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  1. Um so.... Seems WotLabs stats are broken. lol

  2. As much as people hate on the 103 i'd say its comparable to the E50. It's only draw back is it can't town fight, and it seems to get focused by arty over other heavy's.
  3. Russian side armor just gets more, and more fun.
  4. I agree with @Snoregasm2 It's not a matter of team getting worse. I think it's more of significantly better players come out, and are often in toons.
  5. 50 100. With out a doubt. If you get two, or three people that work very well together. 50 100's will do great. A consistent fire med would work well aswell. Something with higher dpm, and a short reload. It would need to be alittle more mobile then the 50 100's, but not so much so it's getting its self stuck in before the 50 100's can even get there let alone aim. Pershing, or STA. Best bet would still be full 50 100 toon. By the way. If you're looking for a 50 100 toon mate. I'm all for it. I do fairly well in my 50 100. Yesterday I averaged 2.5k dmg a game. I think I only had some 20-30 games though.
  6. Sure. Send me an invite in game. I'm not playing anymore today. I'll be on tomorrow though.
  7. 1) The TD spot at spawn can shoot straight through the town. 2) I love they are trying to give heavy's a spot to brawl in while making at as arty safe as possible. 3) Town is shit. I really don't know what that side of the map is built for?
  8. Jr_Jr

    What a lucky game

    He had a bad game, and I gave him bad advise in the match. He is a solid player all around.
  9. http://wotreplays.com/site/2692024#himmelsdorf-jr_jr-e_25 The Tiger1 bounced. Twice.... The Cromwell, and jgpz Who needs HP anyways.
  10. Finally 3 marked my M41 90 GF :D

  11. Well i'v been excelling early on around 10am to 3pm, but ill go on to play depending on how well I do from there till 10-11pm-ish (I have alot of time on my hands while I wait for basic.) I only play the M41-90 though. Maybe a sprinkle of another tank, but I do 30-50 games in the 41 90 a day. So I wonder if i'm just dropping significantly after 5 hours, or if the meta of lights changes.
  12. Alright so.

    Rudy bundle?


    Super P?

    I need gold pretty bad, and the crew would be nice.


    Super P


    The T-34-85 is my favorite tier 6, and if i'm in tier 6 it is in that.


    Super P



    1. Lockhart77


      Rudy is more fun IMO

    2. Siimcy


      APCR SP is bae. :doge: Rudy is also great. Get both. :doge:

  13. So I don't know if it's me, or something that is worth looking into here. So I do between 3k to 4k avrg wn8 in the morning before 3-4 pm-ish. (CST) But drop significantly to about 2k avrg in the afternoon. This is a small sample size of the past week in only m41 90 GF. Now the way im seeing this is.... I'm either getting warn out after "X" amount of hours of play. OR There is a play/meta difference after people start getting home that i'm not used too. OR (The least likely.) The player skill drops fairly significantly. So much so teams go from constant 50/50 to more 30/70. I don't know really. I would love to know the the answer, but i'm just speculating here.
  14. So what will happen when they add values for the M41 90 GF?


    Will the stats of all 300 games be added at once, or are those games lost to the bowels of wn8 past.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Gandaran


      @RichardNixon I played a tier 10 game. now my average tier is 10 for those games. I think its also counting my 4202 dpg for tier 10 expected, RIP Wn8.

    3. RichardNixon


      Yes, that's why I suggested playing a low tier tank :P

      WoTLabs missing-tanks method confirmed though. Thx for testing.

    4. Gandaran


      npnp, always down to help.

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