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  1. I'll wait till it goes F2P and they patch any bugs out lol Morrowind was my favorite game ever, they have all been downhill since. Skyrim I think I beat in like 19 hours...morrowind I played 30 days and didn't shower enough.
  2. Morrowind on Xbox years ago.. Back of a shrine somewhere and you pick up a sweet looking sword, foolish mortal how dare you hold this weapon yadda yadda...that's neat. You turn to leave and halfway through the room and WAMMM out jumps a baddie that scares the shit out of you lol! I loved that game, I played it for a month straight. No other game has had me enveloped like it.
  3. Ehh sounds like a good place to own a motorcycle, it snows 4 months out of the year here. I just need to travel someday and see for myself.
  4. I always start by checking for malware/viruses on my computer The next thing I do is check the drivers, they can be shit. Don't ask me why they would release bad software but they do. And it is a quick thing to try. Memory is the next thing I check as it is probably the #2 cause of problems. If it is none of those issues it's likely hardware related, and I start testing the components individually.
  5. Mostly the 3rd world characteristics. But it would be nuts to have the kind of animals you have. Where I live you might see some deer lol. Africa has a hundred different animals that will eat you haha But in Cape Town you probably never see them.
  6. Yea I think you found the smartest choice. So South Africa..what's that like? It doesn't sound like a very fun place to live.
  7. For the money the SV650 is the best sport bike on the market. It might be too slow for Matt Miladin? spelling? But for any of us, nope your just going to die lol.. Anyone can do 185MPH down the highway on their CBR 1000 but can they ride 120 feet on the front wheel or wheelie around turns, drag a knee left AND right..you get the point. I see way to many people on sportbikes that should have started on something slower and learned control.
  8. Seasonic is really the best IMO, but Corsair should be pretty safe if you get 80+gold I got my 80+ gold 650W seasonic for 90$ normally it is 139$ Time is your friend, if you watch prices for 1 week on components and track the lows and highs using the graph on PCPartpicker.com you usually save a lot! http://www.comx-computers.co.za/SSR-550RM-Seasonic-G-series-550W-Power-Supply-Buy-p-85548.php 5 year warranty. I think this is a good South Africa pc sight?^^^^ 1210 RAND? = 115$
  9. I worked in a grocery store for a little while and I use to set up lists of stuff we had to find like supermarket sweep. Best played on a slow day...lol
  10. I was expecting to see a pic of garbads epeen at various states of arousal... Lifes full of dissapointment
  11. Then you know they are not slow. I had my brother's doing 140 MPH in no time, impressed me. And you can drag a knee on it easily.
  12. Trevorton PA about 20 miles from my house..some pretty serious climbs in this coal region. People take sand rails and dune buggies and climb them too. I stayed away from this place because it's a death trap, you climb straight up the hills and crest and then it's usually 300 feet straight back down if you don't get stopped. Cameras never show how steep hills really are. My cousin is a quadriplegic from a crash there.
  13. I was on the motorcycle just now pulling into a pub and a big dude in a minivan was pulling into a spot...I darted in and took it...I could see the anger well up but he had his son in the car after little league...MUwhahahaha

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      To follow up I am going to tell some children there is no Santa

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      To be fair I was closer to the spot but I could tell he wanted it lol...

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  14. You can log more miles on a BMW then just about any other. So you want badass looking and fast..well this one is both and has a more upright riding position. http://ducati.com/bikes/monster/1200_s/index.do I like to ride fast..but it is not fair to other's on the road. So if and when I get my Street TripleR I am going to try to take it easy lol... The Bonneville at least keeps me under 110 MPH...around turns.. Also have you ever looked at the Suzuki SV650 and SV1000? They are awesome bikes, my brother has a SV650 and it's plenty for everything except real racing.
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    Warthunder looks fun with this <iframe width="1280" height="720" src="http://www.liveleak.com/ll_embed?f=ccfd0f975c42" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  16. New vs. just dropped here is snip from the update page in my GEforcexperience • Adds native 1920 × 1200 capture It's not 2560x1440 but meh..I don't use that resolution anyway. R9 and GTX 700 are pretty damn close AMD and Intel, Intel wins no contest.
  17. Have to looked at a Street Triple? The 675 is much more agile and still faster then anyone needs to go lol. I don't like the looks of the superduke. All the bikes you listed are expensive even used..I always buy brand new but if your on a budget honda/suzuki/yamaha...make good bikes and they aren't ridiculously priced. But if you are buying this bike for comfort and to commute have you looked at these? http://www.bmwmotorcycles.com/us/en/index.html BMW makes excellent touring bikes. I have a Triumph Bonneville T-100 and I love it but my back hurts after 250 miles (herniated disc). If I was buying another bike which I may be soon, I am getting a Street Triple.
  18. Broke 6,000 views I want the same deal as the gangnam style guy now
  19. Yea I agree with that, Isle of Man they are running 170 MPH and if they mess up it's 50/50 depending on WHAT they hit. Same reason it is dangerous to speed on the road..gaurdrails and such will decapitate you and tears your limbs off.
  20. Yea the leader actually missed a checkpoint so 2nd place won. Jonny Walker won, here he is making a little course that's crashing everyone look like he's riding around town.
  21. Travis Pastrana has done every extreme sport out there, he says this is the hardest race he has ever done. He took a nap during it lol Isle of man is fuckin insane too, that is def. the most dangerous race. But seriously Erzburg is the hardest race, I can tell none of you have ridden a dirtbike like this or you would understand how good these guys are that do finish. Even the great riders like Ricky Carm, James Stewart would probably DNF. I guarantee they could finish Dakar. They don't even get to practice for this race it is a functioning mine the rest of the year. And Isle of man is is more about memorizing the track, I could make it around Isle of Man at speed after a few hours of practice. I'm good on a bike, better then 90% of riders but I still think I would have to pick my bike up on my back and carry it through a lot of the sections.
  22. Once you have the latest driver download unigine valley free version and let the benchmark run..it should induce a bsod if it's going to happen. It's safe don't worry. Also before starting the benchmark start a full system scan of your pc..that should kick your cpu up to 50%+ and your gpu to 100% A quick makeshift stress test that won't harm your PC! http://unigine.com/products/valley/ I am not recommending a real stress test because I don't know how good your cooling is. If it makes it through a half hour of that cross your fingers and hope you never see another.
  23. If that is the problem I am going to smack your across the internet..lol I hope it is because it's an easy fix.
  24. Well one way to compare it is the planes all finish the race The Dakar is probably close to as exhausting, you really have to be on a bike to get the full body exhaustion like these races. Dakar isn't even close to as technical though. I wrestled and raced motocross and they were nearly=in exhaustion. Except on a dirtbike your hanging on with your pinkies flying 120 feet through the air by the end lol. Watch the Erzburg race and then tell me..lol
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