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  1. I... I need a break. This has been the worst freefall I've had in recent memory. :(

  2. I... ARGH. I seem to be incapable to take a hint. Now down to .37% :( From .44% too. Damnit

  3. re New Utawarerumono... Welp, it's Karura. Which means that some of the new show and game will be set AFTER one of its endings. Which one begs to be seen (I distinctly remember at least 3).
  4. Some critics also say that Shirobako is about failure, and coming to grips that landing your dream job might not actually be all it's cut out to be. In Shirobako's case, working for the animation industry just leads to a whole lot of stress, frustration, and sadness for our cast (and man, there's Tarou to deal with), with only a slight chance that things might turn out worthwhile in the end. It's great. Definitely the best PA Works show in a long time. Kin'iro Mosaic is great, and its sequel (airing this season) Hello! is a vast improvement on it. Watch it if you're a fan of Kirara sho
  5. It's from Kanokon, which was pretty much a lowbrow comedy about a foxgirl trying to get into the pants of a shota-looking teenager. The final episode had her lose her powers, and the only sure way for her to get it back... was for the guy to lick the base of her ass (the tailbone), rimjob-style, to force her tail out again. Really. Shirobako definitely starts slow. It's appeal is both the characters and the semi-comedic look at just how messed up the anime industry is -- the first "arc" as it were, focusing on just what happens to an anime production if someone makes one little s
  6. Hmm, looking at my barracks, it looks like I'm going to have to go with the US artillery line. RIP.

    1. CarryMode


      No, fuck off. Don't play arty.

  7. Actually if you pay attention to the trailer, you'll see the answer...
  8. It's a gradual drift from what a "season" used to be. Back during the first airing of Utawarerumono, 24-26 episode "seasons" were still common. However modern definitions limit a "season" to one "cour", or 12-13 episodes. An other things, as a fan of slow and relaxed anime, I'm kind of excited at ARIA coming back, albeit in a limited form via 3 OVAs... Always a pleasure to return to Neo Venezia, though even I had to laugh at how Alice's was the one that got foisted with a Russian Single (as in the Undine rank).
  9. Not really a lot -- as with each season, there will be shows that appeal to you, and shows that won't. You'll just have to take a look at what's on offer, and see what sticks.
  10. I am disappointed that we didn't get any CGI animals this time around. Where's the CGI Dragon/Dolphin, damnit?!?
  11. Kanokon is one of the shows I consider guilty pleasures. The show should be insulting to me on an intellectual level, yet somehow I find it funny. It's peculiar. That rimjob at the end though. What.
  12. If I had a sudden itch to scratch and decide to do the arty missions (because apparently the freaking pershing needs FIVE crew), what's the best one for a non-arty playing schleb like myself to use? The UK line?

    1. Solono
    2. breeeze


      you have no arty yet? then probably americans

  13. Some nice games after a while, particularly during this weekend or so. Won't make up for my downward plunge, but it's nice to take note of them for a change: Platooned with felipecamilo (tier 5 Churchill grind): T67, Arctic Region, Ace Tanker. T67, Malinovka. T67, Swamp. BDR, Fisherman's Bay. T67, Fjords. Platoon with Solono (Tier 7s finishing the Medium missions LOL) Comet, Lakeville. Comet, Erlenberg. Platoon with Kraft (pref 6s with 10s mixed in): Object 140, Arctic Region. Object 140, Mountain Pass. Object 140, El-Halluf. I
  14. Excellent session with Solono (though just tier 7 admittedly), then some relaxing tier 5s using my T67. It's still a pubstomper supreme, though it admittedly works better if you're in a good platoon.

    1. EchelonIII


      ELC still best_T5_NA simply because of all the pubbie tears you farm from invisitank hack accusations

  15. No, all of you should watch (and re-watch) Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. Like, right now.
  16. Tabletop wargaming in general is a huge timesink regardless of which game you choose -- may it be 40k, Infinity, or Flames of War. By comparison, pixel tanks is much more... efficient, with regards to cost, heh. And I think I have more than 3000 points of Marines myself. It's not competitive by any means, after three editions worth of changes and unit additions (don't have Stormtalons nor Storm Eagles for example), but in a casual game it serves/
  17. Something that's been on my mind for the week, especially with the medium mission staring me in the face is this -- is there any specific area where I should zero my shots in to set a tank on fire? I know it's supposed to be the engine deck (the area behind the turret to the exhausts), but I've been plunking at these spots for the past two days with not a single fire lit. Really boils down to RNG, I guess?
  18. Yep, Strike the Blood is the show where each familiar is linked to a different girl, so our guy has to suck the blood of that particular girl to control it. Totally different from Qwazer in practice.
  19. Anything is better than that shounen series that uses breast milk, right? Taken from the donor then and there.
  20. I liked how the show resolved the eternal harem question by laying out, via time-traveling children, who it was our MC chose. Though in this case, the kids happened to be from two different moms so...
  21. Etotama continues to be stupid, but amusing, and VIVID an okay detour back into the main Nanoha franchise (though I wish it were better animated). Yamada-kun despite its production problems somehow manages to make up for it with a good script, bypassing much of the dithering (the manga took dozens of chapters to get to these plot points) of its source material. I somehow missed the local airing of the Ars Nova DC movie, though I apparently didn't miss much, as for some reason the (fairly tame) swimsuit scenes were apparently censored to heck (since the cinemas were apparently using the sa
  22. Any suggestions on which tier to focus on for the Medium "Set another tank on fire" mission? Tiers 7 to 5 seem to be fair game to me given the KV proliferation there.

    1. Lockhart77


      Yeap, 34 85, type 58, Cromwell, Comet, can do it fairly easy and those tanks are pretty solid.

    2. Trobs


      Anything with a fast firing gun. T-34-85, Comet, Cromwell, T-34. Etc.

    3. Medjed


      I did it in the first battle in Chi To on my NA account

  23. Platooning for me either does two things -- a) keeps me in line, and makes it so that I can ACTUALLY play at a Green level or up, or b) makes me complacent, and lowers my tank IQ half-fold as I YOLO.

    1. Lockhart77


      The question now is, what you perceive your role in the platoon?

  24. Ran into Anfield during the weekend and his team (unsurprisingly) ran roughshod over mine. RIP. Ran into Rokuzachi this morning while playing tier Xs with Kraft. He was the last of his team to die, and not to our platoon. :>
  25. For an idol anime though, Love Live was really well-made. Didn't regret watching both seasons, and the second season was definitely a big improvement over the first. :> Also it sold megabucks as far as units were concerned (it overturned the Rebuild of EVA movie BRs at one point), something that Spice and Holo wasn't able to do. :>
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