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  1. Well, Ikuhara's Yuri Bear Storm (or Lesbian Bear Storm if you like that reading instead) is certainly a thing. I'm kind of flummoxed at how we're diving into the usual Ikuhara symbolism and mindfskery in the first episode -- usually he waits for the middle of a series (see Utena or Mawaru Penguindrum) before dropping us into the meth. Then again, it's supposedly scheduled for 12 episodes only, and is not split-cour, so it might just be the time crunch that's forcing this.
  2. Kind of amused how my personal target doesn't quite match up with everyone here (primarily because I set it before I learned about WN natch). True 57%... So hard.

    1. LemmingRush


      I dont think you can generalize like that..

  3. What time EST? Available from 8 PM EST onward, but by that point you might have picked up mates. XD
  4. 9s means my Type 61 and E-75. If you can stand me, I'd throw my lot in as well.
  5. Ran into KraftLawrence and his merry platoon (WhiskeyJack included) during a stream... then we lost the game on Westfield. And I crashed out of the game in the first two minutes before getting back in. *runs into the corner in embarrassment*
  6. Haruhi, I'm just so BAD at this tank. Can't seem to properly leverage the 105's damage, especially as there's no armor AND zilch camo to save me from my own stupidity.
  7. Using the WOTlabs stat time machine to see my progress (or lack of) from last year is the most depressing thing ever. :(

    1. Scout_in_da_house


      New years resolution: play less :)

    2. Teru_Miyanaga
  8. Ran into Cozza earlier while I was platooning with... CanadianGuitar? Or was it Wh1pster? In any case, RIP that team.
  9. A whole lot of sequels this season, for sure. Kind of thinking of easing off a bit as a result (especially as it coincides with the US Tax season, which means a whole lot of work for me ), though I will watch Kantai Collection, as I'm an admiral of 2+ years already... Yeah, working in a financial company in the run up to tax season will ruin ANYONE'S watch schedule.
  10. Workable, in that in tier 6 you'll still see tanks (particularly mediums) that can spam a large number of shots. The reload is slow enough to be noticeable, yet won't hurt you AS much (you won't be caught flat-footed against stuff like the Ez8 in any case).
  11. With apologies to CanadianGuitar: I'm probably the most frustrating platoonmate ever. Lots of bad habits I've never fully shaken off, and during matches they crop up rather quickly. ^^;

  12. Small steps, so targetting that 1500 WN barrier right now. Maybe, just maybe, will be Teal when the year is over.

    1. no_name_cro


      Just try to win as much. WN will come.

  13. To those who got their WZ-111s: I hate you all. :P

    1. 37h


      it's so stronk

    2. TheMostComfortableTanker


      A bit over halfway to mine

    3. Private_Miros


      I have my worst spell of games ever so far... RIP stats in it.

  14. So in the aftermath of my cousin's wedding and finally getting home, not able to do tanking as I have some Kancolle quests on backlog...

    1. The_Super_Soldier


      You actually talk to your family? D:

  15. http://i.imgur.com/2pIERBL.jpg Because 5 arty games are no longer possible, am I right WG? Leads to this: http://wotreplays.com/site/download/1458973
    1. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      Holy shit, I just had a game just like that one, same amount of arty on either side, same map, Tier 10, lots of gud players

    2. Teru_Miyanaga


      Was hilarious on TS. Bounty (I think) pretty much told me: Nope, heavy or not you're helpings this push NOW.

  16. With Bountyhunter177 and Turkey_Vulture officiating on TS (wotlabs channel of course!) for this session. Hyper-aggressive strats: 1-2 line push on Fisherman's Bay (because the other team had FIVE ARTY WTH?!?). Hyper-aggressive strats#2: Bridge push on Mountain Pass. Redshire damage sponging in my IS-7. Windstorm damage sponging (sense a pattern here?) And finally Ruinberg medium madness with Cozza. That said, these games just put my deficiencies front and center, which was embarrassing even with Bounty's and Turkey's good-natured ribbing (mostly "Teru! You're not a medi
  17. Cripes, incredible tanking session there care off Turkey_Vulture and BountyHunter177, but man, did it shove my deficiencies front and center. Can't really DO much damage yet at tier X, not as much as needed anyway. :(

  18. Aaaand I'm .2% away from where I was prior to the Holiday season events. These sessions... Some subline, lots of them horrible.

  19. At tier 5, the 105mm still has some teeth to it. Just avoid the HEAT at all costs and learn your enemy's weakspots.
  20. Oh no, THAT game. Where my PC decided to crash the game on me while I loaded, and only appeared when the match was 5 minutes in.
  21. Okay, Christmas Day. Maybe I can wrangle some platoons out West today?

  22. Indeed it does. I'm surprised how workable the 17-pounder's reload time was, as well as the gun depression.
  23. Prem platooning with Cozza lifted my spirts, but my 140 still sitting now at 47%. :( WTB carry service for maybe 12 games.XD

  24. Once more into the breach, dear friends. Sigh. Time to bring up the 140's WR to positive I hope

    1. Krontimus


      WR% can be in the negative?

    2. shwedor


      45%'s plz, get on my level! I am at NEGATIVE 52%!

    3. Teru_Miyanaga


      I kind of consider anything below 50% a negative, because after a certain point, it becomes nearly impossible to pull the WR back up (see my 41% Type 61).:(

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