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  1. xLosTsouLx


    That is a great idea Macus. I have the LT-432 and the T-100 and the T-49. No Sheridan yet. But close to the xp. If you would like to go WV hunting hit me up on wot. We can tune and make them regret entering the battle. muahhhh
  2. xLosTsouLx


    I was murdering Wheeled vehicles with HE last night. Its so cool to watch them flip end over end with a solid hit. I am going to make a career of hunting down WV with my LT. Thank you for the easy prey WG
  3. xLosTsouLx


    For the highest Dpm. I ran VS, Optics, Rammer, With food. Working on getting BIA.
  4. Thank you so much for the video. This is my thoughts before watching the video. I feel that SS is not the best pick to help my team in my T92, I think that if I can keep the Reds spotted for 2 extra seconds that can help my team get shoots on them. And help win the match. I used gold and retrained my gunner from SS to DT.
  5. Very good point on my T49, Ezz. thank you for the reply.
  6. Good day fellow Tankers. I use the T92 as a trainer and money maker. I have a question about training my crew. ATM I am @ 95% on my fourth skill. The only crew member I am curious about is the gunner, right now I have snap shoot at 95% bbut thinking I should retrain to DT. I believen that skill would be more useful to my team then SS. I would love to hear you guys opinion Thank you for your time and help. Happy Hunting
  7. I stopped my grind on the T 10.right after I unlocked the 7. I might have to think about added the 7. Loved the T 10. I will not sell her. She has been collecting dust in the garage for a while
  8. Oh well, When I first heard the news of a Soviet Premium LT. I was excited about the news. I had planned to get it once I get back home from work. But after seeing the stats and reading this discussion. I will just keep my cash in my pocket. Maybe and a BIG maybe. Once the bigger maps come out the new breed of LT's will shine.
  9. Yikes Omg So Sorry, Congratulations Mom. I feel really bad about the mix up. Yikes. Anyway yes I received a email last night from SideSwipe. Thank you for all your help. I know you are really busy and probably not getting a lot of sleep. So again thank you so much.
  10. Congratulations Galleri on being a new Father, Cheers man. I have two girls myself. Its a great adventure for sure. Anyway back to submitted app. Last week on the notice box bottom right of home page. I had a messages app submitted. Now just have two updates about coin and a give away. I am going to guess that the application timed out. Because I don't see it either. Thanks for the heads up. Once I get back to the States ans have a better connection I will resubmit another application Found it! Application submitted Application Submitted. Thank you for your i
  11. Good Afternoon Galleri. Thank you for the reply. I submitted an application the MIT on the 26th of June. Same day that I posted on this Thread.
  12. Well Hmmm. I will be back in the States around the first. Hopefully by then this will figured out.
  13. Is MIT still active? I filled out the application, But haven't heard back from the group. Hmmm
  14. Thanks for the games DirtyAce. Sorry it took this long to get back to you. Work called the day after we played. I only one day to get ready. I am now down in the Bay of Campeche off the east coast of Mexico. I will hit you back up once I am done here. Hard to play wot in a saturation system lol Thanks again
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