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  1. Just to clarify, all KAC'ers are cock sucking cunt stains, yea? Cause he also identifies Mick as a Faggot and fuckstain, I'm just making sure I set my goals up correctly. I don't want to be labelled one when I really want to be labelled something different. Or is the goal to get all three? And Asshat still trumps CSCS? Or should I be trying for a quaddie? So much yet to achieve, so little enthusiasm to do it.
  2. I was leaving it open to interpretation, figured most here would know that comment was dripping with sarcasm.
  3. I was a little curious as to why there hasn't been more murmurings on the whole P_C fiasco myself, but then realised I really don't care either way. It'd be nice if they would open up bidding on the UK tank for plebs that couldn't be assed to go into the campaign, but then that'd be sending the wrong message to their gaming public.
  4. Adrian I'd cancel it and just leave it on a holiday. Tanks does seem to be getting better. Plus we all have tilt. I've been (stupidly) playing on HK wit hthe increased lag because I've been too stubborn to play on ANZ. With the new MM changes, ANZ is actually pretty good to play on. Keep the account, just go on holiday.
  5. The new MM tweaks have made it a lot more bearable. Not seeing anywhere near as many tier 10 games in an eight on the ANZ, and almost always top in a tier 8 on HK. Limited sample size of course, but I think there's a positive MM change at the moment. Suggest not deleting the account unless it's too late.
  6. Yea seems so. I think I may have read a notice somewhere but didn't give it too much attention.
  7. Shouldn't be too hard. Most of the server simply doesn't give a shit what comes up on the forums. Sure as hell KAC won't budge from our meh position. We turtle it like a boss.
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