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  1. Yep what dmc said...if the game is clearly going to be a loss, start farming damage and kills before they overwhelm you.
  2. T34 is also a good earner even without a limited MM, probably the easiest t8 prem to average 70k profit on wins with. Type59 is the most enjoyable imo but unavailable to most. What tanks can you possibly choose from to get back that you may have sold? If jag88 is the most expensive one then it makes sense to get it back.
  3. 1-30 depending on if I lose any...1 or 2 losses and it's rage quit.
  4. Is6 is the best fighter atm, but the best premium would be the type59 as it makes more money not shooting sprem. In 8.6 the is6 will be comical as it won't be able to pen the is6's on the enemy teams.
  5. I'm more impressed by a 1400 average xp tank than a 2,000 Wn7
  6. Really doesn't matter all 3 are important but I'd pick rammer, anything you can do to make the tigers gun faster. Also with 8.6 accuracy will be better so aiming without gld/vents/vertstab should be easier till you can afford them. Or don't be a baddie and run a tank that isn't tricked out.
  7. Great TD I have like 1300 battles in mine. It is viable for city maps but don't count on it to be picked over a e5 or t57 It is actually a 50/50 mix of sniper and brawler for me depending on the map, so you want camo skill+camo net+camo skin With max camo on a map like provorkova? you can fire all 3 shots without even being lit. And on a map like Ruinberg you can get right in peoples faces and blast away. Everything with this tank is situational to the map. Take my advice and train 6th sense then rest repairs or camo first..repair skill has saved me countless times when up close. 68% WR in mine @ about 1,000 games solo in it Look me up in game when you get yours.
  8. Find MaxL_1023 and platoon with him, he will let you know just how awful you are @ tanks. Listen to his ranting while you play and learn from it, he knows what he's doing. Basically recognize your mistakes and stop making them...harder then it sounds
  9. The whining will continue on the regular forum because WG never fixes anything they break. Lets just spread t8 arty around in 8.6 and ruin every tier...
  10. How does one go about becoming a perpel poster? I qualify no?
  11. So this isn't a thick skinned anything goes tangent off of the regular forum?
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