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  1. Because whenever I solopub I either do brilliantly (20%) or hurt just myself (80%). Preferably better than me (WN-wise, but since my WN is at 1300-ish, not too hard), and has decent ping (again, not very hard). Play time is from 9PM EST to 12MN EST. I usually hang around the Wotlabs chat at those hours, moaning about how hopeless I am.
  2. When I go on tilt, certain tanks suffer. Before it was the Indienpanzer, now it's the Obj 140. RIP 48% WR T_T

  3. Man, these past two weeks have been peaks and valleys, and whenever I hit a valley, my Object 140 suffers for it. :(

  4. >> Win 6 games in a row >> Hey a good start to the day >> lose 20 games in a row. >> GODDAMNIT

    1. SgtKnispel23


      ^ best advice na

    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      Every one is just driving out and dying like retards over this stupid WZ thing.

    3. MisterSwift


      Quit while you're ahead

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  5. Firefly strong. XD The qualifier of course is that it takes a decent player to work around that 4 second reload time...
  6. Victory! Ruinberg Firefly Pot. Dmg. Received: 650 Exp: 1 957 Place in team: 1 Total: 40946 WN8: 8111 (100) >> MASTERY ON 3rd FIREFLY GAME WTH

  7. Less potato by capita, which means I'm almost back to where I was at the start of the week, sheesh. Because no one pays attention to the Type 61 with the 41% WR. My E-75... escorted by two T49s. A rare good game in my King Tiger. Not exactly holding a flank, but man was that IS-4 and E-100 distracted. Did well, get knocked out by artillery. GG.
  8. ALMOST back to where I was a week ago. Also Ana1yst, your TS channel keeps giving me a warning for some reason.

  9. On an even worse tilt than a few days ago. 2 out of 10 games, and this time it's my IS-7 that suffered.:/

  10. Not shown: An almost 15-game tilt that actually dropped my Object 140's WR to about 25%. Only about recovered somewhat thanks to today's session. Anyway, replays! Swamp in the IS6. Super Pershing at Mountain Pass. Also, man, the rest of the team that WASN'T my platoon... E75 at Burning Ruinberg. Mines, where platooning with Servios' sheriff account just puts a huge target on you by proxy. Object 140 Solopub at Fisherman's bay. Erlenberg madness in my IS7. Piling insult upon injury via Obj 140 in Sacred Valley. Yes, it was a cap, but I wanted the win damnit.
  11. Many thanks to Wh1pst3r and RealBattousai from pulling me out of my Obj 140 freefall. Replays to follow.

    1. cvshaft


      wh1pst3er is fun to platoon with

  12. Man, I'm surprised some of the watchers here managed to power through Your Lie in April. The show is equal parts infuriating and great, especially given how people have been acting. On the other hand Cross Ange has been an endless source of derp and LOL as usual. Never change, Sunrise. And what, Yato is stuck with Tarou driving her this week in Shirobako? Hope she pushes him off a cliff somewhere.
  13. Looking at a 7+ game deficit. When I go on tilt, I REALLY go on tilt. My poor 140's WR...

  14. MUP's kind of let me loose for a bit, so I was wondering if there was anyone here willing to take me in for the duration. As for others... well, that they're not dicks in chat, especially since some people make fun of me watching anime as a hobby. :> Personally, I'd like to experience Strongholds, so if that's a qualifier...
  15. 28% WR on 15+ matches. My poor 140. Much tilt wow.

    1. Constie
    2. Teru_Miyanaga


      At this point I just want to pull my 140's wr back to positives over the weekend.

  16. Well that experiment in mercenary work went horribly wrong. Now a free agent until someone at MUP reinvites me. XD

  17. Annoyed annoyed annoyed. So many shows on queue, but training at work is starting to intensify.
  18. I hope I can find someone to platoon with when I get back from work later. I want to put the IS7 and 140 through their paces.

  19. Unique experiences huh... Well, in the old days, prior to opening up the timeslot to more mundane series, the series that were featured in the Noitamina spot were THE go-to for against-the-vein series -- Tsuritama, Kids on the Slope, Trapeze, Mononoke, Honey and Clover, Nodame Cantabile... Basically the line-up prior to Guilty Crown are all worth looking at (after Guilty Crown, it becomes a mixed bag, but there are still good shows regardless though more rare). Oh, and Mushishi. I'm not sure if there's any modern series (anything produced in the last six years) that comes close to it in f
  20. The issue with season 2 of Spice of Wolf is that it ends at the start of a major arc (which is still ongoing as we speak in the books).
  21. Well, I now have an IS-7, which is nice, but I also want either a T-62A or Object 140 now, but I'm 5 million creds short.

    1. RutgerS


      Give sexual favours for credits.

    2. Constie


      Obj 140 > T62A imo

      Btw grats to the IS-7 enjoy the hulldown madness

    3. kolni


      T-62A/Obj 140 opinions are like a butt - split. It just comes down to whether you favour a sturdier turret or an extra degree of depression.

  22. Ugh, still kind of want it though. No one to refer though. :<
  23. Horo is awesome, no question. Wait until you get to the second season.
  24. A few decent replays (meaning more than the tank's HP worth in damage) from the past week. Mastery on the LL Churchill (platooned with TankingDakka). Mastery on the Type 61 (with WhiskeyJack) Ruinberg on Fire, with nary a scratch on my E-75.
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