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  1. You just took all the suggestions in my list and did the opposite lol Here an updated list in blue if you like blue better based on your case choice. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/mWvmFT You switched the SSD for EVO to pro..the pro isn't better but it is a lot more expensive, and the WD black I chose is pretty much the fastest HDD before you get to 10K+ RPM and Velociraptors.
  2. LOL I have been riding about 19 years and i'm only 26, you can ride however you want but if I pay 10,000$ for something i'm going to take care of it.
  3. Really? From my experience white is the easiest color to keep clean lol..black is hardest, I ride hard, but I baby my bikes so they never get dirty or scratched.
  4. Yea I have been looking at the street triple since 2009 when I was buying my Bonneville, I'm hoping to get 6,500 out of it. New roof and new shed, then start payments on a new one. The street triple has been wildly successful and is probably the safest bet, I would probably put bar end mirrors on it. And a steering stable, every sport bike I have ridden can get really squirrly when the front end is off at 100mph. I'm leaning toward the white for 2014..red and grey looks odd on the little accents.
  5. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820171741 This SSD is what I am using and it actually works really well, 99$ if your thinking about one get this now!
  6. 24" is a good sized monitor at 1920x1080, the pixels are small and overall it looks good, I am using a 32" 1920x1080 LED tv, but I sit back about 3 feet and it looks crisp. If you go past that resolution it starts taking a lot more graphics power which would skyrocket the build price. There are quite a few threads on headsets and other peripherals I would check them out. The case is really personal preference except you HAVE to know the GPU clearances, many mid tower cases have removable hard drive cages..you have to keep in mind most GPU are well over 9" The fractal design refin
  7. Yes the 780ti is the way to go and no you don't need to watercool anything unless you plan on serious overclocking. Overclocking play nearly no role in the FPS you see. I did a lot of testing of my i7 4770k at 3.9 Ghz and 4.7 Ghz..I could see no difference in framerates, but my CPU was running hotter at 4.7 which puts undue strain on the chip life for little to no gain. That said, if you are playing at 1920x1080 on a single monitor a GTX 780ti is overkill, a GTX 770 will be more then enough for years to come..the 780 will support playable frames at higher resolutions. And overclocking y
  8. I have 16GB of ram and I have never used more then 5GB while opening several games and trying to force the usage up lol.. I just opened 3 youtube videos, 2 liveleak videos, WOT, Crysis3 and BF4 along with 10 tabs and only saw 5GB usage... IMO 8GB is plenty for years to come...and it's easy to pop in another two 4GB sticks if need be. http://de.pcpartpicker.com/p/4VZGnQ This look better? I really think the PSU is the WRONG place to skimp though..80+ Gold IMO Places not to skimp CPU GPU GPU GPU PSU Everything else can be trimmed though..and you can most likely re-use your old HDD
  9. It sounds like you have already made your case for why an i7 is a better choice for you.
  10. Bar none best choices on a budget http://pcpartpicker.com/p/YsDXvK
  11. Let me start of saying that a Titan+32GB of ram is pointing to video editing, totally overkill for gaming. I'm going to assume you want a KICKASS gaming computer to play on high resolution so here is what smart money gets you. Large enough powerful supply to run 2 GTX 780TI if you really want to game on high res or multiple monitors. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/yv33mG 2,089$ Color scheme can be changed to whatever you like, I can switch in = parts in green, blue etc. You should be able to play on max detail @ 2560x1440 with this build. Figure about 300-700$ extra depending on wha
  12. This is what I came up with..not familiar with EU sites but this should be what your looking for. http://de.pcpartpicker.com/p/dW33mG
  13. http://www.ducati.com/bikes/streetfighter/848/index.do Ducati Streetfighter 848 in red -3,000$ a year for max coverage's insurance Bike is about 13,000$ http://www.triumphmotorcycles.com/bikes/street-triple/2014/street-triple-r-abs Triumph Street Triple R in white-about 1,200$ a year for insurance Bike is about 10,000$ http://www.mvagusta.it/en/motorcycles/brutale-675/ MV Agusta Brutale 675 in grey-1,200$ a year for insurance Bike is about 13,000$ I like the looks of the Agusta and Ducati the best, but they are both quite a bit more money. I know the Street triple is a
  14. Well you would take a performance hit with a single stick because everything it setup to run in dual channel. 2x4+2x4 for 16GB or 8+8/8+8 for 32GB So going with 2x4 your max ram upgrade room would be to 16GB, but 16GB should be about 4 times more then most games use currently lol. I went with 16GB but when monitoring the usage I have never passed 5GB..it is definitely overkill for most people.
