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  1. Now, this is my interpretation of it: Every arc is related, and intentionally doesn't show that in every instance, the sister and brother drown in this mysterious lake.

    Not really -- the production committee deliberately chose an omnibus format to avoid the usual pitfalls that you'd have if you try to adapt a game with multiple routes (in that they usually turn into a harem).  Both Photo-Kano and Amagami went in this direction too, by the way, and while it avoided turning the shows into a harem, with the end of every "arc" characterization is reset, as the main character starts over with a new girl... And while you'd expect that the guy's personality stays the same throughout each iteration, often it becomes anything but. 

  2. I think I'm getting to the stage where most anime bore me.

    >> Most anime

    Come back when you've watched as much as I have. ;)  

    One thing I've observed being as long in the fandom as I have, is that anime watchers either burn out (and get cynical or angry as a consequence), or slow down and narrow their viewing list.  I ended up being the latter, and while I still managed (somehow) to pick up 7+ series a season, you can see that I give priority to slow or relaxing series (which is why Kirara shows like Kin-iro Mosaic or comedies get my attention), and give exemption when a show turns out to be (mostly) awesome -- this season it was Kekkai Sensen, for example.

    If you're approaching burn-out though, I kind of suggest stopping for a bit, as you WILL get to a point where literally nothing will please you.

  3. Wait - why do I want to watch this now?

    Ironically, Roku chose some of the weakest PreCure shows to make GIFs from.  Should have used Heartcatch or Splash Star yo.  And you would have made a better argument with the CGI ending dances -- the one in Doki-Doki was spectacular.

    Also PreCure is pretty much tokusatsu for little girls -- and indeed, it follows the same revolving format as Kamen Rider/Super Sentai, with a new, entirely-unrelated PreCure team every year.

  4. Oh, and for those curious about my watch list for next season, it's tentatively the following:

    Gakkou Gurashi (Kirara series 1)

    Durarara x2 Ten

    Prisma Illya 2wei Herz

    Gate (still curious how this would turn out)

    Idolmaster Cinderella Girls 2nd half

    Joukamachi no Dandelion (Kirara series 2)

    Million Doll

    Non-Non Biyori Repeat (season 2)

    Over Lord 

    Rokka no Yuusha




    PV for Gate. I'm severely disappointed that they're going with not only streamlined designs, but they took out the Roman influences from the Empire.  What's worse about it, is they don't even look like the Austro-Hungarians that the Empire was in the light novel rewrite either. Ugh. :(  It's just one of those things that the manga got just right, but the light novel rewrite just mangled.

    Below: one of the manga covers, followed one of the Light Novel rewrite covers.  



    I'm a bit annoyed, needless to say.

  6. Kind of sad that Kin-iro Mosaic second season (Hello!) ended today.  :(


    It's going to be a while before the series gather's up material though -- they adapted most of the contents of the first five books, and volume 6 only recently got released.  


    Oh well, at least I have another keeper.

    It's also going to be the 12th (and final broadcast episode) of Hibike! Euphonium this week.  If the number of announced Blu-Rays are a sign though, we SHOULD get one more extra episode however.  Also, the first BR extra's out, and it's hilarious.

    On other stuff, the Love Live movie juggernaut keeps on going.  And I quote.

    User Actions

    The Love Live movie is up to 830m after two weekends, already the #6 most successful latenight anime movie.


    That's pretty impressive, actually, though I LOL'd a bit at the Psycho Pass having a higher total sale in millions of yen. For now.

  7. i thought it wasn't?


    Kumiko and Reina's relationship has always been charged in the books, however what IS different is the amount of focus given to it.  Shuichi isn't pushed to the side unlike in the anime for example, and is actually the person Kumiko interacts with regularly, with Reina coming really into the spotlight once the band starts practicing for the Nationals.  It's only then that the two of them start to converse on a meaningful level, and every time this happens, it's loaded with subtext to the rafters.


    KyoAni is just taking advantage of what's already there, and cranking thing up the presentation up the wazoo.  As a marketing ploy, it's pretty obvious, but it's a very PRETTY and effective marketing ploy that I can appreciate.

  8. Oh, they could very well sell the series on its character interactions alone, but what's being done so far does add a bit of spice to a tried-and-true formula, that wouldn't be too out of place in many an American sports movie actually.  Plus it's not like Kumiko and Reina's interactions didn't get, ahem, heated in the source material either.  And I quote:



  9. Again, anime isn't exactly the right place to go to for meaningful dialogue on the issue about same-sex relationships, platonic, romantic, or otherwise.  Seriously, this is Japan; it has trouble enough with gender equality issues the Western world more or less hammered out thirty year ago, much more transgender sensitivity and LGBT issues.  Teasing is the best many watchers can hope for at this point, so when it's done really well (like in Euphonium, egads), it's hard not to be appreciative about it.


    Of course it's done to draw attention to the show and generate sales -- to ignore the fact that the studio is selling a product is utter foolishness.  However it's still possible to enjoy what's being shown in spite of it being an obvious vehicle to get people to buy BR units. ;)


    And as mentioned, in Euphonium, every scene where Kumiko and Rena interact is just composed so beautifully (body language, camera angles, framing, lighting) that I can forgive KyoAni a bit for trying to tempt me to buy their expensive Blu-Rays.  In episode 11 for example, there's this moment where Reina was in shadow for a bit -- and then that moment where Kumiko returns her own lines to her, it being a "confession of love", the shadows are dispersed, and you can really see Reina's insecurities vanish at the same time.


    re Danmachi: Hestia's bestias indeed.  I feel that Hestia carries the show, otherwise it'd be just another vanilla LN adaptation of a fantasy story about an overpowered harem lead.

