ww1opCikBy4troy3 LoL 1,100$ I wonder if it would be cheaper to make them all one way instead of multiple destination.
  18. So I want to fly to Kentucky and visit my sister (probably spend 3 days) and then fly to Oregon (spend 3 days) and fly home on the 7th day. I would be leaving from PA. How would you plan a trip like this? I plan on setting a date to leave a month or two from now so I have time to plan. The order in which I reach each destination doesn't matter, but what would be the cheapest way to do this? What airline do you suggest?
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    Cocaine and diet pills
  20. Nice system, soon going to be time for a new GPU ehh?
  21. OK for the 100th time. Yes 1,000W is overkill even for 2 way SLI. BUT think of it this way...you are looking at buying a new truck, the truck is 28,500$ with a little V6, and it is 29,000$ with a V8. Just get the V8 if it's on sale! It's 129.00$ right now....
  22. I just went 30-0 on yankang dam or whatever that map is by sitting in a tank and just watching the island lol ended up getting c4 killed on the last second but the death didn't register haha.
  23. Oh and here is a 4k res gaming build to give you an idea of what it takes. Linus Tech Tips, this guy knows his stuff! As you can see it is extremely expensive to game at 4k right now.
  24. Yea he chose the 1,000W PSU and the case, I kept them the same for him because the power supply is actually a good price for what it is..you can't really get a 750 or 850 for cheaper. I also chose the i7 4770k because it's a tried and proven good CPU...if he really wants to go with the bleeding edge this list would look much different. But spending 6k instead of 2k is really silly for the diminishing returns. You are probably right about the CPU cooler though, I just like the H100i for it's good reputation. Anyways RNG you should by now have a good idea of what parts make up a great PC, you should definitely do research on each component we have suggested so you understand why they were chosen. The more you research now the easier everything will go together. I changed your MOBO to match the Blue case you chose, I care about color schemes but you may not lol..your choice was fine as well. And no the watercooler isn't necessary if you are worried about leaks, there are great air coolers too but they are huge..and usually require low profile ram to clear. Here are some pics from my build which is roughly the same as what I put together for you except you have the best single graphics card out for the money.
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