  15. OK so with peripherals here is the updated pcpartpicker with all forethought's in mind. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/4RQwkL 1,342$ and will run BF4 over 60 FPS (I get 90 FPS with a comparable build on BF4 multiplayer) I get 80+FPS on max detail on WOT. You "COULD" re-use your hard drive, totally up to you..but I put the SSD in the budget and you will thank me for it. I definitely recommend re-using your DVD optical drive though. If you need a monitor too..this one is very good and cheap. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236175&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&c
  16. Some questions you need to address before making any decisions. 1. What monitor resolution do you currently play at and are you looking to upgrade? 1920x1080 is the minimum, as why have a good computer and stunning graphics just to look at large pixels? 2. Do you need any peripherals added into the budget? MIce, keyboard, headphones/ 3. What games do you plan on playing? 4. Obviously your old computer is not cutting it, but can you save it's hard drive? I recommend replacing everything else unless you already have a few high end components. (which I doubt because box computers usually
  17. Titanfall on Origin for 29.99$ worth it?

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      Yeah, as has been stated, It was a blast for a week or 2, but then you realize that you've essentially done everything the game can offer you.

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  18. I've been doing cereal with 10g of protein and skim in the morning plus a plain greek yogurt, a salad for lunch and maybe some fruit, and half a bag of steamed vegtables+about two playing card sized pieces of chicken for dinner. (sometimes more fruit or another yogurt) Not sure on the calorie count of that but I feel fine and full..and the weight keeps coming off. You probably want more variety then that though, I don't mind it. In the long term do you think those 3 meals are giving me enough of what my body needs to not encounter problems?
  19. Yea I like my deathadder once I got use to it, now it feels like an extension of my fingers. Especially once you have macros for everything and people call hax when anything you do is on full auto hahaha
  20. I'm talking about pulling your legs straight out in front while doing pullups on a 4 4 4 count...do 10 of them and color me impressed lol. Or put 40 lbs in a backpack and try a single pullup. Or use that same backpack and do 50 pushups. I am getting great results doing bodyweight training+diet, like I said 28 lbs in 5 weeks..that's not waterweight Yes if your trying to get huge going in to the gym and doing as much weight as you can for 4 reps is the way to go..but that's def not the bodytype I want.
  21. 28 lbs, lost 2 lbs today working outside in 88 degree heat lol My upper body is starting to look pretty ripped from all the bodyweight exercises..I don't think i'll ever bother with weights again. Only thing I could see using weight for are trap shrugs, but I just use 2 5 gallon buckets full of sand lol
  22. I have been getting off my ass and doing stuff lol, trying a few other games, dating some etc
  23. I got so drunk last night I got 3 numbers and no names with them...and then one of the girls was coming home with me and I left without her. That's when your too drunk..I messed it all up lol And who hasn't woken up in the drivers seat at 6 am with the door open, radio on and raining..and you think your car is knightrider. Yea I really need to stop drinking, and def stop driving if I do.
  24. not at all I didnt let myself go far enough to stretch my stomach skin. i'm 5,10 so far it's 214 to 191, but I look muscular with the bodyweight workouts. I am shooting for 165-170, basically i'll stop wherever I still look healthy and ripped.
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