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  1. You seem to have trouble comprehending that I have and run my own clan. We all get along fine so reality is I just dislike twats like you.
  2. Better than your shiitery Like WTF are you and Tan dating or some shit?
  3. Never mentioned Purple in tier 10 douche bag. Talking about my experiences on SEA, don't care about NA. Was in FURY at the time who use to be ok. Fact is there were SFA good clans and really not that many clans fielding full teams of tier 10's. And from memory wasn't it 10 vs 10? So prior to Seasons starting there really was a markedly less amount of active CW players. ADA sure aint a claim to fame. What happened in CRAZY was as retarded as you are. Have I mentioned Campaigns? Maybe label yourself as a Moron. I've never spent gold retraining cr
  4. But with season 1 and 2 I wonder how many really left tier 10 to go to the lower tiers. Clans I was in back then had a hell of a lot of new players and few tier 8's let alone tier 10's. I suspect overall CW participation sky-rocketed with season 1 and 2 due to the availability of tier 6/8/10. I know as a player/organiser that period was my most active.
  5. Actually you pathetic fuckwit maybe you should look how this server grew. I joined the game around 4 years ago, CW was nothing, pretty much just a bit of fun from memory. My first CW back then was 3 vs 6 me being in a tier 8 (NOT A 10) but it was a tier 10 game (only thing available). So lower tiers had a use. This continued for 6/12 months. Hell I even used a T50-2 in one (a tier 6). Then tier 10 got intense for awhile till the VN cheaters fucked us over. Then came seasons, 5 of them with tier 6/8/10. First 2 were great. Went down hill from there thanks to retards like you havi
  6. Where is it written that it's designed for end game content? Game is developed for users be they tier 6 /8/10. When it was season 1/2 it worked for all and was fun. But don't let fucking logic hit you in the head AdrianK when you have no fucking idea what's going on.
  7. Next season announced. All shit so fail. Congrats on yelling the loudest tier 10 clans... Slow clap.
  8. When Season 1 and 2 were around tier 6/8/10 were VERY active and enjoyable. Only issue was VN clans dominating 10's inc using chip spam. Some of the issues should not be issues any more due to rules all understand now and enforcement. What was good about both seasons was lots of battles, gold, good competition and using diplomacy. Now all that is gone leaving us with a shell of that past. With the scraping of tier 6 maybe they should relax the ruling for tier 8 allowing tier 6 and above to play in it. My early CW were tier 10 but I used a WZ-132 and T50-2 in them and they were affect
  9. Not after a good idea for WG, after sustainable CW enjoyment for the majority. Well tier 6 gone now, lets see how 8/10 fare,
  10. Tanitha, moderators... fuck anyone who can affect this server... First off.. Are you just trying to end CW on this server? Too hard to keep it going while raking in money whether it's going or not? Ranked battles dragged on then a fucking 3 week break for CW? So like 2 months between any CW ? And while nothing was going on you remove the popular CW option (tier 6), what a fucking bunch of idiots. If you had had half a brain you would have ditched tier 10... but I guess you had to listen to the idiots with the loudest voices. Why my rant. Yet again we sit here waiting for a patch
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