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  1. Playing on tilt = Me almost every time I log in these days. And my record just keeps getting worse and worse...

    1. dashnog


      I feel ya

      my win rate is making me cry

    2. BiggieD61


      I only platooned with you once, almost two years ago, and I still fondly remember what a nice and good spirited guy you were.  I actually platooned with quite a few of the various Wotlabs illuminati for a while back then, and truthfully everyone seemed happier and more at ease then I see now.  2/3's of the updates on this site are sadness over how unpleasant it is to play pubs anymore.  I stopped playing WoT in October of 2015, and I haven't seen or heard anything yet that will bring me back.  In any case, you were a great platoon partner, and I wish you the very best for the rest of your WoT career.

  2. Oh wow, it's true that I watch anime, but even I think this is too much, Roku. orz

    1. Solono


      Did you just "orz"?

    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      lol orz. haven't seen that on wotlabs in like....well i actually have never seen someone use that until now.

    3. Roku


      At my back lies 'too much', and ahead... infinity!

      Take this as proof of my claim to the throne of the Otaking!



  3. Annoyed. Annoyed at slow slide into potato-dom. Personal play degradation seems just seems to be cascading. Don't recall anything in recent memory (last two months) where I ended up gaining, on both WR and WN. So sad.

  4. Welp, tonight reminds me just why I stopped playing WoT for a while: 41%, and what's worse, half of those games I literally couldn't do anything to affect the outcome. Sigh.

  5. ... Then of course I noticed the x5 for the weekend. What a nice time to return to WoT. >_>

  6. Personal life has been rough over the past few months. Dunno if I can even do decent tanking tonight, but hey, let's see!

    1. RutgerS


      That sounds an even worse idea than resorting to alcoholism for personal problems :doge:

    2. Teru_Miyanaga


      You never know! And for your info I am feeling better. I just wanna see if the usual tank session makes things worse. XD

    3. RutgerS


      Feeling better after tanks? The human mind never ceases to amaze me :doge:

  7. >> Down to .27 >> Continuing my downward plunge to mediocrity. :<

  8. New target: rather than 57% true, I'll see if I'll be able to squeeze more damage per game. However, I'm really afraid that I've played way too many low-damage games to even things out at this point. :<

  9. :/ Not feeling it today. That said, all these E3 stuff on my Twitter timeline.

    1. Solono


      Rule #7: don't twitter

  10. >> Now down to 56.28 >> T_T My plummet continues...

  11. Heeeeelp, I'm freefalling badly. I'm now down to 56.32, which is the worst I've ever been in the last two years of playing WoT. -_- If this continues, I might have to leave the game for a bit, for real. It's getting ridiculous.

    1. Teru_Miyanaga


      Okay, that's an exaggeration, but to put things in perspective, two weeks ago I was at 56.49. THAT's how far I fell.

    2. Visn0r


      panik not, you still have gud 16% before you hit the bottom ᕙ༼⊘͜ʟ⊘༽ᕗ

  12. It's going to be a slow, and long road... and this isn't even taking into consideration the stupid STUPID new missions for the T28 concept. :<

    1. Spec


      some of them are kinda asking a lot, like this is world of tanks remember

  13. >> Credit balance at less than 380k >> personal record has gone down the toilet >> LF Pref 8 platoonmates for the next two weeks. >_>'

  14. Just finished LT-15, and finally got the Stug IV. Was it worth nuking my record from 56.38 to 56.34? No, it didn't feel like it. LFP to help me get back to .40 thanks. -_-

  15. Le sigh. I don't know anymore. I know that I'm not exactly the best tanker around, but the last three days have been terrible even for me. It's like for evey win I get, I lose five more in return. It's terrible, and even more so since I get so annoyed about the missions that I end up ignoring the tilt. :(

  16. I keep on doing two steps forward, six steps back in WoT. Look at what happened again this afternoon -- yet ANOTHER plummett, from .44% to .37%. -_-

    1. Nekommando


      You need friends and/or beer

    2. Teru_Miyanaga


      Beer is not an option, as I have work in the evening. Still, I'm pretty depressed right now at my in-game performance. I suck, it's just that now I'm sucking even more than usual,and it ANNOYS me.

  17. Sigh. I'm done. No more tanks for me for a while. Sorry, but... I can't take it.

  18. *angry incoherence accompanied by much handwringing*

  19. *sulks*

    1. Evelyn


      *hugs* What's wrong?

  20. Because GODDAMNIT I DID IT AGAIN. Flushed all my gains down the toilet.

  21. I... I need a break. This has been the worst freefall I've had in recent memory. :(

  22. I... ARGH. I seem to be incapable to take a hint. Now down to .37% :( From .44% too. Damnit

  23. Hmm, looking at my barracks, it looks like I'm going to have to go with the US artillery line. RIP.

    1. CarryMode


      No, fuck off. Don't play arty.

  24. If I had a sudden itch to scratch and decide to do the arty missions (because apparently the freaking pershing needs FIVE crew), what's the best one for a non-arty playing schleb like myself to use? The UK line?

    1. Solono
    2. breeeze


      you have no arty yet? then probably americans

  25. Excellent session with Solono (though just tier 7 admittedly), then some relaxing tier 5s using my T67. It's still a pubstomper supreme, though it admittedly works better if you're in a good platoon.

    1. EchelonIII


      ELC still best_T5_NA simply because of all the pubbie tears you farm from invisitank hack accusations

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