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  1. So it is! Fantastic! 'The Curious Case of the Missing Tank' is solved Holmes (Never)
  2. Thank you very much for your reply's guys. I suppose all I need is to cross reference and discover if anybody else with the 'Liberte' version of the tank has it showing up in their WOTLabs WN8 tanks directory. I'll tell you that I've scanned my list starting with 'A', then 'M', then 'L' and any other variation possible of the name time after time, and I'm going to stop right now because it's still not there!
  3. Well OK, I guess the simplicity of the question masked the issue, I'm not asking why my WN8 values aren't updated for the Liberte, I'm asking why they aren't there at all. I do not have an AMX M4 mle.49 or AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberte according to WN8 stats in Wotlabs, but I do have a blank space (showing a ?) with all my stats for the tank in Noobmeter. But WN8 is recording something somewhere or the total battle count wouldn't match, so do the stats for the tank disappear into the ether apart from number of battles played with it? So a simple question, not in any way related to agonising over stat
  4. Hi guys, I've just done a forum search to see why, no matter how hard I look, my Liberte isn't showing up in my WN8 stats, and as I found nothing thought I'd ask here. My total battle count is correct in WN8, also Noobmeter shows my Liberte has 42 games and 54% WR (although the name of the tank is still blanked out), but nothing in WN8? Later tanks are included, the Swedish tanks, the Patriot, etc. so is the Liberte late to be included in WN8 for some reason?
  5. Hello to you all, I'm a newbie to the forum! I've been playing WOT since last September and after a pretty disastrous start scraping along the bottom for 1000 games I'm now looking to get better, so far I'm a pale puke green but one day who knows, I may turn dark green! I can see at a lot of my own faults already, buying too many tanks, being impetuous, everybody drives to one flank and I drive to the other.......etc. But I'm a hard worker and like to think I do think about the game rather than just playing it, often its fun, often it's serious effort to push a skill of improve in a parti
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