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  1. Might have to get myself a full-time mentor in-game. :< Though I wonder if anyone would put up with me.

    1. Solono
    2. KraftLawrence


      u has TS and a working mic?

  2. Indeed I have! Quite different from the usual P.A. Works fare, but then again it's an adaptation rather than an original. Incredibly poignant at times. One of the keepers for that season I put aside for a slow day. :>
  3. I'm annoyed at how helpless I am at times at tanks. This is the first time I've felt really down about my performance in a long while. :(

    1. Kitten


      Teru, you just came back from a break right? Don't be too rough on yourself.

  4. Lockhart77: I'm not sure even that would tickle Solono's fancy. Also, there's Tragedy, and then there's Suffering Porn, and I'm not really sure which part of the spectrum his tastes range right now. And I'm not sure I want to know, ahaha. And we did mention anime now, didn't we? The grand tragedies you'd see in classic lit aren't a good fit for it, and I don't think there's anything even close in "recent" anime, that's for sure -- the only things that come to mind for me are Technolyze and Basilisk. And those were pretty bleak overall. Not easy watches, for sure. Personally, I'm o
  5. How about no? Light Novels have the same issues as anime or traditional novels, in that for every interesting series like Log Horizon or Oregairu there are ten Oreimos or Sword Art Onlines.
  6. Sigh, bad play compounded by bad play. I think I'm going to be stuck at 56.38 for a while. :(

  7. Sigh. I'm never going to get better at this game it seems.

  8. Kraft: Suuuuuuunriiiiider. Also, Little Witch Academia episode 2! While not a backer, it's so good to see that it's finally coming out.
  9. As long as it doesn't relate to catgirls? Maybe Analogue: A Hate Story? It's fairly straightforward, as far as Steam-available VNs go. Or Sunrider.
  10. Not even close. Solono appreciates Tragedy as the only real intellectual form of entertainment, and extends this to anime... Which obviously won't be a good fit, as that would just alienate possible viewers/buyers. Which is a shame, because there are a still enough shows done that don't use the usual pandering (Ping-pong, seriously, watch it, it's nice). Which is why it's an impossible task to get Solono to watch any anime, recent or otherwise, because tragedy (in the classical definition, as per Poetics) is something many studios avoid coming close to with a ten-foot-pole.
  11. If you believe Yuyucow (and you should), international streaming rights doesn't even account for 3% of anime production revenue, and while it's changing minds now it just seems a case of too-little-too-late.
  12. Been trying to get him to do that for a while. He just stonewalls you regardless (Space Dandy was my suggestion, for reference), and won't even touch movies. Heck, he wouldn't even touch many of the classics of the old Noitamina era, which featured excellent off-the-vein or nonstandard series like Kaiba, Mononoke, Trapeze, or (a recent example!) Ping-Pong.
  13. Quite poorly, if I recall. I think someone compiled the sales figures (check the Animesuki Blu-Ray DVD sales thread), but it didn't even break through the so-called "Manabi Line". It was a critical success abroad (Western audiences loved it, and it proved that streaming series internationally wasn't as scary as Japanese producers thought), but in the measure that was important locally (unit sales), it failed epicly.
  14. No offense taken. In fact, quite a lot of those shows in those years were terrible too. However, my point was that there were far far more fewer shows to go around back then, primarily due to the lack of funding. Compared to now, where studios are awash in funding... Which means a whole lot of shows, true, but even higher chances of stinkers per season. For every K-On, Madoka Magica, Sword Art Online or Monogatari series (meaning the sales juggernauts), there's a Fantasista Doll or Girlfriend (kari). And the experimental work -- see Toei's recent Kyosougiga, which was excellent and awa
  15. Ditto. It's not really dying, per se, but the blu-ray purchase system is not sustainable. And while I don't agree with Solono's doomsaying of a catastrophic collapse, unless something changes, we might be seeing production scale down to pre-90s levels before the generation portrayed in Euphonium (aka those born 2000 an on) reaches adulthood. For those who don't remember that time (or weren't even born yet), we would be lucky to have ten to twelve shows made per year. Kraft: An upsurge in shows featuring quality animation doesn't negate the truth of how precarious the industry's
  16. You quoted Seven Problem here is you quoted Seventh Style, which is more or less the blogging equivalent of yellow journalism in the same vein that Sankaku Complex is the blogosphere's tabloids. Hence whatever good point it (sometimes) has is often drowned out by the general obnoxiousness of most of its articles. Also, Anno and Miyazaki's views are kind of echoed by our own Solono, and their complaints are hardly unique too. It's been like this for years, that the industry is on the verge of imminent collapse, increasingly insular and divorced from reality and worldwide trends e
  17. re Guilty Crown: No, just no. There are few worse viewing experiences out there than Guilty Crown. This one was basically all shine with little substance behind it.
  18. You guys should talk, I can't even qualify for any of those clans. XD re NagiAsu: It's definitely a show I would have had a more positive opinion had I been younger, but the older me is just annoyed at it. There's bildungsroman, and then there's NagiAsu, and the latter just tests my patience much.
  19. I actually enjoyed the first season, where it was this study on the clash of two cultures (the sea people and the people on land), and the adolescent angst was just simmering in the background amid all this. With all the relationship issues coming to the fore in the second half though, ugh, the show just bogged down in stupid melodrama.
  20. Well, I got the Cromwell out again after so long, and played good enough during that stronghold invite. Now to only get better. :< Still feeling depressed after I nuked my record during the weekend.

    1. Trumpetah


      The Cromwell is a beast.

  21. I'm okay for platooning casually (aka not looking at stats) BUT I've had a target WR I've had ever since I started the game, and the longer I don't get it, the more despairing I get... In any case, these days, my standards are: has to NOT be worse than me (very easy, I've been in a downward spiral for months). Platooning with Blue WN players are always a pleasure though, even more so for purples like scout_in_the_house, who actually gives good in-game criticism.
  22. Haruhi, no. Never again. Two seasons of Miuna was enough. Ugh. Slightly less painful than Glasslip, but that's like saying a laceration from a razor is less painful than a syringe prick. Not really, it's just the type of viewer that doesn't really go out of their way to watch something out of their comfort zone. That said, your "portfolio" of shows is really really short (which can be a good or bad thing!). At this point, I could only say that it would be good to start trying out shows from other genres as well -- I see few movies for example (even Summer Wars or Wolf Children?
  23. Back from Service training. Sleepy, but at least not on calls for a change for the duration.

  24. Sabagebu as a show was excellent fun. Subverting expectations of a Shoujo anime (which, weirdly enough, it was)! The third OVA was pretty low-key compared to the rest of the series' shenanigans though, but as the Narrator says, it's good to cap things off without a joke every now and then.
  25. Wait, you didn't watch Kurosawa's Seven Samurai first before Samurai 7? No wonder you weren't prepared for who was going to die -- in the original, there were literally only 3 survivors.
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