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  1. Uhgg get out. Also what I say after sex
  2. This new patch drop my average FPS with all sliders maxed from 100 to 65 That's pretty crazy when the game looks no better IMO
  3. Ha Haswell ! Glad you got this fixed OOPman, solution is to not buy cheap PSU lol
  4. I agree with everything you said except the part about body weight not being enough to build muscle. I have already had pretty decent muscles from body weight. Obviously you won't look like a bodybuilder but you will be able to look like this. This guy is too skinny but you get the idea, pound for pound this guy is strong as hell.
  5. Rowing is a good full body exercise but I have a herniated disc so idk..
  6. WHo wants to platoon? logging in now, I must warn you though I am rusty big time.

    1. oddbare


      Damn. By the time I get home and update you'll be logged. :(

  7. BeLiAL124


    So I decided it was time to start working out again, I am 5,10 and 205 LBS. right now...5 years ago in college I weighed 175 LBS. I am not really fat, but I am not liking the little double chin that's starting and how big my guts starting to get lol. Normally when I walk into a bar at least 1! girl looks at me, now ehhh it's a lot more rare. (girls are more vain then guys) So you have seen my motivation (mostly women) and here is what I am doing to make it happen. My target weight is 170 LBS. but with muscle not skinny..I made a pullup bar and hung it in my basement..I am doing chinups and wide grip pullups...and working in leg 90 degree pullups etc..around 10 different ones. I am also doing pushups and jackknifes..and holding feet up 6 inches for 30 seconds etc.. I will start handstand pushups after I lose a few pounds. I am running, but I need better shoes..I get really bad shin splints when I run though. I think it's either my shoes or how i'm landing on my feet. I tried biking but it's too easy..didn't get my heart rate up to burn fat IMO. Swimming would be ideal but it's too cold out. Diet-I am going to try to eat nothing but salad, steak, chicken, and fruit. I'm going to see what kind of progress I can get in 30 day's of doing this hardcore. I did wrestle growing up so I know how to cut weight..but I am trying to get ripped. So what do you do to keep in shape, and how do you stay motivated?
  8. Hey come on i'm the one that finally MADE him do the drivers lol...
  9. You know you could build a box that weighs whatever you want...I am offering solutions and it sounds like you've made up your mind there are none. Buy a lighter case? Build one out of carbon fiber? Replace your components with lighter ones? Go mini? DIY your current case...use your imagination?
  10. Like I said just tap into the bottom sheet metal and screw up through, you could even make little spacers and clip them together. Plastic can weigh as much as you want the thinner you go the lighter obviously and some plastics are denser then others. http://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-plastic-sheets/=rkhruv Take your pick..you could call them and ask them for a weight..mcmaster carr is a EXCELLENT manufacturing supplier. And if your worried about the contents being broken consider this for traveling. You could build or buy the container people carry musical instruments in..and custom cut the foam so the PC fits inside like a baby.
  11. It's pulling, it just looks better and in testing it performed the same as pushing.
  12. Start doing some DIY mount your HDD's vertically or horizontally straight to the case...drill and tap then thread in from the outside. Cut out the 5.25" bays and switch to USB for everything. I am a machinist and I can weld/fab/waterjet shit so that probably sounds intimidating to someone who doesn't do that lol.. But it's easy get yourself a small dremel with a little cuttoff wheel. A drill and drill chart+a tap. Get some sheets of lexan plastic and replace both side covers, drill holes in it for air. Or if you care about looks build one of these. But put in a R9 290x2
  13. I aint ever gonna shave my beard
  14. Here is my rig, cell phone pics Code name: Knightrider Sponsored by Heinz Ketchup..jk http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3bI0x i7 4770k running 4.5 Ghz @ 1.2V-average WOT FPS 100 with all details set to maximum with a single GTX 770 More pictures, yes I'll save you load time with a spoiler. .
  15. ErrmahGod Bulldog that looks like Hilary Clinton's bush.
  16. Basically if nobody goes center you better go center. If someone else goes that way that is somewhat competent head into town and out peeka boom people.
  17. My one chat ban came from the in garage chat when I mentioned VK7201 codes lol.. I think I said "I'm pretty sure the codes are legit" and got 3 days.. But I poked the bear, they are sick of the code joke. They DO monitor that!
  18. My 4770k+212 Evo running BF4 which I consider normal load* is 53 C Thats @ 4.5 ghz and 1.2V And Navy a lot of the higher end coolers are literally twice the width of the EVO lol
  19. Automatic Setting 1.264V -> 228 W and slowly climbing with the temperature of the CPU Offset/VCore CPUz -0.1V / 1.160V -> 200 W Offset/VCore CPUz -0.15V / 1.104V -> 189 W Now depending on where you live and what you pay for energy, you can even safe some bucks by lowering your VCore beside the other benefits. Good topic but I have to say something about your use of the word safe, I am not a grammar nazi...and I know English isn't your first language. When you are saying you want to spend less money you say save. When you are saying something is not risky you say it is safe. Was just bothering me, carry on lol
  20. My names Mel Gibson and I called a female cop sugartitts. They gave me 3 nights in jail and a DUI. I do this kind of stuff all the time because I'm a raging alcoholic. The police are pig's for locking me up now since they let me get away with it for years. My stance on people that wine about mods^
  21. Yes so why are you complaining? I have seen you spout off in every match I have ever been in with you lol... You need to disable chat for your own good.
  22. Garbad has stated repeatedly he does poorly at low tiers (at least he did back in the official forums so that could change as the information is out of date), MANY claim to stay away from the chaos of low tiers, not for the lack of will to seal club but because they don't like "clown cars". There is a vast difference of how to carry at low tiers vs higher ones: you can not afford to play passively as the tide of brand new players advance without you to their deaths. Simply put, if the OP was a word problem on any test the answer is clear: Not enough information is given. I am not bashing the OP, calling it a troll post, or anything. I am still more surprised that on a site billed as the brainy alternative to the official forum in a sub forum called META gaming which implies thinking about the game on an additional level it took 300 posts to actually analyze the OP for what it was without assuming additional information. Further, I am disheartened over the reaction of my responses in this thread. Neg vote me all you want, I am not sorry for actually thinking about the scenario and what it could imply. I gave you an upboat and I will upboat 9 more of your posts to offset the rest. I only use my negs for people like xsenation that are narcs. Or Solumon because he is Solumon
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