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  1. My average team these days, They camped the 0 line in Malinovka...


    1. TheMarine0341


      Only 1 Skorpion? Lucky

    2. celciusF


      opposing team had 3

  2. Finally I reached a 50% winrate :)wJ9XYJM.jpg

    1. Snoregasm2


      In before 6 loss streak in a row to start the weekend  :serb:

    2. RC_Tank


      Nice, keep it up :)

  3. yay, I've been featured in "Why You Heff To Be Mad 2" by The Might Jingles

    (I am the_one_that_got_away from the 1st clip)

  4. I just updated my client to I also tried updating my XVM mod, only when I start up the game right now I get stuck in for what seems to be an infinite time on "synchronising discounts" and am unable to play the game, anybody that knows whats up? http://oi67.tinypic.com/4jub6a.jpg

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    2. celciusF


      Thnx for the reply, I guess I'll just have to move my crews myself again. :eww:

    3. Folterknecht
    4. My_Little_Pwny


      It's a bug with auto equipment or auto crew change in the garage. Disabling these mods worked for me

  5. I have some trouble getting wins in the batchat, in 20 battles I have a winrate of 30% :cri:
    My wn8 in the tank over those 20 battles however is 1,396 which is "above average". The winrate however is very very very bad.
    Is this just sheer misfortune with the MM over such small sample seize? Because the winrate and wn8 don't seem to be matching very good.
    Most likely I am also part of the problem, so if anybody wants to take a look at my replays I can post a link in a reply.

    1. RichardNixon


      The average recent WN8 for tier 10 is actually around 1600, so you wouldn't expect a good winrate with 1400. 30% is just sample size though, unless you're hiding until the game is over.

  6. Me and my platoonmate get constant 999ping, we get people in chat saying the same, this is both in eu 1 and eu 2, anybody else with same problem?

    1. HabNab


      EU2 is borked. Was watching Circon teleport forward hundreds of meters in lag spikes.

    2. BlackAdder


      check for background shit like ViberPC, i had that problem. (and connection was above average). Just sayin'. 

  7. apparently these days you are a bot when you retreat from a losing flank and bush hop to try and keep the enemy spotted for the TD's that didn't even move 100m.

    1. Jug0sLovEn


      Wasnt that always the case?

    2. celciusF


      maybem, but it's the first time I get called out for it...

  8. That is what I call a close call.


  9. *beep* the lorr. 40t

    Researched: Bat.-Châtillon 25 t researched. Undistributed experience spent: 0. Free Experience spent: 200.000. 

  10. I am surprised it weren't 12 tanks camping behind the same rock....


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    2. MAJEST1C


      It's worth the ban 

    3. celciusF


      if I was in an American skycancer I would have seen how many I could have splashed

    4. Medjed


      You should just splash them all. Afaik splash doesn't count as team damage or at least has way higher treshold before you get banned because WG, you know. It's not like arty is broken enough they also lowered the punishment for their idiotic splash so stupid arty fags wouldn't get banned all the time while trying to shoot enemy tank while their teammate is facehugging it. Edit: Didn't see you were in that 304 piece of shit that doesn't have any splash :D

  11. Had a 0 dmg, 6.6k assit game, team camped K line 90% of the time (Fiery Salient). (is that a 0 wn8 game btw? xD)


    1. Shade421


      Yup, pretty much. WN8 has so little to do with winning it's almost funny.

    2. MAJEST1C


      Or spotting 

    3. SZXT77


      closer to 145

  12. sometimes I really hate pubbies... 


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