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  1. Also, the Akame manga is still ongoing. The main problem with it now though is that the author's propensity to, well, kill off anyone interesting early in the series has made readers apathetic to anyone suddenly buying the farm. See the Death Roulette joke? It was because Takahiro (the author) kept on killing people left and right, just because he seemed to feel like it during that month. Even those who didn't HAVE to die, just to make a point.
  2. Starts weekend >> goes as high as 56.49% >> now at 56.38% >> goes weep in a corner at how it feels like all a waste.

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      .11% delta. WOW such loss.

  3. It's a joke from CLANNAD, I think, where the MOST touchy-feely we've gotten from both Tomoya and Nagisa were them holding hands. On their honeymoon. Seriously. On other stuff, I got back into watching Yama no Susume's second season after I pretty much depth-charged all my stat gains in WoT from the weekend last night. Made me feel better, at least.
  4. I am officially bad at tier 9s. Also I just undone ALL my gains from the last three days. RIP me.

  5. Aaaaand there it is, TD-15 mission finally unlocked. Now to do the damage needed. Ugh.

  6. Not sure if caused by Hestia's bestias at this rate. That said, DanMachi is LN harem fantasy fluff at its most predictable, however unlike Sword Art Online, Mahouka, or Accel World it doesn't insult your intelligence.
  7. Wait, only the first season? Kind of missing out on half the fun here, as the second season is quite better than the first, never mind they actually JOIN the freaking competition this time around. Also A-RISE.
  8. Wow, I spoke too soon. I absolutely SUCK at the T30. 23% WTH.

  9. Tenchi was at least competent at some things at the beginning. Keitaro was useless for much of Love Hina (the anime), though he got much better in the manga (thanks to training under Seta). Still a bad precedent for main characters, and the shows that followed all gave us bland self-insert harem leads as a result.
  10. It's to blame for "modern" harem shows, so there you go. On its own though, the first set of OVAs were fun, but that got trampled into the ground with each iteration -- Tenchi in Tokyo made me want to poke my eyes out. The recent one with the 3-minute shorts was a mess too, but that's only because you can only squeeze so much into that run time. Could have done better as a full series, especially since the focus wasn't directly ON Tenchi, but on a new set of characters (and Tenchi himself was just a "school teacher" this time).
  11. Eh, I consider myself just a sharer of experience rather than a rabid defender of the anime cause. I will admit having a much more open mind with regards to watching shows than most though, but that's likely due to my age. If anyone has questions on some of the shows that aired within the last 14 years, it's VERY likely that I can give an opinion on it (my seasonal "menu" is anywhere from five to upwards of twelve shows). So feel free.
  12. To give you an idea, Dog Days takes three whole seasons before it decided to do some world-building (it happened in season 3 -- where we FINALLY learn about how "Wars" turned into grand sports tourneys, demon attacks are considered serious business, and why anyone turn into puffballs when they get injured). Prior to that it was just fun fluff, with little "crunch" to it -- the second season for example was just an excuse to do a 13-episode tournament with little plot at all. There are only four regular human characters in Dog Days, with the three kids considered visitors to Flogna
  13. KraftLawrence: Yeah, the scene in the book was a whole lot steamier. I did love the subtext-to-text thing KyoAni did for it in episode 8 though. Too bad the author doesn't follow up on it at all, much like how Reina's crush with Taki-sensei seems to have vanished in a puff of smoke. XD
  14. Another excellent session. Granted, it's Pref 8, but can't complain given how I'm completing MT and HT missions AND gaining money on top of winning.

  15. I do love the changes, yes I do, and I've pretty much blasted through the Medium Tank missions in one sitting. Now if ONLY the stupid "set a tank on fire" mission was changed as well...
  16. It's the first real day off I'd had in a while, so I'm going to use it to relax for a bit. Also to catch up on shows that fell on the wayside when I got too busy, like Yama no Susume 2.
  17. That was a pretty nice session for this morning. A good start to the first day off I'd had in a while.

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      Typhoon warning

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      Yup yup, raining pretty hard here

  18. Most of you are striplings age-wise, compared to me. ^^; And nevermind being in the anime fandom either... Also, I guess most people will hate KyoAni to death Not that we can't dream though.
  19. The original Gate novels were hilariously right-wing, comparable to some of the worst stuff you'd expect from US Republican rhetoric. The manga (seriously, read it) tones this down by something like 50%, due to editorial pressure, but if you squint you can still see it's there, and it doesn't shy away from the brutal stuff from the books. The anime PVs on the other hand, look absolutely sanitized. I'm VERY worried as a result. KraftLawrence: Oh Haruhi, Euphonium this week was beautiful. And gay. So very much gay. It can't get gayer than these. Seriously, what the heck, KyoAni?
  20. Rokuzachi: There are complainers already, but I do like what's been done to adapt the designs for the Rokka no Yuusha books for the anime. The book designs were unique, true, but they'd be awfully hard to animate. What we have now is a happy medium, and a sight better than the manga designs. Now if I could only say the same for Gate. I loved the manga designs, and was a little disappointed when everything got streamlined, ESPECIALLY Rory. Hopefully the Empire remains Roman-influenced, rather than the generic Western Fantasy the LN rewrite turned them into.
  21. How do you do a cover of what's already cover (AnoHana did it because it's such a well-known ballad). It's like having a band doing a rendition of the Rebuild of Evangelion 2.22's Tsubasa wo Kudasai. ^^;
  22. It's starts out as a tongue-in-cheek parody of Magical Girls combined with the Nasuverse, then it's revealed that it's a unique alternate universe in that the timeline diverges much MUCH earlier than, say, the three F/SN "routes" (about 200 years in fact, then diverges further when Kiritsugu decides to be awesome and kills off all the Einzberns to save Irisviel and Illya, which cancels the Grail War from ever happening). Illya is then given a chance to live a normal life as a normal girl, and does so for 12 years.... Then Rin and Luvia dropped into her life. Now, if you can stand the
  23. Speaking of stuff that should have been accessible, but have somehow disappeared from the internet, I've yet to see heads or tails of Gokujyo anywhere. I vaguely remember watching it waaaay back in 2012, but now that I want to rewatch it, I can't find ANY files out there about it. Seriously.
  24. Not working well is an understatement -- Hachiman had to pretty much owe up that the foundations he built up his current way of looking at the world was pretty much BS, and in trying to force his status quo, he more or less hurt Yukinon and Yui, the two people he didn't want to hurt at all.
  25. The manga is being serialized in Jump SQUARE, if I remember right. It kind of explains the amount of volumes, as Square is a monthly publication. LOL at KraftLawrence's avvie. You watching OreGairu? How're you liking the most recent arc so far?
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