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  1. So my first 10 or so games in the 140 are going absolutely terrible, i can tell its a great platform but I have deffinately been having a bit of shit luck and I really still suck so thats no help. Been 1hko from full hp by arty 4/10 games 3x on the move at 50kph and the ground seems to be a  magnet for my fully aimed shots. I am going to put a ton of games in this thing because I want 2 git gud.

  2. AMX M4 49: 4 Lowe: 28+1 = 29 Side scrape / hull down monster T26e5: 41-3=38 When in my Lowe this tank rarely gives me any trouble. Literally more scared of arty than any other T8 tank I run into.
  3. Dammit the top 3 are prems I dont have :/ and I need heavy crew grinders for FR and GR must resist urge to give WG more $$$..
  4. Always being Top tier is my incentive for playing Tier X, also Because it IS where the best players hover. I learn best by playing with and against great players.
  5. I feel way more confident after watching great players on twitch and youtube. I have learned a ton from Anfield and Zeven. Their distinct play styles are quite different, Anfield is the super aggressive fearless type and zeven being tactical and calculated. I have seen a significant rise in my skill (still shit) and confidence just having knowledge regardless of the tank I play.
  6. Have a decision coming up in 1.5mil credits, Obj. 140, 50b, 50/51, e50m. Which would you choose first? 

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    2. Dangalang_time


      I have the 110e5 already for armored combat, and im 20kxp from the 113. As for auto loaders I really enjoy them but I feel I may complete the 140 so I can learn the high speed AAA dpm RU playstyle. 

      Honestly I'm trying to fill out my roster for Clan activities in the future. I've never been In an active clan before so I'll probably join the minions to learn once I get the time.

    3. Assassin7


      nah, I have 400 games in the TVP and its still great fun

    4. Kitten


      140 or TVP. 50b is good too, but not sure you want to play that in this meta. E50m is a sack of bollocks.

  7. I just need the credits to buy this ole girl, are there any significant changes to the 140 with HD model ?
  8. The same with Foch and Circon, I sometimes wonder why they keep playing with how much complaining they do( besides being an income via twitch). I'm sure playing games for a living gets old if you aren't a variety streamer like soda or lyric , but Maybe it's their venting that keeps them from finally having a breakdown. Either way I think Foch's freakouts and rants are hilarious.
  9. @DirtyACE7 I'm the same way, when somthing goes wrong in games I vocally out burst and feel better then get back to try harding. IRL I normally bottle rage in and just deal with shit. It's nice to have an outlet.
  10. M4A1 Revalorisé: 14AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 36 LÖWE: 39T26E5 (Patriot): 37Skorpion G: 20 STA-2 14M46 KR: 20 +1 =21 what is there to say, its the credit printing clone of a very strong T8. 112: 23Pz. 58 Mutz: 8T26E4: 7 - 3 =4 Too slow and easily outplayed, meh penetration (like IS-6 ) even with pref MM its feeling powercreeped. Type 59: 4 sorry phone doesn't let me (or I dont know how to on it )bold or italicize text.
  11. With the incoming buffs to the MAUS , this guide may be even more viable. Better armor and better gun ..nice
  12. I have been using the Razor Naga Epic for the last 4 years and its as nice as ever. It comes with adjustable weight plates to make it heavy as lead or light as a feather. Also adjustable pinky and ring finger grips for large or petite dickbeaters alike . It is extremely durable, I have 2 great danes that have been tail whiping it off the desk at least weekly for the last 2 years. Will buy another when this one shits out.
  13. Undertale Hoping the apocalypse won't happen and we will all still be able to play games and hangout here throughout 2017. Also maybe to get little better at tanks.
  14. these games and their successors pretty much sum up my gaming life as a kid and teenager I feel they took that epic intro from GT 1 and nailed it in GT3, it was a truly revolutionary game when it released on ps2 not detracting from GT 1 at all I was still playing my Super Nintendo when ps1 came out. Also Lenny Kravits <3 and the rest of the sound track was AMAZING I Spent hundreds of hours on this with my father trying to 100% everything the game had.
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