  10. * When's the point where you decide to "cut and run" as far as bad streaks go?  People usually say "three losses", but I want to ask at what point some players here decide "Ah, screw this" and stop for the day.


    (I'm decidedly in the "don't follow my own advise" camp by the way, apparently, and suffered a two-week fall from 56.49 to 56.28 as a result. :( )


    * Also, in the aftermath of bad streaks, what do you do to "get into the groove"?  Aside from getting away from the game for several days, of course.

  11. Tss, double negatives!


    Yuri in anime, when done right (even in a case like Euphonium, which is basically just the studio going wild thematically), can be quite beautiful -- and indeed, in every scene we see Kumiko and Reina interacting with each other there's this obvious shine to things compared to all the other parts of the episode -- in the same way Yaoi could be amazing when done right.  Unfortunately, an open relationship between two people of the same gender isn't something that anime does right in many cases, which is why it's more often used as a subject of ridicule. Plus this is Japan, which isn't exactly the most open or progressive place for gender dialectics. 


    Which is why we take what we can get, even if we know it's just the studio giving us the "wink wink, nod nod" routine.

  12. Although thank you for exposing shameless lesbianism, so now I get to ban discussion and pictures of it for being NSFW.


    There's baiting, and there's actual yuri, and Euphonium is clearly the former -- the staff comments at the end of episode 9 pointed to them clearly having fun with what they were doing.  They're playing up the relationship between the two girls (which is supposed to be an unusual, if close friendship in the books) in that way deliberately, because it makes for prettier anime that way (and episode 8 was breathtaking) . XD

  13. Oh wow, KyoAni literally cranked up the subtext this episode...


    Ah the hell with it. There's no subtext -- it's straight up text.  The episode teases us that while Reina says she has a crush on Taki-sensei, she's really gay for Kumiko. Egads.


    Also, the people in the band who didn't vote either way get demoted to shtters in my eyes.  It's one thing to be indecisive, it's another to simply avoid making a decision due to avoidance of guilt-via-association (in bullying Reina).  Seriously.  At least Asuka (to us viewers) has a somewhat valid excuse -- she doesn't really care either way, as long as her own playing isn't affected.

  14. *snips*


    It's also a jingoistic power fantasy and the main character has the personality of a rock, and the series just continually shoves into our face how he's the only one right, how everyone else is an idiot, and if he wasn't around nothing would be done. 


    Yes, it's pretty bad.  It's like the author just gave a brief read of Atlas Shrugged, but thought it was a good thing, and added Japanese-flavor Right Wing Nationalism on top of it.


    And it does all of this without irony.  It makes Sword Art Online seem like a work of art by comparison. 

  15. So apparently the Love Live movie is currently #1 in the Japanese box office, taking in ~400,000,000 yen on 121 screens over the June 13~14 weekend.


    No, seriously, it blew all other industry records out of the water, grossing 400,235,800 yen with 252k attendees at theaters nationwide.

    For comparison, this made more than the '''Madoka Magica: Rebellion''' and the '''K-On!!''' movies during an equal timeframe.  Rebellion only grossed 400,003,600 yen, while the K-On movie only grossed 316,310,450 yen. Yikes.

    Bushiroad and Sunrise, once more rolling in money.



  16. I've started, and caught up, on HibiEuph. 

    it's a solid 8/10 so far. Was really hoping for some nice yuri between Kumiko and Reina, ah well she likes sensei and kumiko will probably end up with that guy called 'something-ichi' but I can dream and rule 34


    Funny, about Reina...


    While she says that she has a crush on Taki-sensei in the first book, books 2 onward sort of forget about it.  Seriously.  She spends most of her time with Kumiko instead.

  17. Re RRW: Don't believe him, you'll only set yourself up for disappointment. ;)  Watch for the music and drama, and not JUST the delicious yuri bait.


    re Y's games: Excellent taste.


    re Nekopara: Oh god, are you sure this wasn't for the Furry thread? Yet?


    re Kraft: Ghost in the Shell is a required watching, but I'm one of the few that thought that Stand Alone Complex was the high point of the franchise.  Do watch the first movie too though.

  18. alright awesome, I looked through the synopsis of those shows through lunch break, and I think I'll start:


    - Canaan -


    I hope you're up for "Sugoooi~", because you'll hear it. Every. Darned. Episode.  Also Canaan, barring Red Data Girl I think, is not one of PA Work's better efforts.


    Natsu no Arashi is a romantic comedy, but because the focus is on the time travel lunacy, it's easy to forget.

  19. Haha yea, it's probably a combo of both. I'm 99% sure it's there, but my fanboi senses are probably making it out to be more than it really is.



    Heartcatch was excellent. The other PreCure series are going to come down to the taste of the watcher though -- I know a few people who think Splash Star, was the Best. Precure. Ever.


    Doki-Doki was okay though, if one could take Saint Mana and her harem. :P

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