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  1. No idea where this came from but @Ezz you're famous!
  2. Haven't bothered to look in other threads, is the Stats part of WoTLabs borked? Can't look up any of my recents atm
  3. Few decent games out there Second was 8.5k combined or something like that
  4. Recommending clans he's been kicked from is playing nice? Murazor being demoted tho, might get some semblance of balance soon
  5. I used to give the 263 shit, saying it wasn't as good as it seems, turns out the armor is not too bad
  6. Gave Maus another try, seems it's still good. Also Ezz in arty.
  7. Whats the best way to learn new positions in 1.0, by playing the sanic tank and never stopping.