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  1. AND I'M BACK. Whew. Losing the desktop for a while really put a dent in any kind of gaming outside of Kancolle (which I can play on my laptop instead). That said, some good keepers for me this season. Kekkai Sensen/Blood Blockade Battlefront continues to bring the awesome, and it looks like the anime-original plot with the Monochrome siblings will finally bring together an over-arching plot that the manga lacked. Then there's Hello! Kin'iro Mosaic if I want to just relax. Then there's Gintama if I just want to laugh my lungs out until I start coughing. It's insane.
  2. I AM BACK. Cripes, my savings weep at how much I had to fork to just get my desktop PC up and running again. While I can play the game now if I want, I'll have to wait until Friday at least before I even THINK of buying premium time. Ugh.

    1. ZXrage


      At least your internet hasnt shit on you yet

    2. KnobbyHobbGoblin


      If money really is that tight, then don't spend it on premium time man. Regardless, welcome back!

  3. No comment from me. Regios is pretty meh, as apparently it butchered some storylines from its source (and the actual execution wasn't too good either). Also, HAH. So happy that sequels to Is the Order A Rabbit, Kin-Iro Mosaic, Non-Non Biyori, and Yuru-Yuri are all apparently getting aired this year.
  4. I wouldn't put much stock in MAL reviews though -- they're pretty much considered the dregs by any sensible watcher. These are the same guys who, quite recently, rated Code Geass as a masterpiece over a Miyazaki movie. The manga isn't much better by the way, and it's actually elected to ignore the locket plotline for months at a time. And the final key? It's not even held by the girls shown so far, but someone introduced much later (you see her in the Marika ending around episode 18-ish): his onee-san, who's also both his new class adviser and the leader of a Hong Kong Triad
  5. Kantai Collection Winter 2015 Event Hard Mode... CLEAR! http://i.imgur.com/gCCGfEg.jpg Jintsuu, finds a way -- http://i.imgur.com/s2aTgs2.jpg And that Bragging Rights medal for Hard mode -- http://i.imgur.com/P3igloA.jpg

  6. On hard-mode E-5 now. Boy, I'm sure hating that quad-battleship node, this early in my try.

  7. Final night gathering resources, then hitting the Kancolle Winter event tomorrow in earnest.

  8. My question is, what's everyone's username ingame? I'm using the same one I used in WoT, though...
  9. I think I'll be in for more ship mayhem later on. I'm using the same username, so give me a ring.
  10. I'm in! Yikes. ... And I see you literally start from scratch. Oh well.
  11. Used a code, but darn, that client download though...
  12. Go to bed for more that 7 hours >> World of Warships client STILL not done downloading. What.

  13. Hello World of Warships weekend access. Client is taking forever to update though...

  14. Planetes is excellent, but fair warning, as the manga and the anime are two different beasts, with the latter expanding the content a whole lot in one direction, while the manga goes in another.
  15. I did say the arcs. It's not so noticeable if you're coming in blind though, as you're likely going to be overwhelmed first by the SHAFT-isms. The manga of Virgin Witch Maria was even more critical of the Church during the middle ages -- there was one chapter for example where a monk sleeps with an orphan promising her salvation, but instead he was setting her up to be burned at the stake. There are few recurring characters too, barring Maria's own two familiars.
  16. Fair warning, Bakemonogatari's story (and production -- it's infamous for its constant delays) is told in a non-chronological manner; there are arcs that were broadcasted for example, that happened before others. Also the symbolism and wordplay (to be fair, it's how Nishio writes, but STILL!) gets obtuse too with each arc, to the point that one gets the feeling that you're not characters at all in a traditional sense.
  17. So the season's biggest surprises were Rolling Girls, Virgin Witch Maria, and Yatterman of the Darkness. The Cinderella Girls anime is also pleasant, though not really much to talk about unless you're already a fan of the Idolmaster franchise. Also a bit of hilarity, the Kancolle anime's making people notice Fubuki now, so job well done staff? Not that I mind, but I selected Fubuki as a starter so...
  18. Ran into Deusmortis during a game at Serene Coast, while I was platooned with Folterknecht and OOPMan. Didn't potato, thankfully, though I wasn't able to get back to our base before Folter and OOP got ganked. :/
  19. Feeling a mite better, though still a while before I can salvage my WR. Sigh.

  20. Ran into OOPMan again today, but sadly we didn't win that game. :<
  21. Indefinitely apparently, though the tank rewards are going to be changed every 6 months to shake things up.
  22. 43% for last night's session. :( I'm definitely my own worst enemy.

  23. Well, much of today's Kancolle stuff done. Time to dive into WoT for a few hours.

  24. Ayane Sakura voiced eight characters in this episode alone, and three of them (the Sendai sisters) talked to each other a whole lot too. And 14 more VAs from the game are confirmed too. The anime seems to be taking part and parcel concepts from Kancolle's many print spinoffs, including but not limited to: Fubuki, do your best!, Bonds of the Wings of Cranes, Someday as the Seas Grow Calm and Kancolle, Nanodesu!
  25. Going to miss the airing of both Gundam Build Fighters Try and Kantai Collection tonight, because of stupid pre-shift language enhancement training... And this is going to be the case in the next two weeks too. Grr. At least it counts as overtime...
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